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go for it!

hey thanks - i've updated with a CC0 license, I hope that's ok :)

hey thanks!

The patterns I added here were just based on the first couple of clear parties. The game probably has a proper formula for creating them while ensuring a safe zone, I was just too lazy to check over them while working on everything else. But I can definitely include more patterns in an update soon.

Ah thanks for the link – was searching for something like that when I first made this actually.

tbh I originally made this before the braindead strat was published – I wasn’t sure if it would be useful afterwards. I’m aware it has some other inaccuracies that prevent it from being 1:1 already, I’ll try fixing them along with the floor patterns as soon as I can

The outline is just for visual clarity - you can use a simple shader to apply it with whatever stroke width best suits you.

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hey! we used a program called aseprite for most pixel art, it's what I'd recommend for most beginners who want to learn. There's a bunch of good tutorials you can find for it on youtube, good luck :)

thanks - go for it! 

hey - it's not easy for me to test mac builds since i don't have a new model on hand, but i'll see what i can do this week

yeah I think you had the sound turned off or lowered hah. Thanks for playing anyway ^^

Thanks for playing! :)

Super cute! Loved the art style and the writing, real quality for a jam entry :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :))

Hey, thanks for playing! I've got a few other projects I'm moving on with but I do have some updates in the works for this, maybe not so much in terms of powerups at the moment but will have a think about things anyway. Cheers :)

Thanks! Crazy Taxi was definitely an inspiration for the gameplay, so it's cool whenever people pick up on it. 

I think one of the solutions we had to that kind of problem was just to have more delivery options available, but it was one of a number of things that we ran out of time to implement - even if it was arguably a pretty simple fix. But thanks again for playing anyway :)


Nice! I might add in a local high score list in a future update, not sure if I'll be able to get a global one working but I'll look into it. :)

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks so much for the kind words, we really appreciate it!

I can't remember where I've saved the screenshot proof, but dev record at the moment is something around $33 if you want a challenge hah. I've seen a couple other scores in the high 20s too. It's a little luck dependent and we might change how some of the mechanics around score work later so it might not be the same in builds past v1.00, but keep practicing ;)

Thanks for the interest! We're looking into porting into other platforms and while linux/web versions aren't on the top of our list right now, we'll see what we can do. :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)


Thanks !! :)

Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it :)


Thanks! We're aware of that one, it just wasn't on the priority list when finishing the jam so it might have to wait for a future update. Cheers anyway :)

Nice atmosphere, I liked the simple UI. Sounds were very appropriate even if sourced, nice job.

Tried and failed this more times than I care to admit. I had to come back a second day to try it again and then when I finally got it, it felt a bit like luck and I didn't really understand what made that attempt different hah. But at the same time I have to commend the creation of something with that kind of pulling power, with a clear goal that actually encourages one to keep going until they finally get it. Nice job

Oh man I love this one, the art style, effects and sound are great. I think the turning drift might be a little higher than what I'm usually comfortable with, but otherwise this was super solid - thanks for making it :)

I think you had a lot of cool systems in there - the radar was nice and some of the HUD targeting looked cool, the little trails off enemy ships were neat to see in the distance too.  The controls were a bit annoying to wrestle with, but I've only really made 2D games so I can't offer much advice on how to fix them, I just know they're probably a real challenge to get right especially given the time frame.

I think the only other thing I'd comment on would be the sound - sourcing some better recorded sounds and maybe practicing layering them in a free DAW like Reaper or even audacity would help a lot for future projects. The as3sfxr sounds were a little wimpy and didnt suit the gameplay too well. Check out channels like Akash Thakkar's for some tips.

That's all I have to say I think, it was a pretty solid entry otherwise, thanks for making it :)

I liked the concept for a jam game, I'm in the same boat in terms of getting to the falcon then getting wrecked a couple of times. I think for bullethell scrolling shooters there was a few things I would ask to change if you remade this style of game

- player controls and movement: the scrolling shooters i've had most fun with employ little to no acceleration or drag to the ship, making minute adjustments to your position really easy when you're in the thick of bullets. A smaller ship/hitbox also helps me feel like I'm in greater control of each scenario, usually something like a 1:1 ratio of my ship to enemy bullets

- i find these games often feel a lot better when each regular enemy takes 1-2 hits to destroy and gets replaced by more, than enemies that take 5 or so hits each. Obviously this depends on the enemy type - it's fine if larger ones take more hits, but getting that power fantasy feeling right is all about the ease of dispatching regular foes.

- some of the enemy fire patterns I felt like I'd managed to get myself in a terrible position that I had no hope of getting out of without destroying myself. I think this is probably the thing that would take the most time and testing to fix, but having short gaps between patterns for players to move around more would help

That's all I have though, relatively small points for a game that was otherwise pretty good fun, thanks for making it :)

The minimap was a neat addition, I felt silly that I didn't notice it sooner in the game. Neat work, anyway :)

somehow i managed to download this without even properly looking at the page's image. fumbling around the keyboard and then making that discovery/graduating to professional people puller was very satisfying. thanks for the game, i needed more weirdness like this :)

edit: and it's based on The Room too? suddenly everything makes sense, wow. 5 stars across the board

Appreciate you creating what felt like a fairly abridged version of the clicker genre heh. Could have used some more sound and visual flare, but I still ended up playing through to the end regardless.

Ah thanks for the detailed reply! I think you did plenty well for the jam otherwise, especially if it's been part of a learning experience for you with gamemaker, i was just curious about the different approaches for tackling a game like this. I never got as far as considering using actual collisions for the input timing but now that you mention it it makes a lot of sense. i think that part worked well in the end though and i didnt really have a problem with lining up with the boxes, just the boxes lining up with the music that i noticed came out of sync. but you're right its still good that you managed to submit in time and have everything look so polished otherwise, kudos

I loved the cheesy quality of this - after the great intro I was worried the game might be over after a poor-controlling car game (even if the Blastcorps-esque music was pretty great). But then reaching the next section was a really pleasant surprise. Even with some really questionable controls and mechanics I really liked the way the art style pulled things together, it had a lot of character to it. Thanks for making it :)

I didn't do too well, though I liked the novelty of the concept. I would have liked some alternative control schemes - I think using the mouse to control the player felt a bit imprecise compared to arrow keys. I found kiting the ball around a tree to be the best strategy in the attempts I had but I'm not sure if I would have been able to do better with some alternative controls. Thanks for the game, anyway!

It was neat realising I was messing with a sort of famitracker/drum machine with extra options for lights, palettes etc.. but I think after that point I just wanted some clear labels so that I could make a song properly heh

either way it was a nice and unique little gem to discover among the jam's entries, kudos :)

thanks! we worked pretty hard and i think got a little burned out in the process, but i'm glad it paid off if you enjoyed it :)

Nice pixel animations and music. I've been using Gamemaker for a while now and I've wanted to make a rhythm game for a while even though I don't think GMS has the best audio functions, so kudos for the work here.

I don't know if you were just using room speed but I've never been sure how to tackle these projects in GMS aside from with delta time, else I feel like it's hard to break away from songs that are 120bpm or something else that divides well into the room speed. Even then a dropped frame can spell disaster for timing. I noticed some of the action timing when I was playing was a little off beat so I guess I was curious how you approached this stuff, and whether you'd try a rhythm game in game maker again

otherwise cool work, thanks for the game :)