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Great interpretation of the scene and really fun to play! :D

I really like the art and the music is quite fitting 'u'

Pretty interesting control method and a great interpretation of the scene :D

I found the control points to be a bit too spaced out at the start so I couldn't get past the second story up :c

Thanks for checking it out! Impressive coordination when controlling both at the same time :O

Loved it! Got me laughing through everything, from premise to execution and composition :D

Real gem here :D

I really like the presentation! I find the visuals and their framing really well thought out and fitting well together, and it worked great even in monochrome and colorblind display modes, which is always nice to see! :D

The selection of songs got me nodding my head and the music controls are a nice touch 'u'

Congrats on your first game :D

It's a great start and it is certainly heading towards the vision. I'd love to see it updated. I like the menu and when the gameplay scenes get the same amount of time to them it can turn into quite the thing :D

Thanks for checking it out and the feedback! The mouse controls were inspired by the extinguisher in the scene, though I agree that they don't make immediate sense. I'll try to add options for the handling and tempo 'u'

Thanks for checking it and the feedback! I'll play around with different controls and movement to see what sticks 'u'

Thanks for checking it out and the feedback! I'll try to add some options for speed and control styles that make sense  'u'