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I am really bad at these kind of games, but I still find them very fun. I love all the experimentation that needs to take place in order to survive. Amulets.. they cost a lot. 

teaching all the individual mechanics in an easy mode or tutorial would improve the main game loop experience as there will be less trial and error for the player if they have experienced the individual mechanics such as withering before getting into the game when it really matters. 

I loved it though and had a very enjoyable time struggling to buy an amulet on twitch.

One of my favorites from the stream. I loved unlocking all the abilities and seeing the town change.  

Balancing is hard within a jam parameters, but that is the only real feedback I can land on and it is really something that takes lots of play testing and time to work through which I never expect to play a balanced game, but the rate of money seems to be high, however again, jam time.. can you tell I really do not even want to raise this topic? hahaha

The only other thing I can add in a feedback/critic sense is the lack of any pressure or "loss" condition, which again, isn't really relevant given it is a fun sandbox experience and having a "fail" possibility removes a lot of the casual whimsical nature of the piece. 

It was a fun game all around and was a blast to play. All of the different texts for why people want pumpkins was great.

I enjoyed this a lot, especially the artwork and farming. I used to catch newts as a kid, I like that the character sleeps in water.

Spiders just eat my lunch if I don't know "the trick" to run out asap. It was very fun to stream, despite my many deaths to the evil spiders and inability to beat the boss.

I wish I could play entirely with the mouse, or entirely with the keyboard, but I found myself having to go back and forth. something to think about and I could have been doing it wrong.

This game is a blast and creative trip. I finally have a simulator for my dream job of barista/dimensional explorer. I look forward to the day I can craft beverages and explore ice worlds.

art and style was spot on for the gameplay and experience. well done.

I love dichotomy between Anubis and Death. the game was so much fun to play and switch sides back and forth juggling two mechanics. 

If you intentionally left in the "lose everything if you switch" behavior intentionally, I do not think it is a great feeling as I made the mistake multiple times. if there is a func to process the collected amounts, I would call this func when the player changes between modes so that way it is no longer an issue, or make handing / exchanging only possible by switching.. you have a lot to play with here and can really get creative with combining these situations into a challenging decision. 

losing stuff because of forgetting about something is not a good feeling for most players though

fun game though! very fun!

One of my favorites from the stream. I love that I got to get to know each person and then choose one to save, I did not explore the other variants to my choice and I had enough context with each character's story that my decision was weighed against my own morals and opinions. 

This is so important to understand how excellent you did here. The reason I love this entry so much is because I was able to interact with it on a deep personal level and only because of the level of detail applied to the context each character provided. It is a great game.

Had a joy on this, I think killing badguys in the fields was spawning growth which was very cool and a great unique idea. 

I wish everything was moving faster, it has the feeling of an action game, but the pacing of an RPG

also, when I died I left it running and it spawns LOTS of bad dudes even after death, possible bug there/undesired behavior.

Great entry and I very much enjoyed smacking wolves and getting pumpkins

Had a joy on this, I think killing badguys in the fields was spawning growth which was very cool and a great unique idea. 

I wish everything was moving faster, it has the feeling of an action game, but the pacing of an RPG

also, when I died I left it running and it spawns LOTS of bad dudes even after death, possible bug there/undesired behavior.

Great entry and I very much enjoyed smacking wolves and getting pumpkins

Very fun game and enjoyed streaming this. Some metal background music really changes the game feel and experience, I would add in a looping metal track if possible it is the difference between french fries, just plain and cooked vs french fries with salt and something to dip them in like ketchup. I need the ketchup.

So intense with those birds. I had a joy playing this on the stream. the music really sets a great feeling for the game. The individual mechanics were great, I like scaring the crows away. Solid game. thanks for sharing!

Art is amazing, the gameplay took me back to my genesis days with Chakan the forever man which I showed on stream iirc. I played it again off stream and had a great time, I was able to appreciate the moon moving across and notice even more detail which I missed while streaming.

more sfx during combat would improve the player's ability to parry and listen for audio queues, the combat system was impressive with blocks and parry's that is nuts to do during a jam very great cohesive experience all around.

I also studied art a lot in school but somehow forgot all about the artist which inspired you, additionally, I randomly was sent some related videos of their style via algorithms so there must be something in the air with your influence and the geist of humanity.

