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Oh, that's an iconic scene. Good call)

I'm actually haven't played many rhythm games before, so my feedback below can be a bit misleading, but anyway..

During the play I found that my eyes are constantly fixed to the moving strip at the bottom, while my inner film buff wanted to watch vandancer moves.
I didn't feel any sync with my input and dance moves, should't they be correlating in someway? Like I missed a music bit, and dancer lagged behind or something.
I wish the dance would smoothly transition into a bar fight. Enemies could come from left and right, I would press <- and -> to punch them, down arrow to do a famous leg-split and evade hits, up arrow to do a double jump kick, e.t.c This way my eyes would be on the scene and enemies will act as rhytm markers.

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Thanks for the feedback, Ukiwuki!  I barely had time to have everything done on time. The characters moves and the correct inputs aren't synched to the music right now, only the early inputs are more or less similar to the track. After the voting we plan to update it including extra animations, a proper background image, tweaked difficulty and synchronization of everything plus attacking bad dudes once you fail or miss a few moves (plus attack 4 moves for all 4 directions that would include both JCVD's signature split and 360 cresent kick).