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So that's a thing that happened. Ridiculous story aside. Not bad, will say the enemies do swarm a bit quick. So perhaps a timer to tell how long the player has been alive tied to the spawning of the clone mars, marses?, whatever the plural to that should be. Also mabey a time since last eaten timer you can tie to edibly sized mars-i. Give me plural my brain needs a plural! Any how besides that small balance thing, Ohh.. just saw you call them clone Mars planets much better. Some shake and impact and a bit of polish that'd be nice to have. But other than that I like it, story is a little too goofy for my liking, but that's a style choice and I can't rightly knock you for it.

   Oddly relaxing this game.

   Though I have to ask because I feel a little uncertain on this: does the circle with the score just follow the mouse or does it need more input than that. I believe I'm doing it right but I'm not certain. 

   Would be nice with some calm music or nature sounds in the background if you got a chance. Perhaps adding a zoom out to see the height of the plant in its full glory at the end. And perhaps a blue background. Basically this paragraph is saying a few more polish items and this would be even more awesome.

  Other than that I find the game fun and relaxing. And I really like what you've done with the score buble, having it be where you can focus on it as the play element is a great little UI design.

  So all in all good job.

My Biggest Complaint, besides the grammar, is the lack of choices.

Like, I'd love to talk to, and possibly even befriend the dragon. But I have an odd obsession with dragons.

I mean other than that I don't really have a problem with it, it is just a simple TBA, so yeah, not much needs improving, perhaps adding a backtrack for atmosphere, but the player can just run appropriate music themselves. I mean It works well, no bugs. 

Maybe adding some more detail?

Okay, so A few things that could improve this game:

1. The Assets of the Trucks, both your's and the enemy's are Very small, A size increase would be a good thing for this game.

2. The player vehicle feels very sluggish, making it more nippy would be good.

3.The enemies feel like they have way more of an advantage than they ought to. Restricting them to the same non rotational two axis movement the player is stuck with would make them feel much less cheaty.

4. The lanes don't fit the vehicles, a simple resize could fix this. you could also make it so there is on coming lanes.

5. There feels to be very little in the way of progression, levels perhaps?

6. Now your sound design is actually pretty good, but I would add some sounds to show acceleration, and deceleration, along with swerving side to side. Oh and more punchy shooting and enemy death.

Good effort though, hope you continue to make games, and continue to improve.












Fire Works





Tower Defense















Rulling a Nation

Major Desion




Attack helicopter




Building Blocks



A smidge more work on the audio  and this would be perfect. Did have some soft crashes happen thoug, not sure if my memorycahe isn't clearing propperly or if its an optimization issue on your end. Something to look into.

Okay the buttons did seem unresponsive, but I do like the concept.

Not much a fan of button mashers, but the music was nicely chosen.

Seems alot like a generic memory game to me, but not bad.  I don't really have more than that to offer you.

I definately like how this feels like the movie, and realy like the art. One small thing you may wish to change is the sound when interacting with the characters is a bit harsh, just quiting it down a touch would work wonders. One other thing that would be nice is an ability to rebind the interact key, as "Z" is a touch strange to me, I'm more used to "E" or "F" but thats more nitpicking. Good Job!

Really nice and happy, I like the music and the art style. Gameplay has a down tempo Crazy Taxi Feel. One thing that would have helped this game is if the People who you needed to pick things up from had an indicator, such as the Hey showing up on the side of the screen like the deliveries do, maybe with differnt colors to indicate distance. Ohter than tha Awesome job.

The art's nice, but I'm kinda lost in the gameplay, this is likely cause I haven't seen the movie this game is based on. A simple loop of music in the background would have helped me stay focused, even if it was beeps or a simple accepllea.


"7. Nothing free to play until after the jam is done."

by this do you mean the game should only be available through those who have the link, or do you mean the game must not cost anything to play until after the jam is over?

"In the future I think it would be cool to generate separate rankings for the same criteria over judges and non-judges." -leafo

THAT! That is exactly what I meant by this! That would be awesome to have.

