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Dashing Ashes

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Thank you for checking out our game! We were considering giving pistols to shield guys as an alternative weapon, so you would not get stuck when only shield guys left.

Thanks a lot for playing our game! We were thinking about dash-move while developing the concept but decided that it would make the game too easy. Seeing how many people who played this prototype have problems with avoiding missiles and getting away from things, we probably should consider adding this feature :D

Just as prophecy foretold... Devin has returned!

Thank you for your feedback! We are planning to make a post on LD site, about all of the technical stuff implemented in our game. As soon as it would be up, we will send you a link.

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Okay, but it's still better to have both versions available, for picky people like me ;) Will try out your game as soon as i get home.

So, the actual JAM version is gone now? Only the post-jam?

That's actually great idea, but that's pretty unlikely that we are gonna implement it :D

Yes, i also had that problem with the mouse cursor hovering over the crosshair.

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Very impressive result for a single day of work! The hit detection is a little bit strange, zombies seems to be too passive, and shotgun wasn't responding to my inputs sometimes. Strangely enough pistol was working just fine. Overall this game looks really promising if you keep working on it.

Quite an interesting and fun game, if you figure out the mechanics of it. It's a bummer that it has no sound.

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You should add reset condition on player falling of the level, because it's quite frustruting to restart game manualy every time it happens.

Fun little game :) You have picked fitting music and sounds for the game, so it's really enjoyable to roam around the swamp searching for Shrek clues.

Yupi! I've managed to complete this level, and i realized that this is a High score game without ending... Still, that was a fun expirience :)

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I don't know if it was intended or not, but on the third level pan was always clipping through the plate, and that was infuriating. Other than that - really good looking and enjoyable game. I wonder if the background music was made by you? Because it sounds really good!

It's sad, that you have removed Unity resolution picking window. Resolution that you picked was a little bit too big for my notebook :( But i still was able to enjoy the game and cute artstyle. It would have been nice to have cooldown timers on your special abilities, but that's just a minor complaint. Nevertheless - nice game.

Best of luck to you with it! I actually streamed your game to a couple of my friends in discord and it was a lot of fun. We made jokes about how IT wants to eat the player and the player (judging by his shadow) is actually a sausage. So it all makes sense!

And to be honest it is probably my favorite game of this jam so far (speaking only as half of DashingAshes team, my partner has his own tastes).

Damn, this music is great! And the concept of the game is quite interesting too. Grapple hook mechanic is a little bit broken right now, because i keep getting stuck in the pink character, but apart from that it's a really nice game.

Very interesting concept. The only downer for me personally was that flies just appeared out of thin air. Wish they flew from the borders of the screen. But on the other hand it would loose a bit of its simplicity and accessibility this way I suppose.

I wonder if the web strings are made using some physics library ropes or chains or do you have a homebrew rope physics system of your own?

As it seems to me, this game has some serious hitbox problems. I would really prefer if either the character hitbox or bombs and enemies hitboxes were like two or even three times slimmer. I've tried my best but could not pass the moving "windows" platform section on the second level.

Weirdly enough this game actually manages to look pretty good and pleasing due to the consistency in the "old-windowy" artstyle. Audio also fits nicely to emphasize the mood. So, aside the unfair hitboxes it's a quite a good game with interesting visual style.

Wow, you got a pretty high score there! Thank you for playing our game and for leaving a feedback. Glad you liked it :)

Really bold decision to make a VR game as a game jam project! Haven't played the actual game (because i don't have any VR headset), but i realy liked the gameplay and art style direction that i've seen in the video.

Nice pinball arcade. The only thing that's lacking is lots of fleshy colors when you hit things. :)

Thank you very much for your feedback!

We actually were planing on making some sort of "tutorial" at the start of the game, with fewer characters and instructions about the themes and the mood. But mighty Morpheus, god of sleep, got the best of us.

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And I had to look through game files to find answers for some riddles. Could not guess them myself but wanted to see the pictures :P

Wow, I've managed to glitch out of bounds! :D I don't really understand WTF category, but i think this one deserves some WTF points.

This game is basically a crossword but with no crossing of words. Music fits the overall theme, those riddles vary in difficulty and the writing is pretty good. I liked the voice promts on wrong and right guesses, but I think it would be even better if you voiced over the whole thing.

Well, for a guy who never played Rocket League, that was pretty brutal...
One of the best submissions i've played so far. Music is great, graphics are great, gameplay is fun and addictive. Great job.

Really atmospheric background music and sounds. It would have been nice to have reset button and some sort of End Game screen, but that's not a big deal.

This shitty tinker, with his shitty spam! >8(

Nice little game though. :)

By the end of the second day we knew that there would be a problem with teaching players the meaning of pictures. But there was no time left by then, so we just relied on our visuals and overall funny atmosphere to do the job. We highlighted the instructions menu as important, but yes, I agree that almost nobody is able to remember the pictures and understand the rules right away. So the hope was that visuals and audio would keep the player engaged and interested so he will look up the instructions again and understand how to play.

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This game is cute, but I don't know why does a real person associate with an alpaca in your mind. Minimalistic clean style looks pleasing and audio creates a nice and cozy mood. Also a nice and totally accurate representation of a dev cycle :)

Wish I put my commits in a rocket, too.

Visually this game looks awesome. Clean and minimalistic. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature but all the enemy ships are just crazy! They fly around at the speed of sound and there is no way to fight them except spinning in place, shooting and hoping that they run into your projectiles. There is some novelty and uniqueness in a control mechanics and maybe it's worth building a bigger project upon it.

At first I thought that it's fish coming at my windshield, then I thought that they are penguins. It really feels more underwater than it deep fog. it's a bummer that collisions don't work and the game has basically no lose state. And I wish the plane did a little roll turn when dodging left and right. Other than that the game has it's atmosphere of sitting in a cockpit and trying to see things in the fog.

This game is very well done. At start it's not very intuitive where your sphere is placed in 3d space but after a couple of collisions you start to get a hang of it. It starts a bit too slow for my taste and I didn't really noticed a huge difference between easy and hard modes except the number of pickups. But when the music fastens and the obstacles come one after the other it feels great to dodge and shoot your way through.

The atmosphere is strong with this one. Noise effects and lack of textures make it difficult to navigate through the enviroment sometimes but it adds to the experience of being followed and frantically trying to run away.

This game looks great and plays great. It's an interesting mechanic to build a network of inspiration to withstand a storms of desperation and despair. And more than that it goes with the theme really well. The character also looks so adorable!

Is it really an online multiplayer game? I launched it, wandered about the empty map, built a tower, jumped off it and didn't find anything particularly interesting to do. Did I miss something? But despite the lack of any activity visually this game looks quite pleasing.