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Thank you for the video review!!

Yes, running up and down is a bit weird, maybe it's the speed, or perhaps the camera follow is a bit off, unfortunately I didn't have much time to tweak things out :(

Thanks for trying the game!

For the difficulty, unfortunately we didn't have much time to balance things out, we had a few friends test it and that's about it :( Though once you time the sprint right and know where the various marines are, it gets easier! But I realize people don't really want to spent a lot of time "learning" a jam game, especially when there are so many submissions to try!

Also thanks for praising the animations, we're proud of them!

Thank you for playing the game! Yes, I'm sorry about the collisions! I even tried fixing them after the first review by completetly removing tree collisions and only leaving grass tile collision, but apparently that didn't do much :( The truth is that I should have used Unity's built-in 2d Tile system but instead opted for an outside program to make the map, so it's a hassle to rework the tile collisions every time and testing them is not very quick, as well as being quite heavy to export. Lesson learned :P

Thank you! We're proud of how it came out visually; the guy that did all the art spent quite some time to make them!

These kinds of games always confused me so I wasn't able to last very long during my tries. Visually it's cool, only thing that didn't make much sense were cars going over the sidewalk or trees and other sidewalk-y stuff appearing in the middle of the road, but with time being limited I can understand not being able to fix everything (I also have similar problems in my entry :p)

Overall it was good though, nice job :)

As others have said, the hit detection was a bit off at times, the visuals are simple but pretty (cool lava effect!) and after I noticed the name changed every time I had a good laugh and tried to read as many as I could. Overall though, it was okay. A bit too simple perhaps :p

As BurningOut said, the button mashing minigame was a bit confusing at first (right to left instead of left to right), and being constantly grabbed by the enemies every time i tried going for a letter got kind of annoying after a while, I could barely avoid them, but maybe I just suck at it ahah

Other than that it was cute, I liked the style and sounds!

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AWESOME! I loved this. I know I should give some feeback, but I have nothing negative to say about the game :)

Pretty cool, a bit too simple perhaps, maybe adding more things to do would have made it a bit harder. Also, it took me a bit at first to find what to do (had to click around a bit randomly), maybe something visual, a little arrow that points in the direction of interactable items, would have been helpful!

I love the movie though and I enjoyed the game, so good job :)

One of the best so far! Super cute game, the art is awesome, the gameplay is fun, but I completetly agree on DrJedd on the change of direction drifting. I liked that you looped thorugh the level if you kept on going straight, I'm not sure I would have thought of that :p 
Towards the end the crows were really annoying, maybe if we had a way to deal with them, even temporarily, would have been cool. I forgot if they are also in the movie and if Kiki does something to get rid of them though, it's been a while since I've watched it!

It's okay, it was just my opinion, maybe others will have different opinions than mine, don't feel bad about it!
And yeah, game design documents are supposed to be always changing, maintaining the original idea is fine but mechanics should be changed if you notice they aren't working as intented or aren't as fun as you thought (imo)! :)

Awesome! I really liked it, it's simple but fun. With a few more mechanics and levels it could be really cool! The only cons are that sometimes I would jump on a bat but a bit on the side and it would register it as being hit rather than killing it (collision issues, input lag? I'm not sure) and I was never sure if I could drop down platforms safely or if I was going to die from falling into an infinite hole (I guess there's no "game over" holes though).

Well, yea, but say there's 3 fishing boats and no decoy sharks (or just one), you can't really stay still because hunger will kill you, but eating corpses makes you an easy target. Maybe balancing the two things would make it more challenging and perhaps more fun!

Well it's... something! I personally haven't watched the movie , but from watching the youtube video, I can totally see it in the game! so 5/5 on movie interpretation :)

Overall it was funny, though when you die you get thrown back to the start with no warning and it's not the best, maybe put a "you died" screen and a restart button so you're prepared when it restarts?

I tried playing a few times but to be honest, I couldn't even wash one customer! So I asked my roommate to try it too and he was much better at it than me, he managed to wash a few but he said it was more luck based than precision/rhythm, he couldn't really get the beat and button press time down so he was trying a bit randomly. Maybe add some more visual feedback and/or clearer instructions? (maybe it was just me though!)

It's an interesting idea but if I have to be honest it gets boring after a while as there doesn't seem to be much difficulty (unless it gets progressively harder as time passes - I stopped playing after about 3 minutes of corpse eating).

It took me a while to get used to the jump (its very short), also there seem to be no life, or if there is, there's no feedback about it. Other than that, it was fun :)

The steering is a bit difficult at times (i had to move the mouse all over the desk to steer around that loop circle), but still manageable. I had hoped I could catch Jones but I always ended up outside the temple, so I'm guessing that's the end? Or can you actually catch him if you're fast enough with all the speed powerups?

Overall it was very cute and enjoyable, good job! :)

Thanks for the review!! Yeah, the game isn't easy at first but once you get used to the sprinting mechanic it's absolutely doable :) We were making it really easy at first but where's the fun in that?

Also I tried fixing the trees collisions as much as I could, it should be better now :)