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thanks for giving it a look! Yeah, I think @zombicito_art pretty much modeled everything from scratch in blender. House's rooms are totally random so sometime you get an easy night, sometimes not so much 🎲🎲,

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Here's a Unity Package that lets you publish webGL builds of your game directly from Unity.

I put it together so a friend and I could easily share dev builds during game jams so its pretty minimal, not exactly a full featured butler UI for unity. But maybe someone else will find it useful and add more 😉.

Thanks for checking it out. Your totally right about the text, getting instructions into the game was a bit of a last second rush. I just put some more consolidated instructions up on the jam page.

Thanks for giving it a play. Good luck to you too. Just checked out "Here Comes The Bride". Love the art and music. It also just feels so right running on Pico-8

Yeah, how when you go out of bounds in one screen it "hops" over to the next like there are several static camera points rather following the player.

Liked the character art you have going on here.  The visuals really popped!

Love the claymation art style. The camera hop  rather than follow was a bit jarring at first but the controls felt great at the same time.

The two player idea sounds kind of awesome! I can only imagine the epic  team kill trolling tactical cooperation that could generate!

Wow, thanks for featuring us in the video! Was awesome seeing someone jump back in for the higher score. Hope you had fun climbing the rankings :P

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wow, this is one of my favorites of the Jam so far. Love the little stuff in the animation like how he frantically looks back and forth when idle. Also, I think this is the first time I've seen a game made with love2d. Totally want to check that out now too

I got to 8 and then the red cubes started stacking up fast (x _ x)

Totally fun once I figured it out, some kind of "recording vs playback" indicator might have helped. Going to feel like a fool if there is one but I totally missed the queue.

Thanks for giving it a play! Now to battle my way back to the top....

Sorry for not documenting the "feature" but you can totally skip the menu text scrolls by pressing "enter" or "escape" while scrolling... should have written that one down...

Thanks for checking it out!  Been having fun trying out new things with these jams and the scoreboards where a fun excuse to tinker with a bit.

Sorry for not documenting the "feature" but you can totally skip the menu text scrolls by pressing "enter" or "escape" while scrolling... should have written that one down...

Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback!

Thanks for checking it out. Loved the art in Cafe du Creature btw.

Highscore 129, T_T need to keep playing. I have to echo johnjoemcbob, the controls felt great. Loved this game's style!


  • Version 1.0.1
    • Added two new levels
      • A new "Level 1" acts as an easier learning curve
      • A new "Level 5" for a more gradual introduction into the final level.
    • The main menu has been re-positioned for easier interaction.
    • The projected "Aim" line now originates from the players hand and not some crazy disconcerting point below the player's chin.
    • The "Home" button now also re-centers VR tracking orientation.

He's so cute I actually felt bad for him at the end! I think this is the first VR entry I've come across so far that I can't wait to show to my friends.

I hit the same issue at the top of the ladder. After giving it a restart thou, I was able to get past that and check out the amazing view! Really like the movement mechanics. I'd love to be able to toggle on and off the camera rotate gesture. Sometimes it got in the way a bit, but I can see how it helps rotate the player around if you can't physically rotate at your desk. Is there a orientation rest button? I spammed a few keys but didn't hit one.

Resident Lefty warning: Only your right hand truly acts as a god!

Pretty fun once I figured that out thou!

Looked really cool. Just wish I could have run it on 0.7 T_T

I'll second the Art and UI feedback, loved it. I'd like to get some more visual feedback on how the game is tracking my current hand posture, similar to the demo hands shown during the intro. When it was tracking well it felt really awesome to have my own hands psudo-mirror the climber's grip / motions.

T_T No love for the lefties. Love the super cute style!

Wow, looks amazing! I just kept loosing my hammer....

@JCorvinus: I'm not seeing a way to reply so I guess I'll go with a comment here?

Thanks for the feedback! I should definitely play around with the menu placement some more. I'm trying to find a sweet spot between usable and un-obtrusive. I don't want it to be in your face all of the time, but like you said, you still need to be able to get to it. I'll also see if I can play around with having the aiming line originate at the spawn point rather than your chin, maybe that would feel less jarring.

I was able to play with it a little bit but I'm hitting some technical issues now. The camera reset seemed to be moving my head a bit odd. Resetting with my position far to the left and up of the default, caused my head to clip out of the room. Unfortunately, I'm only able to start up to a black screen now. Wish I could poke around more, the virtual desktop idea seems pretty cool.

I'll back you up on not wanting to use the 'r' key thou. From my personal set up, I assume most people are resetting so they are far away from the keyboard to avoid interference with their monitors and the leap. A larger or more obvious key is a bit easier to hunt down.