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Thank you for comment ! :)

The game is extremly short and experimental but I'm glad it speaks for itself :)

The music I used is actually an auditory illusion called Shepard Tone, it's a tone that continually ascend and descend in pitch being this way infinite. Plus it sounds pretty anguish to me so I thought it was appropriate with the thematic of social anxiety ^^

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I couldn't watch it live since I was away but I watched the replay ! Thanks for playing ! :)

Thank you very much !! I wouldn't have time to make more levels after voting ends, so I added some more a few hours ago if you want to play more ! So now there is more real levels than tutorial levels ^^ Thanks again ! ;)

Thanks a lot !! :)

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Thank you ! <3

Big thanks !! I have always trouble searching for music, but I'm glad I found this one ^^

Thanks !! :)

Thank you very much ! :D I just added some more levels if you want to try ^^

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Thank you !! :) The level editor will be available with the third DLC, you'll find it in a loot box ^^

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Thanks ! :) I used Construct 2 ^^

Thanks ! :)

Thanks for feedback ! :)

Actually, the bug was that the colors other than blue got stuck into the wall at the exit and player had to reset the level to continue. It's normal that only blue can leave the stage, but there was indeed a lack of guidance to make it clear... :(

I followed your advice and added some more feedbacks when stage begins and when player tries to leave with the wrong character ! :)

Thanks ! I just fixed it ! :)

Thank you ! Yeah, I really should rearrange a bit the sound design ^^'

Thank you very much ! :D

It was a pleasure to read your review !! And I agree, sound design is my biggest weakness ^^' I didn't take the time to make it sounds more organic...

Really cool and fun game to play for one of my fav' movie !
And I just love the art !! <3

Nice job ! :)

One of my favorite games from this jam so far and yet I couldn't manage to finish it ^^
I might return to it later ! I really want to dock !!

The game has the same vibes as the docking scene ! Well done ! :D

Thanks ! :)

Merci pour cette expérience ! <3 J'adore le dialogue de fin ! ^^