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I didn't do a lot of time management really, and I didn't have much of a plan to start lol.  I just kind of explored the influences I had chosen and they laid out the requirements of being sound-dependent and flight-based.  I had already done some work with Unity's sound analysis stuff, so I didn't have to figure that out from scratch (though it probably took the longest to fine-tune).

Sorry, that doesn't feel very helpful.  I'm happy to talk more specifically about how it was done in Discord sometime if you are interested in using any of the mechanics for something in the future.

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Great idea for a unique stealth mechanic! I enjoyed finding trinkets until I found I couldn't FINISH THE DAMN GAME! :-P

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was going on with the vision mechanic. That's more my fault than yours, but maybe if the cameras faded in as they came into view it would feel less like a rendering error (which is what I thought at first).

Fantastic aesthetic and a really interesting concept!  I had a hard time jumping quite where I was intending, but the downward raycast is really helpful (not unlike the one in my game, actually).  It reminds me of Psychonauts, which is high praise indeed.  Great work, as usual!

This game is so frustrating!  I love it a lot.  Really well done.  I feel as though I was close to beating it when I ragequit.

Haha well, thanks.  I promise it was made in two very long, largely sleepless days (I have a colorful commit history to prove it!) :-P

Man, that was difficult!  I had to quit at level 2.  Had a good time though, and with the exception of some weird collision boxes everything worked well.

I enjoyed it, well done!  I felt like the jumping was a little strange... like sometimes either my input was missed or I wasn't counted as grounded when I thought I should have been.  But I kept playing until I won, which is high praise.  Good job!

I wasn't sure if I could take any damage, but I enjoyed killing some defenseless weirdos.  I was amused by their flailing animations, and the ragdoll on death was nice.  Well done!

I really like the central mechanic.  I think the clouds should spawn a little further forward relative to the player, but that might just be personal preference.  I agree that it's too short, but at least I got to save the world!

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Nice job!! You really came a long way with it since I saw it.  The background is fun and the timer works really well to provide a goal.  The countdown sound hurt my soul, though.  Maybe turn that down a bit.

I had the same issue with the super-fast ships, but the movement on my ship actually felt pretty satisfying all sped up.  It's hard to rate given the crazy framerate/physics, but I had fun zipping around for a bit.

Really well done!  Extremely effective mechanic for inducing anxiety.  It's very difficult because the weeping cubes move really quickly, but I was able to cheese it by spinning around constantly.

Great artwork and fun concept.  The aesthetic was really clean and well-executed, and the controls worked well after I figured out I can't go backwards. :-P The sounds were a little much given the frequency of the dropping items, and the lack of music emphasized that as well.  Good job overall!

Here is a link to the Drive folder, let me know if it works for you or if I have to compress the file.  I don't have an OSX machine to test on :-/

Here, try this link and let me know if it works for you:

I have no way to confirm that these work, but I have attempted to provide Linux and OSX builds as requested here:

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Thank you! There will be more, I'm definitely gonna keep working on this one.

Thanks for playing!  Glad you liked it.  You can quit from the in-game pause menu, but I forgot to add a quit button to the start menu.  I'll definitely do that for future releases.

I don't... I'll see if I can build one after work.  I'll post it here along with an OSX build.

Yeah, sure!  I'm at work but I'll post it here tonight.

I will make a mac build, but I can't get sound data out of webGL so I can't do a web player, unfortunately. 

It seems I'm not allowed to add files while voting is in progress though, so I guess I can't add the mac build until that's over. :-/

It works impressively well! You got a lot of pinball features in there; there's a ton of potential to expand this.  Well done!

Thanks for the feedback and for checking out the game! I tried to pace it for people who hadn't played rts much, but maybe I should provide an overall speed setting  for more experienced players.

I'm not sure what you mean by units deselecting after commands, though.  They deselect when you relocate in the minimap, but a right click shouldn't result in deselection. Is that happening for you? 

Thanks for checking it out! I think I'll dial the scope back a bit next time... a little breathing room at the end for polish would have been nice. 

I couldn't get the attack to work consistently, and gave up when I fell through the world.  It's a fun concept, but it definitely needs some polish.  Enemies would go a long way.  Solid idea.

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I had similar issues finding matching items and  not receiving the check mark even when I did.  It seems to happen when there are duplicate items required in the cauldron.  It's a really nice-looking game and the mechanics work well for the most part.  I would like to be able to trade my items with the chest without having to throw them out, since I'm always scrambling to cycle items as quickly as possible.  More inventory slots would help this too, I suppose.

Edit: my hypothesis about the duplicate items was incorrect, it just happens randomly.  I want to see the ending but I keep either not being able to find all the items or it doesn't accept them!

Thanks! Yeah, definitely ran out of time for sound effects. Luckily Holland's music is super awesome and makes up for some of it.  :P

Of course!  I really like the tone of the game.  Good submission.

I keep getting double letters... this is a difficult "spell" indeed.

Can I win this game?  I submitted with all correct answers and lost.  Is there just the one page of questions?

Anyway, interesting concept.  I think having some agency in when the teacher is distracted would be nice.  Otherwise it seems like I just have to wait around until I can even look at the test without losing.

This game is adorable.  I think there's a lot of potential for expansion here: different berries having different properties, conditions for losing, powers provided by crystals, etc.

Nice, no problem.  Really solid entry.

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Thanks!  Yeah, I dialed down the AI quite a bit... it was crushingly difficult before.  I was going to build in difficulty settings but ran out of time. :-\

Your game is pretty great, lol.  I was thinking pikmin a bit with mine as well.

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Great character model!  Interesting idea, if a bit simple in its current state.  I really like that there are multiple levels with variations on the theme.  Just as a PSA, the download is missing a .dll file.  You can pull that from any Unity project build with 2017 and it'll run.

 Finally got it to work after thinking it was just a blank screen. I can only get it to load up in Firefox, just as a PSA.

Thanks so much for playing and making a video! That build is a little sketchy (48 hours and all that) but if you try again be sure to use the upgrades! They make your life as an apex predator a bit more fulfilling.  :-P. Also, grab the "compete" build for a less buggy, but equally grubby experience.

Nice, clean aesthetic and works well. I am quite fond of the title screen. It seems like the enemies should be able to bounce the player a bit; it's pretty difficult to lose. 

Thanks! I fixed a quite a few things and balanced a bit in the "Complete" build.