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Still working on all that. Thanks for the feedback 😃

Used it in my game here:
Epic music btw!

Great game, had a lot of fun playing this. Very intense and replayable.
It's a bit buggy, I was skipping levels sometimes, but other than great work!

This game had me totally engaged until the end. Wow. Good work, love the art, the music and the use of the theme!

This is a really nice game, well done! Really enjoyed playing this.

oh no :D

Thank you very much for playing it on stream, and my apologies if my totally unfinished game caused some confusion there :D
I'm glad to hear you liked the art, and I'll be sure to do some work on this game.

That's a big download.

It looks great and the quests are mostly straight forward. Couldn't find any gourds though.

The game crashes if you walk into the invisible barrier around the level.
Don't try and reach the moas.
It also crashes when you try and pick the small green fruit from the trees.

Fun little game. That darn farmer!
I like it a lot. Go go little gardener pig!

Whoa, a fast action gardening game!


Selecting the garden bed to apply a heal is a bit unintuitive.

Might be better to do that with keys.
Other than that, good work!

I figured it out. Nice ending.

Read the gamepage for instructions.

I managed to water the soil, buy seeds and plant them, but no amount of sleeping made anything grow.

Well done though. Nice pixelart!

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Game looks good, love the pixel art look.
I found the seed and planted it. Is there more you can do?
Ah, I need to talk to one of the trees, nevermind.

Love the graphics and the music.
Farming is nice, but I could not harvest?
The monster made no sense, I could not figure out how to fight it.
Well done though, would love to see more.

Interesting game.
Managing the three screen is quite tricky, lots of clicking to collect the stuff you need.
My only gripe is that the timer at the top is brown.
I didn't see it until second play.
Well done!

I am so glad the plants are highlighted :D
Smoother walking would make this a lot better, but still, well done. Good work.

Very nice.
The planting is a little buggy, that first garden bed can accidentally get planted, and I couldn't plant if I removed a plant from the garden.
Other than that, lovely game, well done!

Very nice fishing game.
The fishing mechanic could use a bit of explanation, and maybe slow it down a bit, but I managed to catch an eel :)
Love the background sounds.

Well done. I like it a lot.
The music is good, nice art, lovely story!

Nicely done. I harvested 7 potato.

The weeding mechanic is a little tedious, but the main issue is the way the camera moves.

The view wobbles too much. In a first person game you don't want the head movement to be too realistic as it will make (some) people motion sick.

Good work though.

Lovely game, well done.

Nicely done Mark.
Would've loved to have seen the tuna as big as submarines :D

Neat animation! Wut! Made me laugh. Good work.

Love the art and the sound, but I don't know what to do!

Lovely pixelart! Managed to plant and harvest a parsnip, but couldn't get any further.

Ah, so it doesn't work. I can save a habit and then it just beeps at me :(
Shame, I would like to have seen more.

Great visuals, neat concept. You really have to rush around to beat that veggie monster!

My eyes! Wow. Those red and green particles were something!
Murder foxes and crop rotation. Does it end with the quest pointer pointing into a barn?

Nice! Really impressive work. Very polished.

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This is a lovely game. Enjoyed playing this.

Lovely game.

Love the baaaaaa! Neat concept.
Shame it's turn based. This could very well turn into a frantic action adrenaline rush sheep shuffling game! 

Nice work.
Really impressed that you turned crop rotation into a puzzle game - love the little frog.

A poop game! Perfect.
Love the concept, love the little puzzles, but the wait for the level to complete is too long.
Other than that, really good work!

Love it. Moody, looks great. Neat concept!

Love the graphics and the atmosphere. Awesome!

Good work. The map is HUGE!
It's too big I think and the box physics are a bit fiddly.

I fixed that replay bug.