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Submitted by UnityMember — 10 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline

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Sound Effects#822.1672.167

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What INSPIRED this game?
My friend thought of the idea, but the main character definitely looks like Pac-Man.

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No additional team members :)

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
Everything made by me. Tools used: Unity, Atom, Inkscape, Audacity.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great idea for a unique stealth mechanic! I enjoyed finding trinkets until I found I couldn't FINISH THE DAMN GAME! :-P

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was going on with the vision mechanic. That's more my fault than yours, but maybe if the cameras faded in as they came into view it would feel less like a rendering error (which is what I thought at first).


Thanks for playing and thanks for the suggestion! A quick fade-in fade-out would work nicely.


I enjoyed a lot the stealth element, I see a lot of potential on this game by expanding the level idea (e.g. levels that you should only avoid cameras or guards, levels that you need to plant evidence somewhere or things like that, I think you get the picture XD)

I loved it.


There was supposed to be a basic AI for a guard-type of enemy, but got removed due to high scope (it was going to take time).

About planting evidence: I actually haven't thought of that! That's really interesting and it would work nicely as a mission/level objective.

Thanks for the feedback!


it is a good concept to begin with it. now you need to expanded to make it better. 


Will do!


I enjoyed it, well done! Would have been nice to have some audio - I feel like I'm saying that for loads of games ;) but it really does make a difference! There are some great free packs, like the Sonniss GDC ones!


Indeed. Audio is on my 'to do list' (on the game's description).

Thanks for playing!


5/5 on fun. Great stealth mechanics. I actually got all 6 collectibles, whereas most games don't motivate me to finish them. The #1 thing I would say is that it's really a shame there's nothing special at the end, which is ironic considering the game tells you to go finish it, and then you go to the spot that says #FINISHIT. I would have assumed there would have been some surprise or reward for completing the game, even if it was tiny. But no, nothing happened. I know from working on my game that it can be hard to finish that last tiny bit of polish knowing most people won't get that far, but it's really that reward for your biggest fans that will stay in their memories long enough for you to appeal to them with your next game. That's why in my game, when players finish everything, they get a voice and text message saying "Thanks for Playing!". I think something like that could've provided a lot more closure for minimal effort.


You are absolutely right. I had an hour left before the deadline and I knew I wouldn't be able to make an ending, or at least the ending I wanted. The ending was supposed to be a Victory screen saying "Thanks for Playing!" (like you said), showing how many deaths the player did and how much time did it take them to complete. I should have made a very minimal version of the ending (like you said). However, seeing that almost everyone figured out where the finish line was and what the finish condition was, it leads me to believe that I did something right about the whole setup. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it means a lot!


I liked the game, but it could be a bit more challenging for my taste. I think things like a perma reset after death (like collectables being set to 0) would be a good idea. Or like a insta death after touching the camera beams. Good job on finish mah dude! I had fun :)


Yeah, I was actually planning to include a fully functional Detection Meter that gets filled up and emptied depending on if the camera sees the player or not. The meter I got in technically works, it just fills up really slow and gets emptied really fast, thus creating this weird side effect of being able to just walk through the camera beams without consequences.  Also, the UI doesn't give feedback to the player on how filled/emptied the meter actually is, which is not good.

That problem aside, I really enjoyed finishing/publishing the game and it actually sparked a lot of great new ideas surrounding that stealth/hide mechanic that I wouldn't even thought off. And of course, seeing someone(you) actually play my game on stream was super helpful. I just can't thank you enough.


Yeah man, that's what a game jam is all about :D! 


I love the line of sight mechanic that you can only see depending on where you are looking!


I'm glad you liked it. I didn't plan it out that way, but I'm happy that it came out like it is now. I might continue it or expand on it in the future.