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A jam entry

LARVAView game page »

It will make you squirm
Submitted by TigerJ with 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
Rated by 13 people so far
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no all assets were made for the jam

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Anything you want to say to players before they play?
We wanted to tell the story from the larva's (ceti slug) point of view. I wrote some back story on the game page that explains real motives behind the larva's actions.


A- left
D - right
Space - jump

you can stick to gunky ceilings
you can fart
it's great fun!

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Okay that is just an awesome idea. Bit brain melty, but that's cause of the puzzle element. Great job!


Hey thanks a lot! I wasn't sure if it was going to happen due to work stuff getting in the way. I'm glad you think it was awesome, we had a lot of fun building it.

Very cool game! Pretty original idea. I agree with the comment about a checkpoint for the human character. I was only able to make it up a couple levels myself, but certainly enjoyed the whole experience.


Yeah when I was play testing it I had a getting over it moment and nearly rage quit, I kinda liked the defeated feeling when you fall. Nice advice though, a check point was not even on our list of features.

What a great idea! Inspired theme & gameplay based on your chosen scene.


I really like the idea of moving your character around to each point in order to control the other character. I managed to get about 3 levels high before I fell back down to the start again. It might be worthwhile adding  a checkpoint or just make the journey between each control point a little shorter so the player doesn't get frustrated as quickly. It was hard not to laugh each time I went past the fart control though :D


Awesome! I am glad you found the farting fun and the gameplay original. Ran into a lot of time crunches which left a lot of items on the floor. Pretty sure I can tell from your name you made Land Gruber, just posted my video of it a couple seconds ago.