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A jam submission

Turman showView game page

A game for the Movie Game Jam
Submitted by Rombus (@Rmbsevl) — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Innovation#363.0433.043
Movie Interpretation#463.4783.478

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

IMDb link

Movie scene description (plus video link if possible!)

Does your game or video link contain movie spoilers?

No (completely spoiler-free)

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
no pre-made assets

How many members in your team?


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Interesting game! I included it in my Movie Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out! :)


Yay, I - (I mean) Turman escaped! :D
Great little game, with a clever spin on the movie.
Nice graphics and sound.
Glad you put a radar in there, or that would've been hell!
Overall, I had fun playing this one - congrats!


I love the sarcastic tone of the ending. Really neat little game.


I played an earlier version where it just ended when you were caught, I also saw a lot of your artwork for this on twitter. I was very excited to play it and I had a great time. I really like the work you did on the minimap and also the pushing X to get back into the game. It has a really great balance of challange and forgiveness that is uncommon in game jams. Thanks for making this. It would be cool if there was a capture count.


Thanks a lot for the video man! I enjoyed watching you play, also I might add your suggestion of the captured counter. I have planned a couple more upgrades, but those will happen right after the jam ends :D


Very cool! Would have liked to see some trees scattered around like in the scene, which might have made it a bit easier to dodge the enemies. Nice work :)


I was going to add a couple trees but my pixel art isn't there yet :P also I didn't wanted to have to y-sort all the sprites x__x
Thanks for playing and commenting!


The minimap was a neat addition, I felt silly that I didn't notice it sooner in the game. Neat work, anyway :)


Thanks! I added the minimap at first just because, and then I modified the gameplay so that it would be useful :P


That was really fun and I liked the aesthetics of the game. The first time I got caught I forgot what I was supposed to do for a second and immediately lost. I don't think that's the game's fault, I just forgot the only button in the entire control scheme! I did better the next time! But did find it possible to do an entire run without getting caught once so that's neat. I really had fun with this one, good job! 


Awesome! thanks for playing and commenting :D


As BurningOut said, the button mashing minigame was a bit confusing at first (right to left instead of left to right), and being constantly grabbed by the enemies every time i tried going for a letter got kind of annoying after a while, I could barely avoid them, but maybe I just suck at it ahah

Other than that it was cute, I liked the style and sounds!


Thanks for playing and commenting! Yeah, I hear you. IMO the problem was that the sprites are too big, and in order to dodge enemies you have to walk far away. But one thing I wanted to try on this one  was making big sprites :P haha 


Loved the minimap, very helpful. And the need to remember where each letter is so you can go back and grab it in order added some extra challenge. Only criticism I have is with the bar on the button mashing mini game. I didn't realise at first that I was the blue section moving right to left (I think?) and was expecting it to fill left to right. It may be good to add a timer as well so it has more replayability, trying to beat each others times to complete it. But other than those minor observations, great game! Well done

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the comment!
I added a "miles" counter, so that you'd see how many "miles" turman had to run in order to beat the game. But I ran out of time so decided to wrap it as is and scrap the "miles" thingy.