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Nice! And I'm happy you enjoyed the video :)

Thank you! If you have a minute could you please try the latest (non-debug) build. It should say v0.1 in the bottom right of the menu screen, and will hopefully work now.

That's very helpful, thank you! If you get a chance could you please try the new (non-debug) version. Fingers crossed, it should work now.

Haha thanks for letting me know about the bug -- I've fixed it in V0.1. Let me know if you succeed in losing legitimately :)

Happy to hear it! Oh good point, will fix it, thanks.

Hey, if it's not too much trouble could you download the debug build I just added, and try running the 'Tiny-Chess-Bots.console.exe'? Would love to hear if you get any error messages in the console when trying to play against the bots that don't work (and if so could you please paste them here).

That's strange! If you're on windows, would you mind downloading the debug build I just added, and try running the 'Tiny-Chess-Bots.console.exe'? Would love to hear if you get any error messages in the console when trying to play against the bots that don't work (and if so could you please paste them here).

I'll look into it, thank you!

This is the app

I'm happy to hear that, thank you! If you're on windows, the save path should be: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\SebastianLague\Digital Logic Sim\V1\Projects

Hey, I'm happy you're enjoying the program! I think that info would be cool to know too, I'll see about adding it at some point.

Yes, there will be more display types coming in future updates

Hi, thanks for the great suggestions! I definitely want to add many of these things in the future.

Hi, the "create" button was how you saved chips in the old version. In this version you go to menu (button left) and press save. I hope that helps!

If there's no edit button you might be using an old version of the program. What is the version number shown in the main menu?

That's really cool!

That's very cool, thanks for sharing!

When you load an existing project (e.g. "A New Hope"), it will open on a blank editor where you can start making a new chip. From what I understand, you want to continue editing the chip you were working on before closing. To do this, once you have loaded the project, go to Menu > Library. From the library, you can select the chip you were working on, and then press the Edit button to open it.

Maybe it would be a better default behaviour to open the chip you were working on last, I'll think about changing it. I hope that helps for now!

Sorry about this problem, but Apple seems to require some sort of signing process these days, and I just don't have time right now to deal with it. As mentioned in the download notes, playing it through the app seems to work for some reason (at least when I tested it -- would appreciate confirmation!)

Yeah, your point about AND and NOT being more intuitive building blocks for people starting out was my exact reasoning for starting with those two instead of a single NAND gate in the video series. Currently I think I'd prefer to keep it this way in the app for consistency with the videos, even if NAND is more fundamental.

Nice! I'll definitely need to make the work-space larger..

Thanks for sharing your ideas, I definitely want to add all of these :)

Hi, sorry to hear that! Would you mind sending me your save folder so I can take a look? If you're on windows it should be in userName\AppData\LocalLow\SebastianLague\DigitalLogicSim Let me know if you're on a different OS.

I still need to work out some things with that feature, so it wasn't included in this release. It will be added in a later update though. Sorry about the discrepancy!

Thanks for the report! I will fix this bug in the next update.

I'll look into it, thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for the feedback! Larger chip work-space is definitely on the list for future updates. And I'll think about adding a built-in ROM chip where you can directly edit its memory, or something like that.

Yes this is a feature I forgot about when rewriting! I'll add it back in a future update.

I'll think about it! Precomputing combinational chips should be a fairly easy optimization to implement, but it's not something I've done yet.


Hi, yes I'm afraid those two features are currently missing. I'll add a note on the game page to clarify that. For the displays, I need to figure out how to handle multiple displays (and mixing displays of different types, since I'll be be adding other displays in the future). Ideally, players will be able to customize the external appearance of the chip based on the displays present inside of it. I want to figure it out properly first though, because if I do it badly and later need to change it, then it will be hard not to break everyone's existing save files. So, sorry about that discrepancy with the videos , but it will be coming in the future.

I think your best bet would be to download the app ( and install and run the game through there. 

Thank you!

Yes I plan to continue working on this.

I'm sorry your video got a content id claim. I will add a note to the description so others are aware, and try find a better source for music for future versions.

The license allows me to include the music in videos/games, but not to host the files on my own site for people to download, which is why it's missing from the github repo.

I'm happy you like it, thanks for the feeback!


Yes the latest version is 1.05 which should contain a fix for this problem.

Hi, could you please let me know what version of the game you have (visible bottom left in the main menu), and are you on windows, linux, or mac? 

Hi, you can find old builds here (windows only):