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You know what would be cool as well?
A list of cartridges that have NOT been made into games yet :)

I really like this game, just need to find a second player :D Needs instructions, but I figured it out.
Well done, love the concept, the movie scene works so well in an overcooked style game.

Really love the atmosphere in this, very simply and very well done. I have died a many deaths in the desert.

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Love the claymation graphics! Well done, nice little game :)

Nicely done, I like it a lot!

Beautiful game, gorgeous pixel art, love it. 

Gorgeous game! Love the big dinosaur. Did I run over a chain link fence and a park bench in the jurrasic period??? XD
Would love to see you do some work on this, so good.

Interesting VN, well done. 

Watch out for those huge blocky pixelated backgrounds, and one the characters text colour (Sen?) makes what he says very hard to read. Dark blue on dark green background :\

Fix the hand and you've got a nice little game there :)

That game would be so good if it wasn't for that @#$@#$%@ hand! Grrr! XD

Loved it, so well done. Excellent little game!

I enjoyed that, living the dream of rigging the stockmarket. Well done.

Well done, congrats on your first game. It's looking good, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Flying taxi?

The characters move a bit slow, and the mouse control is awkward, but other than it's well done. Good job.

Well done, I liked it. 

Well, that was dark. Not thrilled with the subject, but it's a game.

The ladders are a bit fiddly, and getting stuck on tiny bumps in the floor is a bit odd.

You might want to add a note in the description that you need to use spacebar to latch
onto a ladder and then AWSD to move on the ladder.

That was ok. Well done.

Nice little game, well done :)

Thanks for that. I'll see if I can fix the bug with the Next song button making all the songs play at once.

Thanks, and yes, just classical shooter :)

It's not finished - you can't shoot the Chitauri - yet. Couldn't get the hitboxes to work.

That is an excellent little game :) Great work

realistically, expect a mediocre unfinished side scrolling shooter with an awesome music selection. I've never made a rhythm game before, maybe one day.

Love it. Simply and fun

You got it. Platformers are the easiest (and laziest) option, and it is quite frustrating to see the large gamejams end up with an ocean of platformers.

Just kidding, make whatever game you want.

For me throwback means revisiting some of the quirky old innovative DOS games that I used to play as a kid.
There were very few platformers then.

Neat game!

Great game, loved the poo and the crocodile :)

This game was fun, we liked chopping through everything and we found the viking sword eventually.

Great work, love the artwork!

This game is really cool and I love the artwork.

Awesome work Boudi! (And good work dad too ;)

Love it!

Is it me or this game really buggy?

Lovely game, really like the concept, but...nothing to do with #loadingjam.

doodling, contemplating how to animate the water and what gameplay to add...and I need to shift that pier.

Surprisingly, the octopus got a lot of different interpretations, best one was:
CHTULHU! (I am so using that :)

The dancer and the bridge also confused a lot of people - seem to both have large variation in depiction.

The eggplant has a VERY specific meaning, is only used in that context in the US.  It's just a plain ol' veggie for the rest of the world.
So, since I am not US based, I did not get any rude suggestions for that one :D

"The GDD doesn't make much sense to me"
I've shown it to a bunch of people and got swamped with ideas. People have so many different interpretations, it's awesome. Love it.

I wanted to print the design document so that I could show my kids...and the no matter what I tried, the emojis were rendered in black and white.

So if you want to print the document, here's an image of two slapped together screenshots from my phone, with all the emojis in colour.

Game Design Document
All ze colours

Better yet:
Game assets filtered by the 'visual novel' tag :P

(1 edit) has a tonne of free to use assets as well, including SFX and music.

Check the license, you will most likely have to credit the artist in your game or on your gamepage.

A quick search found these:
anime portraits

More portraits


rainy street

mixed backgrounds

4 Visual Novel Style backgrounds

Small set