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Im a total unity fanboy. Does everything I want, runs on everything and is fun to work with - I'll leave it at that.

Thanks, that was meant to be some kind of retro shader - you can adjust the "blockiness" in the editor. Basically it picks the closest color to a limited set of colors with a kind of random dither.

I wanted to make some kind of crappy 8 bit/CGA no Man's sky but - funnily enough - as it turns out making procedurally generated universes with physics that aren't completely broken is rather difficult. I did make a star that looked OK, might post that at some point

Actually, i'll just link to my blog -

There seems to be a bug with video thumbnails atm, but yeah - there's some stuff on there.

Also, this dual screen render I did here

Cool, I've had that idea for a while - play spyro as a kid by any chance?

Will be posting tonight, I love procedural stuff :')