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A jam entry

Love Or Math?View game page »

Submitted by Shree56 with 5 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
Rated by 10 people so far
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The free player sprite was downloaded from bevouliin.com/opengameart.org and the free background and game tiles were downloaded from www.gameart2d.com.
And everything was done from Feb 9 - 12.

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Anything you want to say to players before they play?
The lines "Four hour and thirty minutes" in the movie inspired my game. The lead actor was super emotional and he left the Maths olympiad due to emotional breakdown. But in the game, you have the chance to choose to either participate and continue or to give up.
P.S. There are math's questions which you have to solve to open up locked door

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See if you can add the full screen button to the itch.io page (html version)
I like your music and sound effects. It would be nice if the input area cleared for each math question and if the chests and keys were color coded so it was easier to id which key goes to which safe.


Thanks a lot for playing and obviously reacting to it. I've fixed the browser fullscreen. The levels were actually well-connected. Level 1 -> 2 >3 >1. Yeah, you're right that the input area should have been cleared. But honestly, I tried to do that, and nothing worked. Got a bit frustrated at that part and just left it as it is. I started late and the time was surely something I had to consider. I'll surely clear that on the new build. Thanks for the idea of coloring the keys and safe. 

Thanks again and cheers Man!


Nice game, but one thing I noticed is that you can jump onto the safes, but cannot jump off of them. I see you are using Unity, are you using a ground check to a layer to determine if the character can jump or not? Maybe add the items you can climb on to the list of layers so that you can jump off of them as well


Thanks for playing mate!! Actually, that was intentional. My dumbass mind thought that, "Well, my player can't really jump off from a safe." But I think now, I will put it in ground Layer too.