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"a game about being a traveling onion salesperson called Onions and Wagons"

This would have to have farting as a game mechanic

"YOU are chickens wearing human clothing. YOU MUST get into the newest R-rated movie WITHOUT ANYONE realizing that you're chickens."

Looks great. What's the name of the game?

Looking good!

Cool. Go for it. Would love to see what kind of game you make with those :)

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You're more than welcome to use a custom engine, and no, you don't have to write it during the jam.
If you've built a library, framework or engine before the jam, it's fine to use that for this jam.

What engine are you using? Homebrew?

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Post in here.

List your skills, favourite game engine/software and what you're looking for :D

Plan B:
Check in the #notgdc-jam channel on the #notgdc discord if anyone is looking for team members. (Invite link ->

Getting somewhere. There's a few issues with this, but pretty stoked I could get this to work in PPT.

main game screen is coming along. Water is bobbing up and down, just gotta make that fishing line work...

I've been drawing cat selfies. Got a bit more game art to do and then I can put the game together


Lovely game. I like it a lot

That was excellent. Felt just like mowing a real lawn :-)
I'm very happy you found a use for my flower sprites

Awesome game. Very hard.

Very well done. Awesome game.

Played this with the kids, they liked it a lot! Well done!

Gamepad support would be awesome

That is a lovely game. Really enjoyed this one.

Thanks for the feedback Joshua :)

This is the post gamejam version, there is a link to the version I made during the gamejam in the description, please vote based on that version :)

Fixed in the post gamejam version.

Fixed in the post gamejam version.

You know what would be cool as well?
A list of cartridges that have NOT been made into games yet :)

I really like this game, just need to find a second player :D Needs instructions, but I figured it out.
Well done, love the concept, the movie scene works so well in an overcooked style game.

Really love the atmosphere in this, very simply and very well done. I have died a many deaths in the desert.

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Love the claymation graphics! Well done, nice little game :)

Nicely done, I like it a lot!

Beautiful game, gorgeous pixel art, love it. 

Gorgeous game! Love the big dinosaur. Did I run over a chain link fence and a park bench in the jurrasic period??? XD
Would love to see you do some work on this, so good.

Interesting VN, well done. 

Watch out for those huge blocky pixelated backgrounds, and one the characters text colour (Sen?) makes what he says very hard to read. Dark blue on dark green background :\

Fix the hand and you've got a nice little game there :)

That game would be so good if it wasn't for that @#$@#$%@ hand! Grrr! XD

Loved it, so well done. Excellent little game!

I enjoyed that, living the dream of rigging the stockmarket. Well done.

Well done, congrats on your first game. It's looking good, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Flying taxi?

The characters move a bit slow, and the mouse control is awkward, but other than it's well done. Good job.

Well done, I liked it. 

Well, that was dark. Not thrilled with the subject, but it's a game.

The ladders are a bit fiddly, and getting stuck on tiny bumps in the floor is a bit odd.

You might want to add a note in the description that you need to use spacebar to latch
onto a ladder and then AWSD to move on the ladder.

That was ok. Well done.

Nice little game, well done :)