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I enjoyed a lot the stealth element, I see a lot of potential on this game by expanding the level idea (e.g. levels that you should only avoid cameras or guards, levels that you need to plant evidence somewhere or things like that, I think you get the picture XD)

I loved it.

Fun and challenging, I loved it! <3

Music by Kevin MacLeod was a great choice (we did this choice as well). I loved the game overall and the only thing i could see making this experience twice the fun is some flashy colors (like Dashing Ashes pointed out) XD.

Otherwise, I read the comments and many of my feelings were already adressed, a little bit of extra time and I'm sure this would be golden. Amazing game, bro!!

Oh boy, the music made me go back in time! xD The collision issue is there, as many pointed that out. Gladly, many people also pointed out that the game still manages to deliver a fun experience.

On overall, great art and great gameplay, really fun and challenging.

Hey, zombie, thank you for playing and we are glad that you enjoyed it! 

There is definitely improvements that can be made, so it's a good challenge to polish the game and add some wanted features. But I'm really glad that you and other players did enjoy the game, as it was our first experience with something like this (and with only one programmer, that was Zactar).
Once again, many thanks for playing and commenting!

Hey, thank you for playing and leaving your comment!! We are really glad that you enjoyed it and we will be giving a closer look to the rapid fire mode (we thought about assigning a key such as B or something to switch between rapid and one-per-click fire, but never implemented it)

Thank you once again!

Hey there! Thank you for playing the game and leaving your comment (and I must say, very constructive for the overall quality of this game).

I must say that the pixelated text is completely my fault lol fortunately this can be fixed. The idea of coop or multiplayer is very interesting, I personally didn't thought about it so thank you for pointing that out. Moreover, we will give a closer look to the things that you pointed out (such as the trees popping in, which was a known bug).

Once again, many thanks for your comment!

Hey, DragonGino, I must say that I loved your entry for the JimJam :D.

Feel free to shoot at the enemies from multiple angles, the game gives you a lot of freedom for that (which sets up a nice strategy, I think). If you thought about leaving the boundaries of the castle, well, Tim is guarding all the entrances... XD

But seriously, I also felt that the game can punish you, especially when there are Heavies coming from both sides (and scouts at the same time). I do believe that the game's pace isn't set accordingly to the increasing difficulty, but that can be fixed in the future.

And, of course, thank you for playing and leaving your comment.


Hey! Thank you for playing and giving your feedback, 4130 is quite the score! XD
About the game progression, I agree, there is a lot of room for improvement. We'll definitely keep this in mind.
Also, it made me very happy that the game could bring you some (or something close to) nostalgia feelings.


The visuals are amazing! I see way too much potential on this one.

Good job!

Hey, MintArcade, thank you so much for playing! 2200 is an excellent score :D

Challenging and beautiful, i love the inspired minds sound <3 Great, great job here.

I can definitely relate to the feeling of old school top down shooters. Mission accomplished, then! heh, good job.

It's 2 AM here and I'm scared, 10/10

OH MAN, WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!! Please don't drop this project.

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I enjoyed the looks of it. I also got lost a couple of times haha, good game!!

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I personally enjoyed it a lot!! I love the design and, although the car movements felt "heavy", I could (and I did) replay the game several times.
Edit: The feeling of the car movements is more of a personal taste, tho...
Great job!