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Diabolo Ex MachinaView game page

Submitted by BottledMajesticness (@majesthiccness) — 59 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme Relevance#63.4293.429
Fun Factor#151.8571.857

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I can't rate this game because I can't play it... My monitor has low resolution, the game's screen is too big


Sorry, I'll try to upload a small resolution or scalable version today or tomorrow.


The game got a small update, now it's actually possible to pass the first day.
The second day is better, I promise (game still broken af, thou)!


Really quirky concept! I kind of dig it but its a bit weird that I can't solve it on my own when the teacher's around. Also when I submit with all correct answers its still a game over.


Yup, that's a stupendous glitch, I'll try my best to fix this and try to make the paper "pickable" when a demon is not summoned.
Thank you for your feedback :3


Great take on the theme! I love the monologues, and how you can just make the Demon/Teacher solve everything for you.

You could, though, make the teacher animation faster. It's quite a drag, waiting for the teacher to come in and go out.

The controls were a bit confusing, too. Why should I ask help from the demon, if I can just make them solve it? Is there any advantage?

And what was that on the page about RMB control? I never used that mechanic.

Good game, anyways!

Developer (2 edits)

I am a dum-dum and the first day is unpassable, but on the second day, you will have to use flasks and mix them
Because of the deadline, I couldn't implement grading system in the game, so in the next patch I'll just set Autosolve attempts to 2-3 for a day.
Anyways, I'l try to fix this tomorrow. Thanks for checking the game out!


Can I win this game?  I submitted with all correct answers and lost.  Is there just the one page of questions?

Anyway, interesting concept.  I think having some agency in when the teacher is distracted would be nice.  Otherwise it seems like I just have to wait around until I can even look at the test without losing.


Hm, I'll try to fix that in the nearest patch.
Also I'll try to implement the ability to use test paper whilst teacher is looking
Thank you for the feedback!


Of course!  I really like the tone of the game.  Good submission.


I was incredibly confused before and after reading the controls. I appreciate the originality and memes, but game done got did done broke. Good effort


I guess I tried to compensate the overall broke-ness of a game with memes. :3
I'll try to fix most crucial glitches in the next patch.
Maybe'll try to simplify the controls, though I don't know rn how.
Thanks for playing!

(1 edit) (+1)

This game is different from everything you have played until now, and that is awesome, because the game has a very unique and creative mechanic that it is pretty cool, the game is kinda crazy but it is what makes the game so special, the art is well done and it has a great soundtrack, i think the controls could be more intuitive(simple) and I missed a restart button though, anyway it is a 5/5 game !


Thank you for those nice words!
I will try my best to implement such complex gameplay mechanic as exit and restart button as well as some other things.
Controls will be simplified, but I don't know how rn, so if I'm open up to any ideas.
Thank you again for playing and writing down such a kind review.