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The itch.io desktop client is HERE

A topic by Amos created 1 year ago Views: 8,732 Replies: 68
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And it's a Ludum Dare 34 entry!

Download it now from:

Please leave bugs on the issue tracker in a nice and orderly fashion so that I may fix them all tomorrow.



Yeah!! This project was all Amos BTW so make sure you tell him how awesome it is. :)


This might just give me the push I need to try all these itch.io games I have in my backlog. :)


The day I got basic functionality working is the day I played every single game I've purchased on itch.io :)

I hope it does the same for you!


Now, if there was a way to open the game's directory, or a README file or something, it would be even more awesome! ;)


Agreed. I have no idea where the games are held! I need my screenshots!


Wow, a Linux version? I wasn't expecting that, yay! I get to try it! :D


When I DLed it on Windows 10 it was flagged as a suspicious app. Not sure what that's about. Works like a charm after that though!

Same for me



Can you post a screenshot of that for me? I'm still running Windows 8.1 so what I see is this:


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What browser did you download it from?


Chrome Version 47.0.2526.80 m


I got the same thing; downloaded it through Opera.


Same issue on Firefox.

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"Malware"? :(

I'll look into it as soon as I have time to install win10 somewhere. Perhaps a domain that's in a blacklist? All downloads are from github releases, so... I'm surprised.

I just downloaded the itch client app and I had Webroot SecureAnywhere flag it as malware... It says "dllasser.exe" is automatically removed everytime I do install through setup. If I have it on an external drive then it flags "butler.exe" as suspicious as well. If I run from internal drives then the "0butler.exe" is not flagged, but "dllasser.exe" is still removed as malware. With either or both removed everything appears to be fully functional. Possibly you can look into those two executables? Are they needed?


Both needed, and both not malware at all.

This page explains what butler does and where its source code is: https://itch.io/docs/itch/installing/dependencies....

Similarly, dllassert is open-source, here's its code: https://github.com/itchio/dllassert

It would be extra nice if you could submit these as false positives to Webroot - if not, please tell me, I'll do it. Thanks!

windows 10 does this for a lot of small games and software. it's just gatekeeping.


It Think It's Just a Glitch...Or Maybe...Windows 10 Hates These Apps.


This is awesome, thank you Amos! I have few suggestions for improvements:

- Wishlist: rather than Install (which leads to an error), a button Buy that - at least at the beginning - could just link to the game page
- Install: giving the possibility to abort the download process (in case the button was pressed by accident)
- Store: perhaps the most obvious, but iframing the website on a specific tab could be really cool
- Change User: would be nice to have a confirmation prompt rather than being immediately logged out. Or change the naming to "Log out", from which I would expect an immediate effect.
- Not sure if I should file a bug report for such a tiny thing, but when you resize (enlarge) the window, the light grey bar doesn't stick to the window border, resulting in a glitchy effect
- My game comes with 2 exes, so it's difficult for the client to understand which one to launch (right now it launches the sw that comes with the game rather than the game). I assume this is because right now there's no indication for devs on how to package things. Perhaps if there are multiple files it would be cool to have a tiny launcher with a dropdown menu.

Sorry for this list, I just hope it helps a bit. Having the app is absolutely amazing and I'm so grateful :)


Hey Alex, thanks a lot for the feedback β€” I opened issues for most of these on https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues

Can you expand on https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/91 ? I couldn't figure it out


The desktop application seems to be working well - it's made it to the exclusive list of applications that are pinned to my taskbar. Most of the minor issues I see as it stands have been stated above, and aside from that it's fine.


This is super cool!

My major issue at the moment is that it doesn't encourage me to get more games. I think it should have an iframe to the store, or at least a nice button that takes you there in your browser. Additionally, other logical quick links such as clicking my profile picture to get taken to my account details or user profile page would be nice.

It's super exciting to see itch.io expanding its scope, I can see this being a big plus in terms of its popularity outside of the gamedev community. Fantastic work Amos!

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Cool start!

It would be great to be able to specific which directory games/etc are installed under. Between Steam, direct downloads, and now the itch client, games can end up all over the place. I try to keep shortcuts in the same place (in an Applications > Games folder, or just launching them through Launchpad on Mac). Would love it if the itch.io client would download into a custom folder so I can keep this organization.

If installing in a custom location doesn't work with the client, maybe an include option to put an alias/shortcut into a custom location.


Automatic shortcut creation a-la Steam is definitely in my personal todo list

Nice, good to hear!

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Yeah we either need to be able to pick a place where all games are installed, or be able to pick per game. Right now there's no indication where files are kept, and I'm assuming the default drive/C drive is used, which is bad news for those of us who have a small SSD to run our OS on but keep the rest of our files on a mechanical HDD.


yup, this is me on all my systems

More than just being able to specify where to install each game, I would like to choose where I want to install the itchio app itself.

I got a 120GB SSD which is just enough for the OS.

But I also have a 2TB HDD in which I put everything else.

More than just being able to specify where to install each game, I would like to choose where I want to install the itchio app itself.

Squirrel.Windows doesn't allow the latter yet β€” but it's a lot easier to find ~150MB for the app on your SSD rather than several GBs for your games, right ?

As soon as Squirrel.Windows supports that feature, we'll happily support it.

