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Awesome, thanks for playing!

Yay, happy you enjoyed it so much :)

Really cool entry, great job on this! Would have quite liked a lunge type attack when attacking while moving forward, so bride doesn't just stop dead in her tracks. Was surprised how I could just keep walking off screen, but was kinda interesting trying to play blind :P

Thank you very much :D

Thanks so much for playing and for recording your experience, was really fantastic to watch. I'm happy you had a good time with it!

Hey, thanks for playing. You can just press spacebar between words instead of underscore -- sorry that that wasn't made clear.

Stunning entry, well done. I particularly love the graphics of the recordings, those are super cool. By the way, after I turned the power on there were some giant projection screens outside the casino, but they were all that 'missing material' pink (mac build).

I like the cut-out graphics style, and I think the premise is really good. Would have liked to have the camera from the other side so left to right was low to high. Also would be nice if the person's foot always landed on the note they were playing. Finally, for the response game, I think it would be good to start out a bit slower. I found that one really challenging! Nice work.

That's such a great choice of scene for a game. The stretchy walls (for want of a better term) were really cool, and the gameplay pretty addictive. Would've been nice to have a variety of 'shoot' poses chosen based on your timing/position relative to the ball, but I realize you didn't have much time with your studies. Great work!

Well space is now littered with the debris of my many failed attempts... Had a lot of fun with this, and really enjoyed the graphical style. Would be nice if the music looped, although the silence was pretty tense too. Great work!

Thanks, so happy you enjoyed it!

Yeah those missiles are mean! Thanks very much :)

That's an impressive time, thanks for sticking with it to the end!

Very cool! Would have liked to see some trees scattered around like in the scene, which might have made it a bit easier to dodge the enemies. Nice work :)

Really tough and tense, and but extremely engaging! I blew up, sadly, but definitely be back to try again later. Fantastic work.

Really enjoyed the humour in this game (death by cactus and the airplane level in particular). Very well executed, nice job!

Thanks :)


Very satisfying solution, thanks for sharing! :)

I've tagged the windows file.

It's possible that you need to have Blender installed, as I imported the .blend files directly instead of exporting to .fbx. If it's worth the trouble, you can download Blender here: and then try reopening the project.

Hi, I'm afraid I'm not sure what's going on. I downloaded it again and it opened fine for me. What version of Unity are you using/any warning or error messages showing up in console when you open?

Thanks for the excellent feedback! I'm happy my tutorials were useful to you :)

I really love the atmosphere you've created here. Excellent choice to make the bird 3d, instead of just a 2d sprite; it works so well. The landing system can be a bit janky at times as you mentioned, but when it works well (and you alight on just the branch you were aiming for) it feels incredible. On the off-chance you're not aware of this issue, I uploaded a quick video showing a landing bug. Overall it's easily one of my favourite entries from this jam. Great work!

Thanks for adding the mac build :) It'd be nice to have variable jump height, so I could hold spacebar for a long jump, or just tap it for a small hop (would be useful in that area after first checkpoint for example). Movement is a bit slippery, a bit more friction would be nice for tighter controls, as well as slightly faster turn speed maybe? The 'game over' ui isn't scaling to fit the screen size. If I play at 1280x720 for example, it's pretty much completely cut off.
Anyway, thanks for the game, very challenging!

Hello, you download is marked as mac-friendly, but I'm unable to run the .exe. Let me know if you get a mac build out :)

Thank you! I'm aware the physics is a bit inconsistent (and sometime hugely so in cases where you hit a rock). Sorry for any frustration caused by that, I realize it's a pretty major flaw in the game. 7 is very impressive! I've been keeping an informal 'highscores' linked on the game page here: Someone else has managed a 7, although as noted there, it only works some of the time due to aforementioned physics problems. Do you happen to have a record of the commands you gave so I can add you to the list? I did want to add a leaderboard to the game, but quite simply ran out of time.

Very nice! It sucks that the physics isn't deterministic, so doesn't work out every time, but not sure what I can do about that... Anyway, I got to see it working on the third attempt, and that was cool. 7 must surely be the minimum possible :)

Nice one, thanks for sharing!

I do agree with your comment on the 'artificial' difficulty of the game, I should definitely have found the time to make another, simpler level (with much more open space) to begin the game with. Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, and I'm happy you had a good time with it despite its flaws!

Thanks! I'm afraid I have no idea why backspace isn't working for you :(

Nice to see such an elegant solution, glad you enjoyed it! The whole wait time thing between attempts is a huge problem for the game, so I'm happy the bubbles made it more bearable. Someone suggested being able to rewind time to a previous command, which I guess would be the best solution. Anyway, thanks a lot for playing :)

Would love for the buns to move around a bit! You mentioned being unhappy with the mouse controls, so just wanted to mention that they felt perfect to me. Was an enjoyable experience overall, well done.

I was worried about the game being too slow-paced to be enjoyable, so I'm glad that didn't kill the experience for you. Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Thanks, I'm happy you had a good time playing!

I think 13 is probably good enough to get in, quick – put in on your CV! Thanks for playing, and well done for beating the game :)

Type "help", or simply "h", to toggle the help window.

Cool. I think the difficulty needs to be adjusted a lot though, it shouldn't be possible to pass a level without interacting at all. Might help the gameplay if you increase the rate of infections, but add more beds.

Very cool how you translated the essence of the comic into a gameplay mechanic. Would love to see this expanded with some slicker controls and animations.

What money? Just grab it for free :)