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I was contacted by the organizer via email. I guess if you search previous bundles and email the organizers maybe they can have you in mind for their next bundle.

I took part in one, made by remute. And it was awesome, but at least one game has to be "famous" otherwise I don't see many people chipping in


what's a co-op bundle?  
are you creating it?

In my experience that's pretty much what ALWAYS happens :P, either because the others don't have enough time or I'm the one that doesn't have the time the others need.

Finding a group of people with equal passion and dedication is the hardest part of creating a team.

Only thing I can think of to tell you is that if you really like the game, keep working on it, use pre-made assets for everything.
When you get it done maybe the others will gain enthusiasm again and work on it. If not then tell them that you'll proceed with other people and ship the game

You can whip the cop when he's confused! They get frustrated by not catching you and enter in a vulnerable state, that's when you can whip them and kill them.

I know what you mean, I've added shadows under characters and a red one under the player to make it a little less confusing, although it helped it still is confusing, and the whip "hook" mechanic is super fast, so that can generate confusion too.
TBH I don't know how to further dial down the confusion meter :P Maybe I have to slow down the action after a successful whip for a second 

Best played with a mouse! 

And you can also reconfigure the keys with a bottom rightish button

I'm glad you asked, that's awesome!

If it where me (just a hobbie gamedev) I would make it 8 way everything (dash, movement, attacking), avoid acceleration in movement (at least at first, I hate to wait to reach normal speed) and make it move faster, then the dash would need to be faster too, but as it is now I have to dash all the time to reach "normal" speeds. 

Wow man, the game looks awesome! I wish the controls where more fluid though

Awesome game man!, Nice "widescreen" style, parallax background and time "powerup" always right on time B-)

This is awesome man! 

What's the licence of the generated spritesheet?

Created a new topic No voting games?

I'm a little confused about the jam ending and not being able to rate games.
Is that how the jam intended to be?
I think without voting people don't feel the need to play the games and that kind of sucks 100% :(

I'm curious about what countries are you moving to/from :P

Regarding the game: the sfx are awesome. Would you consider uploading the cart so that I can learn how to make those kind of sfx?

I can't seem to get past the first screen though O_o

Thanks a lot for the video man! I enjoyed watching you play, also I might add your suggestion of the captured counter. I have planned a couple more upgrades, but those will happen right after the jam ends :D

Oh man, this game is awesome! Love this kind of gameplay and the phrases are hilarious. Congrats on the entry!

Thanks! I added the minimap at first just because, and then I modified the gameplay so that it would be useful :P

I was going to add a couple trees but my pixel art isn't there yet :P also I didn't wanted to have to y-sort all the sprites x__x
Thanks for playing and commenting!

Awesome! thanks for playing and commenting :D

Thanks for playing and commenting! Yeah, I hear you. IMO the problem was that the sprites are too big, and in order to dodge enemies you have to walk far away. But one thing I wanted to try on this one  was making big sprites :P haha 

haha nice, It's a good one to celebrate. I want to play it until I beat it, just need to make sure to stay off for a while before breaking anything :P

You're just uploading content or you're also promoting the channel and being active on social media to others?

The "build it and they will come" only works if you're lucky. If not you should advertise and be active on social media like crazy.

Comment on others people videos, and showing interest on others can take you a long way.

Also there are a lot of let's play channels, so that's a tough market

Loved the game, my favorite so far!

I whish the hand would only take one item at a time. But it's addition was awesome

awsome! Evil dead is one of my fav movies B-)

Great touch on being ash's hand instead of him. It looks really polished and plays well. Although ash kicking me all the time made me rage quit hahaha

Love the text effects and the deloread B-)

I love this types of games! I really like the graphics although it makes me hard to distinguish things. I got the gun but I never realized that until I press X by accident :P

Wow, the art and animations are awesome. I really like the fade out animation at the game over.  I wish you could move while slashing though :P

Congrats on the entry! I really like it, it shows a lot of polish

haha nice man! Didn't knew the movie, so bizarre!

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Thanks for the comment!
I added a "miles" counter, so that you'd see how many "miles" turman had to run in order to beat the game. But I ran out of time so decided to wrap it as is and scrap the "miles" thingy.

you mean html games hosted on itch?

also: I want in :P

sounds good :D

Looks interesting, specially the pallet editing. I'm not sure if I get what it actually is used for, maybe if I test it 

Also if you have the ability to port it to Linux, please do so :D

Added you on discord!

Hello bro, I leave a set of questions that I think most of the people considering a proposal like this would ask:

You can't pay but you expect to share revenue of the game when it's done?

What would be your role in the team?

Do you have previous game-making experience?

How old are you?

Thanks man! that was it :D

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Hello! I downloaded the free version today, the linux x86 & x86_64. With both I have the following error:

Set current directory to /home/rombus/Descargas/pixelvision/GameCreatorFree
Found path: /home/rombus/Descargas/pixelvision/GameCreatorFree/Game Creator Free v0.7.6.x86
Unable to load mono library from /home/rombus/Descargas/pixelvision/GameCreatorFree/Data/Mono (x86)
Failed to load mono

I removed the spaces in the folder name just in case (and in a later test I also removed the spaces on the binaries)

My OS  is Debian 10 64bits

I was hoping I could try it out

Any hint?

Aditional Info: the folder "/home/rombus/Descargas/pixelvision/GameCreatorFree/Data/Mono (x86)" doesn't exist. I have GameCreatorFree/Data/Mono/x86 don't know if that's an issue

Hello bro, I'm a gamedev and have a story idea, just a guide, a starting story. I'd need to develop it further in the form of character development, dialogs and a cool ending. 

It's all on the air right now, and to be honest I'll have time to do something with it in january. 

I think the story has potential, and it's hard to match with a gameplay but was thinking on something like "professor leyton" that makes you solve puzzles while developing a deep story in the background.

It's on my notepad since september.

Anyways, maybe we can chat and see if something comes up or not :P

Thanks man!  if you find any issues using it please tell me, I'll really appreciate it. Cheers!

Hey! sounds preety cool. 
To clarify some things, this is C code on top of SDL2, not a "game maker" plugin, right? 
Does It contain some form of documentation?

Also an important one: reading the description I get that it has collision detection between player and walls, but does it have collision detection between proyectiles and sprites or a simple way to add that?

I have a lot more questions that I think might be answered by having a sneak peak to the public interfaces. For example how to add an "enemy" dinamically and how to change it's sprite to make an animation.


Thanks for playing man! I had to cut it at 5 levels because it was impossible otherwise :P