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Что за хурма?

Ah, I see you're a man of evil culture as well.

Oh man, now I feel like I should make a game about crazed cyberpunk prosthetic hand .

"Esh, I'm your father". I feel the urge to add that quote to the game - Ash will be saying it all the time.

Nice letsplay!

 As we all know, if someone got cornered by Ash, then he is going down.. unless you're a demonic part of Ash himself of course.

This is quite bold start.
Welcome to and enjoy your stay!

Nice let's play!
And I thought  If Ash gets chainsaw  then he should turn into almost invulnerable doomguy.

Kudos! Glad you liked it.
Yes, it's short game made for a gamejam. Maybe in the future I will expand it into something bigger.

Yeah, tIt's hard to get a piece of a king nowadays.
Glad you've enjoyed it!

Of course I will check it out!

This clay explosion is a blast!

I enjoyed the game and really wanna see more space claymade games in the future!

A nice take on Chekhov brain. 

Controling human via brain doodles is a great mechanic, brain navigation via ceilings is also a good find. It's not easy to traverse though in case of missplased jumps and such.  Also I the distance between different brain sticks is quite big.

Anyhow, I live in atown there the real Chechov was born (a writer, he was a prototype for Star Trek character) so I will see if this game can be showcased in a local museum ))

Thanks for the feedback and video, TigerJ!  

Nice cover image for video you got there! For a second I thought the game actually made your hand evil and crazy.

Thanks, man! 

Actually you outdone Ash quite well in the end, I even wanted to applause.. but  I'm only a hand 

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Yep, we all got nothing to do til new season of ED starts.
So.. given a free hand and some time I just did something EVIL 

Thanks Paul!

That intro sequence was kinda unexpected.  I remember as I was trying to get some some sleep and suddenly that idea just grasped my mind and didn't want to go away for, like, 20 minutes. So I had no choice to get up and implement it and learn how to use that new Timeline thing in Unity along the way. That tool is very cool and perfectly suited for 'movie' stuff.

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I liked it. It have a very sound game mechanic in its foundation.

Some quick notes:
- seats cleaning gets quite tedious with time because of all that pixel hunting, perhaps that action could be simplified (like, just click on a seat)
- some time pressure could help with the challenge aspect (some waiting countdown timer for visitors?)

Overall it's good prototype with a working idea that can be scaled out into a solid casual title. So if you won't do it, then let me do it myself ))

Nice work! Interpretation close to the source, great intro and tutorial done right.

But I'm usually dying within first 5-10 seconds because I go fast and don't see where I'm going.
I demand a zoom out function )
Also why any low-speed slight obstacle bump leads to an explosion? These war carts were built for destruction, so please, give me an option to lay waste everywhere for longer and with bigger error margin.


Well, thank you for kind words, Myroscope.

Yeah, The Thing is very memorable eehh.. thing. But Evil Possesed Hand is way more groovy!

Well, hello there and thanks for feedback!

And you should definitely consider a path in voice acting career :D

I'm glad you've enjoyed it and thanks for feedback!
I guess the the tutorial text about choking should be made more clear about holding down space.

Well, what I can say..


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Glad you liked it! You even spotted the recreated recorder, hell yeah.

And  yes, this movie should be shown in gaming literacy classes as it's almost evilhandedly spawned whole FPS genre.
Some interesting trivia here -

I immediately felt that layer of emotions from the film. It is a perfectly executed scene. My congrats!

Gameplay is challenging and mesmerizing. Dunno what else to say - it is a hit already )

Hey, I got hit by a limo.. Oh wait, I was dead already. But I died rich and with a style!
Overall it is a nice take on the scene. Simple and elegant.

One note though. Don't know is it possible on Pico-8 or not..  sometimes it is hard to see goodies as skyscraper background sorta lacks in contrast department.
Oh and another one - how about a 'bounce' mechanic, some windows can have a net or a clothesline - this way fall can become more comedic, unpredictable and replayable.

I was in the middle of my dinner churning my delicious middle rare humastroganoff.. when some boat showed on a right side of the screen and game suddenly stopped responding. Only audio still played.

Very good looking game.
And Sean run animation is an instant hit!

