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A jam entry

Sit Down, PleaseView game page »

Cinema management
Submitted by Juan Francisco Mora (@JfranMora) with 8 days, 11 hours before the deadline
Rated by 12 people so far
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It's a game based in movie theme :3

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 really fun puzzler. I think you made a great game but it needs some tunes!

(Edited 2 times)

I liked it. It have a very sound game mechanic in its foundation.

Some quick notes:
- seats cleaning gets quite tedious with time because of all that pixel hunting, perhaps that action could be simplified (like, just click on a seat)
- some time pressure could help with the challenge aspect (some waiting countdown timer for visitors?)

Overall it's good prototype with a working idea that can be scaled out into a solid casual title. So if you won't do it, then let me do it myself ))


Great work for a 1 person & 14h dev time! I played it for half an hour, went up to session 15 with 1271 "Rep" (what does that mean?), so, I rather enjoyed your game! Nice idea and mechanic, with rooms getting more seats every 3 sessions or so. Regarding level generation, there shouldn't be more groups of 3 or 2 people than there are seats allowing this, so maybe you can generate levels by randomly placing individuals respecting your placement rules, then making groups and randomize them? Well, I know, jam time limit ;) Was caught anyway!

Could have use some flavor of SFX, and it would be nice to have it where you could rearagne the order of the families. It'd make a fun mini game/ side mission to a bigger game.

Innovative and humorous. Keep it up!! 

Hahaha, the idea is really funny! Great job!