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Great take on the theme! I love the monologues, and how you can just make the Demon/Teacher solve everything for you.

You could, though, make the teacher animation faster. It's quite a drag, waiting for the teacher to come in and go out.

The controls were a bit confusing, too. Why should I ask help from the demon, if I can just make them solve it? Is there any advantage?

And what was that on the page about RMB control? I never used that mechanic.

Good game, anyways!

(2 edits)

I am a dum-dum and the first day is unpassable, but on the second day, you will have to use flasks and mix them
Because of the deadline, I couldn't implement grading system in the game, so in the next patch I'll just set Autosolve attempts to 2-3 for a day.
Anyways, I'l try to fix this tomorrow. Thanks for checking the game out!