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i might update it later, rn busy with other things (more gamejams, yup), but thanks for asking

thanks, it was the first time i was doing all of art, script and sounds by myself, so it's really nice to hear

very postmodern
10 Warhols outta 10

this game made me feel nostalgic (in a good way)
10 java mobile games on my old samsung outta 10

im surprised, but i found it very enjoyable
though kinda sad that music does bot loop

pom pom outta 10

i have just stumbled upon this comment, and this comment is better then the game itself, thank you kind stranger

Thanks, I'll try it out

Sorry, I'll try to upload a small resolution or scalable version today or tomorrow.

The game got a small update, now it's actually possible to pass the first day.
The second day is better, I promise (game still broken af, thou)!

Yup, that's a stupendous glitch, I'll try my best to fix this and try to make the paper "pickable" when a demon is not summoned.
Thank you for your feedback :3

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I am a dum-dum and the first day is unpassable, but on the second day, you will have to use flasks and mix them
Because of the deadline, I couldn't implement grading system in the game, so in the next patch I'll just set Autosolve attempts to 2-3 for a day.
Anyways, I'l try to fix this tomorrow. Thanks for checking the game out!

Thank you for those nice words!
I will try my best to implement such complex gameplay mechanic as exit and restart button as well as some other things.
Controls will be simplified, but I don't know how rn, so if I'm open up to any ideas.
Thank you again for playing and writing down such a kind review.

I guess I tried to compensate the overall broke-ness of a game with memes. :3
I'll try to fix most crucial glitches in the next patch.
Maybe'll try to simplify the controls, though I don't know rn how.
Thanks for playing!

Hm, I'll try to fix that in the nearest patch.
Also I'll try to implement the ability to use test paper whilst teacher is looking
Thank you for the feedback!

Ughm, I wish I could play this game, but my laptop doesn't handle UE4 very well, so I had 0.5 - 3fps.
Everything else is really good, the music, the graphics. Judging by the gif it plays pretty fun. Just if you can optimize it somehow, please do, I really want to play the game.

Wonderful game, I absolutely loved it.
Graphics and audio are just perfect. The game itself is really fun to play though wish it had some cool powerups, but for a jam entry, it is very impressive. Amazing job, keep it up.
P.S. you could check out my entry if you wish, (Shamless selfpromotion).

Oh, boy, that was fun. It's inredible what you've managed to do in just 3 hours. It lacks sound, but gameplay is just top-notch. The game has a nice difficulty curve (which is important in these kind of games) the controls are great and the idea itself is interesting.
Would love to see a remake or something like that. Great job.

Sorry, it was my mistake, I was changing the size in the distribute menu, not on the game page

Best entry I've played yet, everything is smooth, nice and most importantly fun.
I can't describe how good this is. The only thing that could be probably improved is player's speed in overworld.
Other than that, brilliant job.

Pretty fun. The game's looks, controls, music and sfx are really good and polished. The core mechanic is unique and has a lot of potential to make complex puzzles. Sadly the game is a little bit short (because of deadline,  I suppose) but overall, the game is grand.
Great job.

snek snek snek
snek. great snek.
snek / 10

Weird but intersting concept, first time playing I had no idea what was going on, I was just picking up appes and placing segments. And then I got some wood, and this game picked turn for the best. It has a really nice concept of getting goods from nature, then getting stuff from the working people and it brings diversity and sense of progress.

Pretty sad that the road system was not implemented as you've stated on the page, but even without it game is very entertaining. Great job.

Intersting, as far as I played the levels are randomly generated (or I haven't played enough) and overall A E S T H E T I C feels really nice.

Really cool entry, great job!

Awesome! Just great job, it is really fun to play, the only thing it was missing for me was the sfx and ability to swipe through grids to crop, clicking on each individual cell after getting a lot of them was pretty tedious)

Overall, just wonderful, amazing job

I've made an HTML5 game for LOWREZJam. I tried to set iframe settings to change the width and height, but I can't apply them.
It crops my game screen so experience can be ruined

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Boi, I tried my best.
Also, the level editor has glitch/feature where moving blocks spawner can be landed on (like on a platform).
Still though freaking awesome.

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Pew Aaaa actually had me in tears. I don't kow why, but it was so ridiculous. I mean I really love this game.

Darude - Sandstorm (MLG edition)


Dem outta dem.

This taught me how to hunt ducks.
10 cars / 10 wut

Where did you get those sweet cow models?

It is great. It reminded me of Endless War flash game series, while having this old-flash game aesthetic. Though, combat is way too awkward. So I think it's 8.5/10. 

It's janky, fun, but a little bit too janky. Though it reminded me weird PS1 game, so 4/5. Pretty cool.

Dude. That is awesome. I got nostalgia surge from this game. Plus it is absolutely terrible. Love it. 10/10