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Great job! Love the inclusion of the map 😃

Really great!

Thank you! Glad you had fun with it.

Great game, and loads of neat little easter eggs. 

Thank you for your kind words. Glad you are having fun with it. Be sure to share your hi scores for others to try and beat 🙂

Great game. Found myself shooting every window I could see, so satisfying. Love the design and the sound effects.

I was looking at A Hat In Time in the Playstation store sale just 10 minutes before finding your game by complete coincidence :D Plays really well, and the difficulty ramps up at the right pace I think. I got stuck a few times but it never felt like the game was unfairly hard. Good job!

You have really captured the feel of Mirror's edge in the movement and overall look of the game. Great job!

That's a super impressive number of star systems to explore (spending about a minute in each one, it'd take over 343,194 years to see them all!!) For that reason alone I think you have nailed this demake, great job. Looking forward to seeing where this goes NEXT :D

Thanks for playing :)

A nice blend of the multiple genres into something that actually works really well :)

Very cool idea. Would love to play it again once you have some of the other functions implemented. Exploring and finding new abilities is great fun.

Wow thanks :) Glad you are having fun playing it!

Thanks for taking the time to play it. Glad you found it fun :)

Thanks for playing, now I have you addicted, ho ho ho! :D

Thanks :D

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it :) I will see what I can do about the fires as I agree with you that they don't stand out as much as they could do.

I know what you mean about the background. Pico-8 is limited to 16 colours so it can be quite a challenge sometimes but I have seen some impressive stuff done with the palette, just need to figure it out.

I like the bounce idea. Could definitely add an extra layer of challenge and more scoring opportunities.

 Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Glad you liked all the little nods to the film. Thats a pretty good score too. Thanks for your comments :) 

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks :D I tried to add a little humour so glad you found it funny. The PG-13 option was a dig at the latest Die Hard movie ;)

This is really cool. Love the visual style. I did manage to get the barber stuck in the door at one point so had to restart though.

Arghhh that hand! I finished it eventually but the hand was a real pain. I also found it hard to tell if I was going to hit the twins when trying to pass between them. Is the collision check on the bike or on the guy riding it? Good game though well done.

I kept getting ripped to shreds by the machine guns as they are bit tricky to see in the trees (maybe that's deliberate?) so I never saved Booba. Music really adds to the tension and that running animation is great. Good job.

Batman now has the number 5 spot on the leaderboard :P Love the menu design. Some different weapons could add some variety and its crying out for a 2 player mode where you play as Neo and Trinity where time moves if either player moves. That would require some teamwork for sure. Great game though, good job.

I told you NO CAPES! Whoops :D I like the artwork and background music. My only criticism is that it was a little unclear what effect some of the material properties would have.

I managed to get completely out of his chest and squirm across the table :D  I liked the multiple views but it could definitely benefit from some sound effects.

I agree with the other comments that its just a bit too easy at the moment and there is no real challenge. Maybe adding some other enemy types like divers with spear guns or letting the boats drop nets that you need to avoid being caught it could give it some more variety. It does play smoothly and look good though, well done.

Really cool idea. That intro was pretty intense as well. Visuals look great, plays well. I think I was expecting to have to mash the keyboard to do the choking so it felt a little calm when I got hold of Ash. Might make it feel like more of a struggle if it wasn't just holding the spacebar. That's the only thing I can point out though as the rest of it was very well done :)

What you have working here is really good. I would agree with one of the other comments though about only moving the character when a button is held. Having them float right to the top/bottom each time feels a bit odd. Hope you manage to get your hit boxes working :)

Good job.  A few things that could improve it would be a score of some kind so the player knows how far they have got and a game over screen when you crash.

This is so good. The antivirus level nearly made me rage quit but I got past it in the end and managed to steal the money. So many cool ideas in this game that actually work really well. Music is great, visuals are great, and the gameplay is interesting and varied. Fantastic job :D

I know, so many great games to get through! I went back and checked the reversing thing and it definitely isn't right. Its hard to explain without an image but just think about how the wheels turn under the car or even better jump on something like GTA/Forza/Gran Turismo and you'll see what I mean :)

Really like the different names used, and the screen sliding animation between levels looks straight out of Star Wars. Visuals are great, especially the lava. The hit detection was a little hit and miss as there were times where I was sure I'd got Panakin but he still made it past. Definitely needs some music and swoosh sound effects. Good game though well done.

The inverted mouse controls were a little tricky to get used to. I like that the two players have to work together to get some of the notes. Music was good (though it could maybe do with speeding up just a little) and overall a great interpretation of the movie scene. Well done

Thanks, glad you had fun playing it :)

This is great. Good variety of enemies, some adventuring through the maze like map, and music I could actually listen to all day. Only issue I found was when I died after opening a door with a key and then I respawned with the key and the door still open. Great job though!

The delorean is spot on and looks great. The movement of the car felt a bit much though, as a suggestion perhaps decreasing the amount it jumps about and giving the player direct control to move it up and down would be better :)

Looks fantastic, love the visuals in this. Whilst a bit short, what you have done is super polished and plays without any issues :D