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SPACEHIKER: A Zero-G AdventureView game page

SPACEHIKER is a VR tech demo made as proof-of-concept for the use of the LEAP Motion as a means of weightless movement.
Submitted by 25HD — 11 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline

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SPACEHIKER: A Zero-G Adventure

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@gapMindful Shoot, I didn't know this issue was so easy to replicate. I'll try to push out a new build that fixes this by the end of the day. Thanks for being patient and restarting to check out the rest of the demo :]

I agree with what you said, the rotation is a bit finicky at the moment, as sometimes it rotates unintentionally. I originally dealt with this by having the rotation only occur if the player held their hand close to their face, however I extended it forward in order to make sure people can rotate easily. I plan on adding visual queues for the rotation to remedy this issue.

The reset orientation should be set to R... I may have made a mistake in the last update that disabled this feature, I'll check it out.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my entry! I really appreciate it. :]


I hit the same issue at the top of the ladder. After giving it a restart thou, I was able to get past that and check out the amazing view! Really like the movement mechanics. I'd love to be able to toggle on and off the camera rotate gesture. Sometimes it got in the way a bit, but I can see how it helps rotate the player around if you can't physically rotate at your desk. Is there a orientation rest button? I spammed a few keys but didn't hit one.


@bernhelm - I'm sorry to hear you experienced this issue, it's known to happen under certain circumstances and I'm releasing an updated build soon that should solve the problem. Thanks for checking out Spacehiker!


Love the concept, music, and atmosphere. I couldn't "crest the lip" above the first ladder though, so I got stuck there.