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Hey, I got hit by a limo.. Oh wait, I was dead already. But I died rich and with a style!
Overall it is a nice take on the scene. Simple and elegant.

One note though. Don't know is it possible on Pico-8 or not..  sometimes it is hard to see goodies as skyscraper background sorta lacks in contrast department.
Oh and another one - how about a 'bounce' mechanic, some windows can have a net or a clothesline - this way fall can become more comedic, unpredictable and replayable.

I know what you mean about the background. Pico-8 is limited to 16 colours so it can be quite a challenge sometimes but I have seen some impressive stuff done with the palette, just need to figure it out.

I like the bounce idea. Could definitely add an extra layer of challenge and more scoring opportunities.

 Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)