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Battle Survival - OnlineView game page

Multiplayer prototype for JimJam.
Submitted by renatoaruffo (@RenatoAruffo) — 2 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline

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Sound Effects#512.9132.913

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
Old DayZs with for built style and survivor. Also mixing with some elements from Fortnite and the forest. Always wanted to prototype a multiplayer following this style.

List any additional team members here.
Solo dev

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
All assets are Unity Assetstore and audio are from freefx and freesound

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I'm super hyped on the concept. I loved the old dayZ epoch building system and the way it could be used in combat, like fornite later used. I actually worked on prototypes for a game just like this, but less cartoony, a while back. Still super awesome. Unfortunately I couldn't play with people online, but I can see how this could be really fun! Some feedback: the pistol sound is really loud in comparison to the music, maybe turn it down a bit. Also, I would move the 3rd person camera back a bit, it's almost too close, so you can't see your own weapon etc. Good job on making this (AND A DAMN MULTIPLAYER GAME) in a 48 hour jam!! Thanks for uploading and good luck!


Thanks man, glad you liked it. Unfortunately we could only use free stuff, and Photon servers is free up to 20 people. When he was playing that was the peak online. Thanks for the feedback. I am working on base features, adding better build system. I will add a small update after the game jam and maybe I increase the server limit to 100. I am still learning multiplayer. Have a LOT to learn. There are around 3 thousand messages per second with 20 people hahaha.. this was a great stress test. Glad to have had the opportunity to check it out. Thank you so much :) 

No worries! Good luck in the future. 


The game seems promising. However, there are 2 main issues:

1) Online multiplayer focused games are extremely dependent on player populations, to the point that if you don't have enough people playing, the game is essentially unplayable. I realize it's a very impressive achievement for a game jam, but it also suffers for it. I ran around for a few minutes with nothing to do because nobody else was on. You have to consider population a feature, not a bonus. There should have been an announcement of some sort of upcoming tournament or something to get people to try it at the same time.

2) There should really be some walls or something around the playable area. I walked off the map just curious to see what would happen, and I kept falling way down, with no way to respawn back at the top. In a real match against other people, this would be a deal breaker. It's one of those things that's easy to assign low priority as a developer, but is crucial to the average player's experience.

Other than those 2 issues, the map is really nice, the art assets look good, the sounds and music fit surprisingly well with the cartoony theme, and I could see this being a lot of fun with other people.


Thanks for bringing that up, I am just learning multiplayer so any feedback is really important and I am glad that you brought not only production issues.

1- Yeah, that is very true, I have no experience with multiplayer game and community building for it. It is something I want to learn and go find out how to build it up. I am planning on using social pages for upcoming events and multiplayer and interact more with the community. Also work with people to add interesting features and ideas together.

2-I have no excuse for that. I tough about it, but other part of my brain didn't processed it. So that is the result. haha

Thanks for the feedback, I have some small features goals for the next weeks. Hope people like it. If they do I will keep going.


Is it really an online multiplayer game? I launched it, wandered about the empty map, built a tower, jumped off it and didn't find anything particularly interesting to do. Did I miss something? But despite the lack of any activity visually this game looks quite pleasing.


It is multiplayer, there are tons of bugs still. Considering the time spent on it and my networking knowledge. Some times no weapons spawns (JUST saw that happening)

I will keep on going and adding more features. Lots of updates has to be done still. Thanks for your feedback :)


OH MAN, WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!! Please don't drop this project.


Thanks, I will focus on it. I really enjoyed working on this prototype. There are lots to do now. But if people like it I will focus on it. I will keep improving this prototype and add more features.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Man, this is great! I hope you turn this into a full game


Thank, glad to see people enjoying the prototype. I will work on it if people enjoy it. I will organize and make  delivery goals. 


lol i was supposed to spend like 5 minutes on each game but then i played this for half an hour. kept building a tower and sniping pixels. great prototype, im impressed


Thanks man, glad you liked it :) I will keep improving it and focusing on adding key elements.  And many more tools for you to create the best towers ever. haha