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A bullet hell! This plays great!

I can't cancel the voting period but I've unchecked the locked uploads during voting so you should be able to update your page.

Yeah, it's a shame after 8 people joined, including a couple on the last day.

I have made an update that changes the shaders to use version 1.3 , and the game to set the context specifically to OpenGL 3.3. See if that works?

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I'm sorry to hear that. It it a completely white screen from the moment you boot up the game or from when you try to play a game from the menu?

Also what kind of graphics card do you have? The game uses a minimum of OpenGL 3.3.

Nice story so far, hope you continue with it!

MascotJam community · Created a new topic Forming Teams

Need a programmer? An artist? A musician/sound effects person?

Post what skills you have and who you'd like to work with.

This was really nice, a game that told a simple story clearly with nicely drawn art. I did have an issue with the toy store game, as it was hard to match gifts up with the line, but other ones were pretty straightforward to figure out!

Aww this game is really sweet, the characters remind me CLANNAD and it's nice to see more of the happy ones with colours as you travel on.

Sadly I'm on Windows 10 and have this same issue as well. :(

Very fun puzzler! Controls are nice and easy and I like that there is both an option to retry as well as backtrack if need be.

I really like the ancient greek visual aesthetic combined with pixel art, the sprites look very detailed and outstanding. I missed the part about controlling both characters at first so initially I played it with the assumption you are meant to protect yourself and your partner.

There is a lot of LGBTQ representation in the furry fandom, plus I wanted to make a game about what I feel wearing a fursuit is about, which is about making people happy, loved and accepted.

Yes I should, I've added a link to his video on the engine's GitHub page.

Thanks! Although I used C++ with the Windows API, C# and .net would have been a lot more stable tbf.

This is pretty clever, how did you resize the window by any chance? You can probably see from my game it seems to have issues.

I've updated the game to print out an error text file if it fails. If the console outputs a Max Screen message could you tell me what the numbers are as well, if it doesn't then there is an issue setting the screen buffer size or setting the active screen buffer.

Thank you! I used cute_sound.h to load and play audio files, the sound effects were from a sound effects library and the music is a little bit I made using LMMS and a NES sound plugin.

I'll have to check when I'm home but it's because something is failing during initialisation.

Yeah it's supposed to go down to 1x1 then expand to a resolution to 108x60.

Sorry about that, what OS are you using? Are you setting the character resolution yourself or is this what the game is doing?

There is a games jam going on called FloppyJam, where the goal is to create a game that's smaller than a floppy disk (1.44 MB). My usual dev approach could not get a game in anyway that small so I decided the next best option... build my own engine using the command prompt.

The end result is a survive as long as possible shooter in a pinball environment, where your only source of movement is shooting or using the flippers.


Unfortunately this is strictly a windows game as it uses the Windows Command Prompt, I don't have any functional support for the Linux Terminal. But if you do have a Windows machine, feel free to give it a go!

I haven't been working on updates for a while.

The fire button is either the space bar (or enter) on keyboard or the A/B button on gamepad (you can check the README.txt file). It might be that the space bar or one of the buttons is stuck? Do you have a gamepad connected to your PC while playing?

Were you holding down the fire button? The player will remain still when firing, and the move controls become the aiming controls. Releasing the fire button should let you move.

Awesome! I love the topdown perspective and the animations! I do feel the drone was a bit cramped in between buildings and sometimes the targets would appear in impossible locations to hit (and sometimes on top of the energy platforms, meaning you have to shoot down the platform to get the target). Shame there isn't much in the audio department either.

The combat is real!

Not bad rendition, although since ships can easily be destroyed by the shield, it's much easier to beat the level.

Curse you! You brought me in with your vector graphics and your neon glow! The visuals look great!

The controls were a pain though, it's incredibly slippery on keyboard yet the gamepad controls are perfectly fine. Also name entry doesn't appear to work.

However those issues are vastly outweighed by the stunning visuals and the music as well.

Really clever and aesthetically pleasing rendition of Frogger! The game is really difficult from the offset but the controls are tight and the visuals are distinct so I think it's more of a case of the initial levels are a bit too overwhelming. I love the minimalist approach and the level of polish this game has. Great work!

Good version of Yars' Revenge! Plays just like the original, and the moving obstacles make it challenging to shoot the target. Would be nice if the controls or mechanic went beyond the limitations of the original.

This was really fun!

Superb graphics, the dithering is top notch and lots of good animations!

Dark and crude. Good job.

Shaders look really good!

Very solid platformer, I love the functionality of the platforms, and how they move in particularly fun patterns.

Great game, love fast paces shooters like these!

Very cute!

It has some good mechanics and some nice music but it feels like it needs some more polish and animations. In particular I'd suggest either adding some frames before the charged attack of the wolf preparing to swing or remove the delay from the charge. I'd also suggest having the camera pan towards the exit before showing it open, as jumping straight to the exit looked a bit jarring and left me unsure of where it was.

I like the Ice Climber feel of it, and the music has a adorable charm to it.