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The golden gun is OP call me 007
I accidently reviewed pumpkin harvester here by mistake, so I have to adjust before the time ends for reviews in less than 30 minutes. If you saw that, I have a lot of tabs open and just got confused for a moment...

I loved the cycling of day/night and the gun mechanics/loot that would be collectable. I wish I had an indicator on what was active and when it is wearing off so I can strategize more about remembering what I have planted and what is ready to harvest, like if I have 3 seconds of golden gun left, I will be looking for where to replenish as I play if I know that I have 3 seconds of golden gun left.

Great game!

Congratulations on making a game!

Congratulations on jamming!

I like how you styled the itch page to overflow into the game which creatively broke the "rectangle" feeling of most things I see on itch. You have a knack for out of the box ideas and I am excited to see your future games and jam entries.

As you grow and develop skills with the engine and with jamming, try to budget time for on screen instructions or include as much information as possible on the jam page in regards to your game's mechanics and controls. Make it get more boring the longer it goes (put the most interesting and important stuff up top). 

Keep up the great work and please keep jamming!

I play every game again off stream before rating to refresh my memory and see if I missed anything (streaming is distracting)

I liked this one, I was able to get the small first mobs to slow down on the bottom allowing me to cheese a bit. The movement was a little skatey (ice skates) but not too slippery, just a bit noticeable.

Love the music, and art, and the lighting effects were impressive, if that was something your were trying out this jam, well done.

Thanks for sharing the game on my stream. I had a blast playing this.

I play every game again off stream before rating to refresh my memory and see if I missed anything (streaming is distracting)

Thanks for giving it a go! I am in the middle of refactoring a bunch of the code and will have an update after the jam concludes. It was so much fun to make. I will give soul essence a go here tonight. Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing and the great feedback! Yup, I went solo for this one and had such a blast learning Godot during the jam. I plan to be in the next Godot Wild 63 jam although I am traveling the last two day and will not be able to stream afterwards :( 

It is such a great engine and the jam was crazy fun. Thanks for playing!!

thank you for playing. I had a wonderful time in this jam and I already have a timer setup for an update after the jam. thank you for playing!

I found the issue and why it is hard. I am determining the time it takes to loot by how fast Godot can process the filling of the progress bar. I tested on a powerful machine that fills it much faster than my streaming machine I use on twitch. When I was showing my game at the end of my stream.. I could not believe how long it took so I found the code. I should have used a Timer Node instead.

Thanks for trying Gifthammer! I am sorry about the coding/design error!

1131 OP score.

My best score was 980.5
I like to talk about what type out loud
blood sacrifice fertilizer is best with slime blood OP.

46 is my best

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It's not easy, but I play tested and was able to survive on every session at least 3-4 days, up to 114. Best of luck!

After you harvest, the items are automatically collected, do not waste time on moving towards them.

Submissions will be accepted through twitch chat only. I plan to play all games, but if you are watching and want to see your game, come to the live stream and use !submit game_link

I will also discuss my seagull extensively, and maybe my game/submission. 

Playing today on twitch!

20 million ramen OP

keep up the great work!

wow!! That’s super cool! TY!

I had a great time playing this over an entire stream. Sorry that it has take a while for me to get VODs out. ORANGE TREE!!!

This game really had me thinking! I loved the puzzles and learning each room. Thanks for submitting it!

This was very impressive! I had a blast. Spikes n Tigers. What more could anyone want. Wall climbing is icing on the cake. Excellent work with the theme as well. 

My head hurts just thinking about how these mechanics work. Great stuff! I had a blast!

I absolutely loved this game. Sorry I am behind on VODS!

Okay.. so you get two VOD posts.. one of the gameplay (sorry this is late) and a clip of the exact moment I realized what was going on.. this was too great.


clip of discovering your theme:

This was a fantastic experience. I love the designer aspect it adds an infinite amount of replay value. This was so unique and enjoyable. I also plan to use the poem from the beginning as a sound byte if that is alright as I totally loved it.

This was my fav. I had such a great time playing it on the stream and almost won! I still have not won a game, even in the latest version, however I need to strategize better. I plan to keep highlighting this project as it evolves! very exciting game!

Sorry this is so late! I had a blast playing it.

Great game! I'm behind in creating vods this month.

Sorry I am way behind on VODS. thanks for submitting your game to the stream!