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Assault on the TronView game page

A quick shoot-em game inspired by a recent superhero movie
Submitted by madmarcel (@madmarcel) — 5 days, 34 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Innovation#822.1432.143
Movie Interpretation#922.6002.600

Ranked from 35 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

IMDb link

Movie scene description (plus video link if possible!)

Ironman versus the Chitauris :)

Does your game or video link contain movie spoilers?

No (completely spoiler-free)

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
Some of the SFX came from

How many members in your team?


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Nice graphics! I included it in my Movie Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out! :)


Alas, it seems you ran out of time on this one.
Graphics, style and and music are all great.
Just a shame I couldn't really "play" it... YET! ;o)


I could not find a way to do damange or win but the sound effects and artwork were great. Maybe spend less time on aesthetic and more on gameplay. It's hard to find a balance but it's better to turn in a fully playable game than a pretty one. If I missed something or didn't do something correct let me know and I will give it another play. I had fun. Thanks for your submission!


I really like the presentation! I find the visuals and their framing really well thought out and fitting well together, and it worked great even in monochrome and colorblind display modes, which is always nice to see! :D

The selection of songs got me nodding my head and the music controls are a nice touch 'u'


Liked the character art you have going on here.  The visuals really popped!


What you have working here is really good. I would agree with one of the other comments though about only moving the character when a button is held. Having them float right to the top/bottom each time feels a bit odd. Hope you manage to get your hit boxes working :)


Okay now that the rating is up I'm going to sound, WAY more critical, but I do that to help. Firstly I can definitely understand the frustration of things not quite working how ya want them to. And what I do have to say is that the particles on the boots coulda been a little better placed, it was a little too obvious that it was a particle system, and something like a laser thrust probably would have been better for the character at hand. For gameplay, and I'm not familiar with you engine so take this with some salt, you should have used simpler no physical hit boxes for your target, I think four would do it quite nicely. Now these would just be triggers, and simple boxes. One for the body, one for the thruster, and one for each wing. the body would have the least damage, the thruster the most. For the player character, a single box should work to tell if you hit the balls or not, maybe for the lasers that gun on the monster would shoot as well. Then for the balls them self perhaps some trigger, either damage or time to have them output would be nice. As for how you could do a rythym aspect like I talked about earlier, it would involve takeing the raw data of the songs and checking for peeks and valleys, have a damage bonus on the peeks, and a penalty on the valleys. If you can figure out a drop in a dubstep song, have the fire rate go up for your character, things like that. Now keep in mind everything I have said is based on my messing around in unity. where you'd do a 2d project, drop your monster in with a skeleton, attach your layers to the bones, put some box colliders on the appropriate parts, set thouse to is trigger. And when you write your code for the beast, put an ontriggerenter function in which you have the beast take an appropriate amount of damage. One more thing, the character you control would feel more in control if instead of going completely across the screen on an input they just went in that direction a little bit for as long as the control is held down and stayed in place when the control was lifted. Other than all that you have done an excellent job. Sorry for the block of text.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This looks very promising. Shame you didn't get hitboxes in yet, but I do like what I see so far. Love the music and the idea of controlling it from an in game screen.


We talked on discord on the first day of the jam, and I coulnd't wait to try your game the past 10 days. And I gotta say, I really do like what you got going for your game right now. The visuals look good, from what I can hear already, the music selection seems promising.

But I got to say, I fail to see the rythmic accept of the game.. or are you taking a pure classical shooter approach ?


Thanks, and yes, just classical shooter :)


It looks great and the audio is high quality! But I was kinda confused on what I was doing. You shoot the Chitauris thingy, but there isn't an indication of progress? Or does it end when the song ends?


It's not finished - you can't shoot the Chitauri - yet. Couldn't get the hitboxes to work.


Okay, I really like what you have, but I got to ask: Is this going to just be a side scrolling shooter with awesome music selection and good sound design? OR! Will it be a rhythm based side scrolling shooter with awesome music selection and good sound design? Please tell me your ultimate GOALS!


realistically, expect a mediocre unfinished side scrolling shooter with an awesome music selection. I've never made a rhythm game before, maybe one day.