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keep up the great work!

wow!! That’s super cool! TY!

I had a great time playing this over an entire stream. Sorry that it has take a while for me to get VODs out. ORANGE TREE!!!

This game really had me thinking! I loved the puzzles and learning each room. Thanks for submitting it!

This was very impressive! I had a blast. Spikes n Tigers. What more could anyone want. Wall climbing is icing on the cake. Excellent work with the theme as well. 

My head hurts just thinking about how these mechanics work. Great stuff! I had a blast!

I absolutely loved this game. Sorry I am behind on VODS!

Okay.. so you get two VOD posts.. one of the gameplay (sorry this is late) and a clip of the exact moment I realized what was going on.. this was too great.


clip of discovering your theme:

This was a fantastic experience. I love the designer aspect it adds an infinite amount of replay value. This was so unique and enjoyable. I also plan to use the poem from the beginning as a sound byte if that is alright as I totally loved it.

This was my fav. I had such a great time playing it on the stream and almost won! I still have not won a game, even in the latest version, however I need to strategize better. I plan to keep highlighting this project as it evolves! very exciting game!

Sorry this is so late! I had a blast playing it.

Great game! I'm behind in creating vods this month.

Sorry I am way behind on VODS. thanks for submitting your game to the stream! 

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I just wanted to stop by and say I will be doing a 6-8 hour long stream on Saturday the 16th playing jam games and taking submissions from chat. 

If you would like to come share your game it would be great!

I will be starting at 12:00 p.m. eastern US time (4:00 p.m. GMT)

(submissions are taken during the stream)


It's all about those gems, pots, and gold bars!

I love a good run n gun.

Amazing. just ridiculous fun.



bear mode OP

The opening is super cool. reminds me of my LD24 game. I had a blast with the varied gameplay, but I was punched in the face a lot. it was fun.

Lots of fast deaths lol. Sweet looking design though!


This was great. My best was around 32 seconds. 


And the speed runs. very cool game, the 20 second death penalty  destroyed me though :P 

Ledge Bite OP  

Was a cool game! I might try to progress further on a future stream sometime.  

Near, Far, Wherever you Are.

I thought this was great, it reminded me a bit of ridiculous fishing.  

I very much enjoyed streaming this. It is a very creative LD entry for sure!  

This was great!  

I love the art style and gameplay. those cheshire-squitos are dicks.  

loved it and I am hoping you add more.

I need to play with the crafting system more :P

Awesome game!

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I am a bomb? 💣  

PALADINS!  this was very fun thanks for brining it by!  

Ridiculous and awesome. I may be the best water pumper in north america.  

bleep bloop I peed my pants. -End of line.