I have a press account, is there a way to show games I downloaded via the press page in my account? maybe make a dedicated kind-of list that shows them all in one single place :)


Yeah I realized today that your press account won't change anything with the app right now, you can still only install stuff that's free or that you've bought.

Keeping it in mind!

ooh, this is great! I love the fact that I am two clicks away from playing a game, so much faster than downloading, unzipping & double clicking. I am guessing this is the thread for feature requests, at least for now (I should I just post on the github?).

  • It would be cool to be able to remove / move things between lists in the client. I use tons of lists as I am browsing itch.io, and that seems to be the primary thing in the client.
  • payment flow through the client. It would be amazing if this held payment details, but I recognize that is probably a total pain in the butt / security issue.
  • when you update a list on the website, it doesn't update in the client until after a quit / restart (osx 10.10)
ok! thanks for all your hard work amos, this is awesome :)

Posting this on github (and making sure you don't post duplicates, but rather comment in original issue reports) would help greatly. Thanks!


Because i don't have a GitHub account i report issue here. I try to download a game that is in a RAR rather than a ZIP. When the game has finished it's download, The client said that the game is broken! It seem that the client dosen't have RAR support according to the error text that pop up after the download.


Yep, RAR is a proprietary format and the 7-zip variant that supports it has a license incompatible with ours.

No rar support, sorry! Either use .zip so everyone can extract it anywhere, or use .7z so you get good compression (which I suppose was the goal with using .rar in the first place)


maybe when someone uploads a rar on itch.io we can include an unobtrusive link to a guide explaining to use 7zip instead. (on the game edit page)


that would be fantastic


hey everyone, i'm glad we're all hyped up for the itch app! there's now a new forum for it within the community; please feel free to make suggestions and report issues here! Amos will also be keeping us all up to date for this new app, and we'd like to keep most discussion fairly neatly within there, so people don't have to go searching all over the forums looking for app information!


Checked it with Mondrian, launched without a hitch! Nice work, Amos. I wonder if we can come up with API functions for in-game stuff to make running a game through the itch launcher unique to itch. Achievements are so passe.

Admin (Edited 1 time)

Thanks for the kind words!

The first thing I want to do in this area is this: https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/81 β€” more will follow :)

Ah key verification! Very useful. Although historically I've used that less for security and more for checking if a player owns someone else's game, and then I unlock bonus stuff in my game if they do.

Getting this error when trying to download it:

"An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. Please try again in a few moments.
If you are the application owner, check your logs for details."



Hey Elbotron we've had some issues with the download server last night, had to move it to another server.

Can you try again?


Great! Just downloaded it without issue.

Nice! Some time ago I developed an unofficial "shortcuts-app" of Itch.Io as Universal Windows App


...for sure it is better in the official way :D

Microsoft Edge and Windows Smartscreen both say that this is an unsafe download. I even needed to login to my MS account and confirm that I am aware that this download is unsafe but want to run it anyways, which I usally don't have to, I usally just click on run anyways without needing to confirm.

Not display content in ubuntu 15.10

Is it possible we could see on our Dashboard analytics when a download occurs on the app versus on the website? I've been seeing downloads on my game (though sadly not purchases) so I'd like to get even a vague sense of what's going on.

Hello is it possible to release a .rpm package so installing is possible on fedora (but not only)


Sure, an .rpm is planned, just gotta take the time to integrate it into our continuous delivery pipeline: https://github.com/itchio/ci.itch.ovh/blob/master/...

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If I go to https://itch.io/app and try to download, I get a bad gateway error.


Ah, thanks for the report, it was out for a bit

Great news man! A front page similar to the home page on ItchIO in the app would be awesome too :D

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Nice! Given my strict "only games and grandfathered apps can be closed-source" policy, this'll be the first client I've had a chance to play with since Desurium was open-sourced.

(Of course, in the longer term, I'll be more interested in the API since one of my hobby projects (currently on hold while I work on my degree project) is an experiment to see how far I can get in producing a truly service-independent "client" that can hook into APIs but is also equally happy autodetecting the names, icons, and binary paths for installed games using heavily unit-tested heuristics.)

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Stiil lacking, however, are four important features:

  • Install to custom directories
  • Search across categories
  • Library management (Move/remove items from lists)
  • Ability to play browser-based games


Absolutely. 1 is addressed in the next major release, 2 and 4 are really close too, 3 needs some API support (and is useless without 2 / actual browsing from within the app)


How is it that games in my collection I can download in the client for free? Even if I don't already own them?


Are you a press user? I am, and I can verify your statement, except for games that are not in the press system.


Yes I am. That explains it. Thank you!

Hi All,

I'm new here and I have no clue what this new https://nuts.itch.zone/download thing is. I'm a newbie in the gaming industry and like the creative part. Unfortunately itch.io can not process my Paypal payment https://kenney.itch.io/kenney-studio and I wonder if this is a new problem.

so my question are: whatz this desktop app all about?

Is there anyone else who experienced the same problem with the studio app payment?

all the best


Can you make desktop shortcuts of the games you install?

I actually mean "Launch" button shortcuts...

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This Is Great! Now I Can See My Favorite Games...On Desktop :D

Does GameJolt have a Trophy system like Steam or GameJolt? IΒ΄m looking for it on itch-io and i donΒ΄t want to use GameJolt Game API system.... Please can you create something like this?