Decided to look at the forum for making a game jam. And something that would be nice is an option to have both judges, and public vote in system. So that it is easier to see for the host what the judges think, and what the public, think. maybe also have it where you could have the competitors vote too. so you can see the Judges,public,and peer rankings. It would be easier for those who give out prizes in those categories to well distribute prizes. some flavor of columns for each or something like that. As it stands, short of having some poll system outside of itch, i don't see an easy way of doing that. currently.

Well if they had a crowdforge link I'd suggest that, or a discord, but they don't have that either. So put it here I guess. What sort of audio do you do. Voice acting, SFX, music? a link to anything you have done would be nice.

Yeah, ran out of time for coding, so I hadn't really got much in the way of play testing done. So thanks for that feedback. And I'm sorry to say the taxi will undergo a redesign, so I can use wheel collides to get a better feeling handling system. Although it might just be separating the wheels and body to separate objects. I'm right now taking in ideas and waiting for the voting to end before I update it more. I'll also look at get SFX in the near future to help it out. The feel I want to go for is something like a combination of crazy taxi, burnout paradise, and some of tony hawks, to make for some fun stunting play. Maybe with a timer in which to try and hit continually spawning "targets" have a way of keeping track of the score, and if once that's done, it is well revived expand upon it further by getting it out of the prototype stage.

Yes! That's it exactly!

how did I not notice that before?

With as much content as has I don't always know what I even want to look for. Adding a random button should allow for an easier discovery method. Hopefully you will consider this.

It would be nice if this had a single player option and possibly an option to use the jeyboard. Vehicle physics were a bit on the floaty side of things. I do like the low poly art style though. And you captured the feel of the matrix very well. Good Job!

Seemed a little too procedual, that or its just unbalanced. Hitboxxes seemed a bit on the large side, and the lack of sound and score made it very boring very quickly. I know I'm sounding harsh, but I'm just trying to push in the right direction. Not bad for a game jam submission, has more actual gameplay than mine.

Sweet! Thats Great to know!

I don't get baseball, haven't seen the movie this is based on, and constantly feel like I'm doing horrible, but I keep winning eventhough I haven't a clue what I'm doing. And I love every minute of it! I would like to know how that artstyle was acheived, something with shaders I'm guessing.

Okay, it is really good. But I suck so badly at normal docking this is imposible for me to do without going stupid. Fun though!

A score for hitting the zombies would have been a good thing. Over all not bad. The zombie kill sound, was a bit on the farty side though.

Sound was pretty good, kinda wish it had a smidge more oomph though. A radar to help dodge incoming fire would be nice, that and some flavor of health indicator for the enemies.

Love the artstyle. The van's hitbox seemed a tad larger than the van istself. And I had too much fun just mousing over the buttons in the menu, that is an oddly fun sound you found. Things for the future of this game, healthbars, ammo, and have obsticals slow you down. Great job!

Not bad, I get vibes of TerraTech from this. Little refinement, and  more content and you have a killer title on your hands. Things like more bot bases, more arenas. more abilities. You could take this somewhere epic.

Yeah having the camera go more to the right would be good for this game. But otherwise good job>

Basically can we make a 2d action platformer, gameplay, but with a 3d environment instead of sprites. I ask because I find 3d assets easier to make for some reason. All the collisions can, and will still be 2D. If not, I can suck it up and do a completely 2D game.

I can't remember the name, but there was this one with an orange penguin bird thing. Had no combat but it had some interesting concepts.

Cute and happy. And you managed it with so few pixels, and colors, Good job!

Really good music. The game is a touch slow for my tastes but its just the type of game it is, nothing actually wrong with it. I also really like your art style.

Okay that is just an awesome idea. Bit brain melty, but that's cause of the puzzle element. Great job!

Cool, thanks a ton. I did do, literally everything myself. The terrain tools are unity standard, but I made my own textures. And I do plan on doing more jams.

Thanks. Yeah it took way more work than I expected to get those menus working. Who new 3d buttons could involve like 60 lines of code. I'm exaggerating but it wasn't quite just the if then statements I was expecting.

Fair enough. I enjoyed it all the same. just thought I'd through my two cents out there. Good Luck!

Yeah I didn't really see it until I got into my car and went in reverse, it definitely isn't right. I just couldn't see it and my mom who I had test it after you said that said it seemed right. But now that I've seen it you are right.