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Thanks! The carpet was the first asset I worked on, just because I thought it would be fun to make.

Thanks for playing. The tony bug is a real pain, i know.

A couple changes I wanted to make was adding a limit to the number of items tony takes as well as item effects when you get them. Each effect would add an element of difficulty.

Yes tony the finger needs a timer which prevents him from stealing more than one item.

Collision check is a small bounding box which should be in the center of danny and the twins, but i will admit when playing it seems a bit off. Glad you finished it anyways.

Thanks for taking the time to play my game and make a video about it. Music is definitely something it needs as well as a few bug fixes.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback. Best of luck on your entry as well.

My favorite scene from the movie, and you executed it perfectly. Chiptune version of the music was fantastic. The docking mechanic had me invested from the very start. 

I fell off the level trying to cheat a bit. Got so close to the rocket, but those cops rekt me. Great job on the models and following mechanics, although it would be nice if the cops were a little slower.

Cool music and animations.  Sometimes there was no viable path because of frogs and lightning. The game was pretty fun to beat.

The title screen, art, and theme were great! I had trouble with the beat mechanics, but otherwise awesome entry.