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Awesome game!!

Linux port?

Looks great man! cheers :D

The jam page says that only the graphics must be done during the jam's course, not the code. I'm going to reuse an engine I made last year, make a couple of changes to it and then focus on level design, audio design and graphic art, due to my time availability is that or no gbjam for me :P


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You can use lsdj and a gameboy emulator. Or a real gameboy if you are hardcore :P

I'll try my best to make something with lsdj or nanoloop

Hey Kenney it would be great to see some Halloween themed stuff, like UI, characters and stuff :D

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Really cool game bro! I'd love to see an extended version

Hey man, have you done something with that project? :D

I haven't planned but yesterday spend all day learning JavaFX to make a word generator (that's already uploaded) and I've also started a music generator, but there I have a lot to learn regarding midi. I have drum beat generation already in place though. We'll see if I manage to finish that before the jam ends :)

That's ultra cool! I just checked out and it made a lot of cool tunes, I love this kind of stuff :D

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That's ok bro! It's working now, awesome game! reminds me a little bit to pokemon, maybe how the music works and the turn based combat. Awesome!

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I'm trying the linux version and I get a message "There is no data folder". I created the folder named "data" to see if I could get it to work, but the error persists.

The binary is 32bits and my OS is 64 bits (Debian), still I believe that shouldn't be a problem.

Any thoughts?

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Hey bro! I'll check it out. I didn't complete the game yet. Maybe it took me like 6 screen pans to the sides to quit. What I was saying is that the ufo's take long time to appear so maybe I get distracted while waiting and when the ufo passes by it's too fast for me to react :P.

Also maybe the gun takes to much time to reload, or allow 3 shots and then reload time

But I liked the idea and the graphics :D

It's cool, but too slow paced for me :)

Today I learned how to use the paint tool (?), but seriously, graphics look "dirtier" and "fuller" :D

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looks awesome bro I want to play that!

Here's a few screenshots of the game I'm making "Rafa the fluff" inspired in Mario vs Donkey Kong series.

There's a little bit of contrast between 2 art styles. The cutesy art that my girlfriend is making and the bloody gore art I make :P

I'm also looking to see if someone could give me a hand with the level creation.

You can follow it's development at my twitter: @rmbsevl

I've made a simple game "inspired" by mario vs donkey kong for nintendo ds.

It's a puzzle game where there are colored groups of blocks that can be turned on/off with switches. Your goal is to pick up a key and open the door to the next level.

I'm using Tiled for level creation which is crossplatform and really cool

Anyone interested? :D

PS: I still need to figure out how to add levels to the compiled program.

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Really cool game!

I never tried haxeflixel, is that action script?

I really recommend flixel-gdx. Has a lot of work done for you without including any other library

Yes! you're totally correct! thanks a lot man :D

Here's the line

FlxG.camera.setBounds(0, 0, tileMapWidth, tileMapHeight, true);

where tileMapWidth and tileMapHeight are in pixels (tilesize in pixel * number of tiles).

Replied to Ben McLean in LibGDX?

Have you tried without padding between tiles? I've never used padding and never had problems. But always used tiled map parsing

Awesome! tell us more. What engine?

mmmm, thanks for the comment! I'll see if I can find something related to bounds.

What do you mean by "if the camera doesn't render those tiles"? I'm seeing the tiles, but maybe the camera is not aware of them?

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I'm afraid that what I wrote doesn't fix the bug entirely. I have a map 20 tiles long (tiles are 16x16) and the last 2 tiles are somehow non collidable. If I change the resolution to a bigger value the bug doesn't happen.

I'll see if today can fix it, if not I'll end up switching engine :\

I got it working, seems that the only way to do it is to use the FlxG.camera.setScale() method. Using zoom or even upscaling the sprites wont work.

Here's detailed what I did:

  1. Set window size to 512x512 in the desktop application
  2. Set the screen resolution to 256x256 in the FlxGame core application
  3. In your FlxState set te camera scaling like so: FlxG.camera.setScale(4,4); That way you'll have a 64x64 grid in a 256x256 screen resolution.

Problem is that if you resize the window, you'll loose the 64x64 grid and achieve a full 256x256 resolution. But I guess that property can be disabled.

Created a new topic Anyone using Flixel-gdx?

Anyone using flixel-gdx for the jam?

It seems that FlxCollide() doesn't work at a display resolution < 256

I want to play that!

You guys are hardcore B-)

Sweet! thanks man!

Hey bro, the link is forbidden. Do I need to create an account or something? :D