I think gameplay could be broadened a little bit. Or maybe it is because of simplicity the game is so meditative and pleasant - I don't know)

Great work!

Oh, that's an iconic scene. Good call)

I'm actually haven't played many rhythm games before, so my feedback below can be a bit misleading, but anyway..

During the play I found that my eyes are constantly fixed to the moving strip at the bottom, while my inner film buff wanted to watch vandancer moves.
I didn't feel any sync with my input and dance moves, should't they be correlating in someway? Like I missed a music bit, and dancer lagged behind or something.
I wish the dance would smoothly transition into a bar fight. Enemies could come from left and right, I would press <- and -> to punch them, down arrow to do a famous leg-split and evade hits, up arrow to do a double jump kick, e.t.c This way my eyes would be on the scene and enemies will act as rhytm markers.

(1 edit)

There is a cool intro and a vibrant movie feel. 

Racing part is kinda hard. Car is not feeling very responsive. And some kind of preemptive camera can help a bit there.
Town part looks supa good. But I had trouble figuring what changed in the scenery after activating colored stands.

Anyhow, this piece is solid and I made it to the end.
Also I will check the movie, it does have that 80's snakish vibe I like, so thx for heads up!

Great execution of a scene!
Colors, music, animations, authentic blood splatters, action - it all fits together quite well.

I wish there were more variety in enemies behavior - smth like a jumping attack or a dash?
Maybe we will see a final boss with her unique weapon in the future update?

Thanks, Lumps!

"Grab our neck" was a good one!

That's awesome - the ambience, the puzzle, the loneliness, leafs falling from trees, final release. 

My main complaint - a lot of tracing back 'n forth checking the hints. I want to take them with me and lookup them from my inventory.

Overall impression - good stuff!

It seems 16 is a best result I can get )

I think parachute deploy key can be safely replaced with repeated "Spacebar" press after the jump. 
I saw road flickering at the start (perhaps it is some z-fighting issue).
Camera angle switch near the ground kinda throwed me off and made it harder to do a perfect landing. Maybe smooth transition instead of a sudden cut would be better.

Anyhow it's a nice take on the scene. Good work!

Whoa, Kurosava entry! And art is neat.

I think it's better to face player right, it's just standart for most people)
And I with where were more throwing stars.. I mean, everybody love throwing stars)
Also arrow movement feels a bit exxagerated, I press once and he moves a lot of pixels.

Overall, a good start so keep them coming!

Thanks for feedback!

Yes, I was scratching my head against the idea of some QTE mechanic for choking  - good to hear as someone also got thoughts about the same thing)

That's pretty firm little memory game.

I think there should be phase reminders during the actual game not only in the tutorial
, i.e. Phase 1 "Remember", Phase 2 "Pick shape", P. 3 "Pick color", etc. 

Eng/Rus switch doesn't work for me.  А хотелось проверить )

(2 edits)

Oh, a binary sudoku with built-in art appreciation part! And with a nice music too.

Despite me being a a programmer I preferred to hang out in the left side of the game. Don't know why - maybe because I'm also a wannabe artist.

Also I got the 'Pacman' moment then I forgot to clear the command line and my avatar zipped to left side and reappeared on the right)

Some humble suggestions: show the eyes on the screen all the time (perhaps in a small 'back mirror' box), arrow keys to actually flip sides of the game (press left for art, press right - code) with some page flipping animation; and optimize the command compile time so I can actually finish the game within a suitable timeframe))

P.S. Haven't seen the movie before so I'm adding it to a watchhlist, as it resonated with me in some way, so thanks for heads up!

Congrats with your first completed jam!

I think the game asks for more dynamic action.  Imagine this - sled automaticaly slide upwards, gaining speed and the player avoid obstacles, evade zombies, try to outrun avalanche, pierce snowhills and wooden sheds. 

That is a pretty good choice of visuals and audio. And the movie scene is funny)

Yep, camera could be shifted to the right a bit. Maybe slowing down sprite run animation depending on actual player speed would be good to. 

I wasn't able to catch the thief because double-spawning chickens always stoppped me. I think it's better to spawn them with bigger interval and further away from the player.