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Sebastian Lague

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I'm sorry your video got a content id claim. I will add a note to the description so others are aware, and try find a better source for music for future versions.

The license allows me to include the music in videos/games, but not to host the files on my own site for people to download, which is why it's missing from the github repo.

I'm happy you like it, thanks for the feeback!


Yes the latest version is 1.05 which should contain a fix for this problem.

Hi, could you please let me know what version of the game you have (visible bottom left in the main menu), and are you on windows, linux, or mac? 

Hi, you can find old builds here (windows only):

I'll look into it!

Hi, is this on the linux version?

Sorry to hear that! I'll try improve the performance in the future.

Thanks! This should now be fixed in the latest build.

Should be fixed now, sorry.

Should be fixed now, sorry about that!

Oops, sorry about that! Should be fixed now if you download it again.

Thank you, should be fixed now!

Thank you, should be fixed in the linux build now if you download it again

Hey, I've tried to fix the upside down atmosphere. If you have time to download and try the linux version again, I would love to hear back if it's working now.

Hey, thanks for the reports! Have tried fixing the async readback issue, if you have some time to redownload the linux version and try it again, I'd love to hear if that's working now.

~Library/Application Support/Sebastian Lague/Digital Logic Sim/SaveData

What are some of the bugs you are experiencing?

I've started adding devlogs. You can find them below the downloads section. Here's the first one

Thanks! Will try add those things when I have some more time to work on this.

Happy you like it! Will add a two's complement option when I have some more time to work on the tool.

Not yet, but I do plan to add a chip editing feature. Just need to figure out the details with what happens in places where the chip has been used, and now after editing potentially has more/fewer inputs or outputs.

Nah that's my bad, I should have set it up to handle different aspect ratios properly!

I've made a change to try fix this, could you please download the latest version and try again?

Could you try downloading again please, I've made a change that'll hopefully help. You'll need to open it by right clicking > Open (not double-clicking) then it should give a warning, but allow you to open anyway. Alternatively, if you download it via the app ( it'll work fine.

Thanks! Will consider adding options for propagation delay.

It should work if you download it through the app ( Something to do with signing... I don't really understand the issue. If anyone knows of something I can do on my end to make it work that'd be great!

Linux build is up now

(2 edits)

I'm afraid it's not possible at the moment. Will see about adding it in a future version, just need to think of a reasonable way to add it to the UI.

EDIT: I've added this to the latest version. When hovering over the bar where you add the inputs, you can now press the + key to add more inputs to the group. These groups will have a display showing their decimal value. Still need to add an option to show the two's complement value though.

Awesome, thanks for playing!

Yay, happy you enjoyed it so much :)

Really cool entry, great job on this! Would have quite liked a lunge type attack when attacking while moving forward, so bride doesn't just stop dead in her tracks. Was surprised how I could just keep walking off screen, but was kinda interesting trying to play blind :P

Thank you very much :D

Thanks so much for playing and for recording your experience, was really fantastic to watch. I'm happy you had a good time with it!

Hey, thanks for playing. You can just press spacebar between words instead of underscore -- sorry that that wasn't made clear.

Stunning entry, well done. I particularly love the graphics of the recordings, those are super cool. By the way, after I turned the power on there were some giant projection screens outside the casino, but they were all that 'missing material' pink (mac build).

I like the cut-out graphics style, and I think the premise is really good. Would have liked to have the camera from the other side so left to right was low to high. Also would be nice if the person's foot always landed on the note they were playing. Finally, for the response game, I think it would be good to start out a bit slower. I found that one really challenging! Nice work.

That's such a great choice of scene for a game. The stretchy walls (for want of a better term) were really cool, and the gameplay pretty addictive. Would've been nice to have a variety of 'shoot' poses chosen based on your timing/position relative to the ball, but I realize you didn't have much time with your studies. Great work!

Well space is now littered with the debris of my many failed attempts... Had a lot of fun with this, and really enjoyed the graphical style. Would be nice if the music looped, although the silence was pretty tense too. Great work!