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I still remember when I saw your sumbision for the low res jam. I was learning C# to develop my own games and saw it on twitter...  I was really amazed with your homage :') I used to play Another World when I was a little kid, and your homage really touched my heart. I came to my friends like "look at this!!" So I really really appreciate your words. Plus, your game HERE COMES THE BRIDE is the coolest game on this jam!! (no ofense to others submiters, just a matter of taste :P) I felt soooo tempted to make a Tarantino Scene for this jam... I am glad you did it! :D

I follow you now, so I'll be cheking your work more often <3

Thank you again for your kind words :)

PS: Also, I'm very glad you managed to dock the ship ;P

Aww man, this is SO cool to hear - I had no idea!
I love that we have so much respect for each-other's work.
Consider yourself "Followed", Adrian  :D
Thanks again!