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[ENG/ES-PT(EU)][Translator] Translator looking for projects

A topic by Drexhan created Jun 22, 2018 Views: 186 Replies: 2
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Hello guys,
My name is Nuno Pires I'm a Portuguese translator and I want to start doing game localization, I can translate from Spanish and English to European Portuguese. If you need or want your game localized into Portuguese just say something and we'll work something out! 
Thanks in advance!

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I'm working on a game right now that I want it to be available in Portuguese.
Still on very early stages, so I haven't written the dialogs yet. If you don't mind I save your contact for when I'm ready and I'll ask you then to see if you are available

PD: I don't know if you knew this and maybe it helps you for promoting yourself: Android games are HUGE in Brazil.


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Without a problem! And thanks for the advice, if you want you can contact me through my e-mail.
Best luck with the game as of now!
EDIT:  Fun fact, I'm also a musician! (Vocalist)