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Interstellar Docking SceneView game page

Submitted by Dryn27 (@adrian_alameda) — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Movie Interpretation#144.1474.147
Gameplay Innovation#173.4123.412

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

IMDb link

Movie scene description (plus video link if possible!)

Does your game or video link contain movie spoilers?

Yes (major spoilers)

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
Hans Zimmer Score, arranged by AustinAvocado and stilized by me to 8bit Style

How many members in your team?


Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Oh, boy. I really love this movie. I had to make this mini game...

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You mage Guy's Top 5!

Challenging game! I included it in my Movie Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out! :)


My favorite scene from the movie, and you executed it perfectly. Chiptune version of the music was fantastic. The docking mechanic had me invested from the very start. 


I immediately felt that layer of emotions from the film. It is a perfectly executed scene. My congrats!

Gameplay is challenging and mesmerizing. Dunno what else to say - it is a hit already )


Well space is now littered with the debris of my many failed attempts... Had a lot of fun with this, and really enjoyed the graphical style. Would be nice if the music looped, although the silence was pretty tense too. Great work!


Thank you :')

I'm a big fan of yours, so it means a lot to me that you have taken some time to play my game ^^


One of my favorite games from this jam so far and yet I couldn't manage to finish it ^^
I might return to it later ! I really want to dock !!

The game has the same vibes as the docking scene ! Well done ! :D


Thank you! I am very glad you liked it ^^


Tried and failed this more times than I care to admit. I had to come back a second day to try it again and then when I finally got it, it felt a bit like luck and I didn't really understand what made that attempt different hah. But at the same time I have to commend the creation of something with that kind of pulling power, with a clear goal that actually encourages one to keep going until they finally get it. Nice job


Thank you!! :D I'm very glad that you finally did it!

Docking it's just a matter of alignment ^^. If you are not perfectly aligned with the Endurance then you cannot dock :P. That's the only variable that determines wether you win or die.


Totally nailed that "one more time" addiction. Had to play it till I docked! This docking game is a winner.


This is an A-MAZING game - well done! :D

I am a BIG fan of Nolan's films, including Interstellar (tho Inception is still prob my favourite).
You have perfectly captured the essence of that scene. Great visuals and audio (helps that ur getting a helping hand by the legendary Hans Zimmer's score!).
The game play is where it shines; VERY addictive and fairly balanced. The key here is that you seem to have the collision detection spot-on, failure to do that could make or break a game like this.

I had a proper "punch the air" moment when I finally nailed the docking (about my 15-20th attempt - but I'm sure most of this was luck!). That's a mark of a great game in my books - you made me get invested, you made me care.

Only negatives I could possible offer are the (inevitable) nausea-inducing movement of the game.  But, to be honest, I don't see any way to avoid it really. The frame-rate is butter-smooth, but I can't decide whether that dampens or increases the negative effect.

In short, I love it! :D



I still remember when I saw your sumbision for the low res jam. I was learning C# to develop my own games and saw it on twitter...  I was really amazed with your homage :') I used to play Another World when I was a little kid, and your homage really touched my heart. I came to my friends like "look at this!!" So I really really appreciate your words. Plus, your game HERE COMES THE BRIDE is the coolest game on this jam!! (no ofense to others submiters, just a matter of taste :P) I felt soooo tempted to make a Tarantino Scene for this jam... I am glad you did it! :D

I follow you now, so I'll be cheking your work more often <3

Thank you again for your kind words :)

PS: Also, I'm very glad you managed to dock the ship ;P


Aww man, this is SO cool to hear - I had no idea!
I love that we have so much respect for each-other's work.
Consider yourself "Followed", Adrian  :D
Thanks again!


Damn this game is hard. Determined to beat this at some point but I find myself rushing it after a few failed attempts which really doesn't help :P Music is top notch and really adds to the pressure. One thing I think you could add to it is just some kind of sound effect when you collide with the space station (I know its in space but it just felt a little quiet each time I smashed the ship to pieces). Overall great game, good job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Here is a video of my gameplay after I came home and spent some more time with it. I'm going to come back and beat this after I play the other games. 


It's amazing to watch someone playing my game <3 It's the first time I watch someone on YouTube playing something I made, and it really made me happy. Thank you :')

PS: if you download the .exe, it will work smoother, maybe then you can Dock and save humanity :D


Very cool game, I really enjoyed that. I too went to the right the first time playing so some form of indication would be nice. Great game even though I'm terrible at it!


Thank you! <3


I think it's spot on to the movie. My first play through I accidentally went to the right. My feedback would be if a player goes to far off screen to respawn them. A killzone to the right would add a little helping hand. I'll probably stream this later tonight when I get home.

Overall nice work. I like the music too!


It's an open universe game! :P hahaha nah, you are totally right. A respawn will be added in the future ^^ thank you