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Hey bloopy, unfortunately there is no options, I couldn't finish it in time for the last game jam day.

Yes, hahahaha.. actually, if you check the game jam details, it was about that specific house. Everyone had to use it.

Yes, it is random on who the ghost is.

It works like in the Single Player, but you have to kill the survivors before they escape.

Sinto muito por isso acontecer. Se der para entrar com detalhes sobre o seu computador na area da cave no Discord, assim o desenvolvedor da engine pode analisar e arrumar em futuras versoes da engine.

Opa, vlw por jogar. Nunca tinha visto esses bugs. hahaha,, vou ter q colocar algo nessa area para impedir q isso ocorra.

Done. V 1.1 

Adicionei um feedback no final

Thank you so much. :D

Muito obrigado. E muito bom ver alguem jogando, consigo ver varios erros de feedback que ajudariam no puzzle final.

Tive uma ideia de feedback para adicionar, acho que vou atualizar hoje a noite. Se quiser jogar a versao nova para ver se estara melhor para entender o puzzle final. :) 

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Os controles estao muito sensiveis para mim. Talvez esteja sendo calculado por frames, e nao pelo delta time.

Mas pelo o que consegui jogar parece estar bem legal. Visual esta bem bonito

Gostei bastante da ideia. Esta bem divertido

Vendo os outros jogando e ter o feedback ajuda bastante. Vou melhorar os feedbacks do puzzle final, deixar mais intuitivo

Muito obrigado. Verdade, eu realmente n tive muito tempo para trabalhar no audio. No futuro pretendo melhorar.

hahaha me mostraram o bug do buraco infinito.
Eu vou arrumar para versoes futuras. 

Muito obrigado por ter jogado :)

Opa, muito obrigado :)

Fico contente q tenha gostado. Eu achei a Cave uma engine mt boa e facil de se usar. Nunca tinha feito games em Python antes. Mas foi tranquilo de aprender e o desenvolvedor deu bastante apoio.

No, I did started a base AI for the ghost, but I never finished it. 

This was a project for a game jam, so unfortunately I had to cut a few features out.

Hey hey, I will see if I can make a 32 bit build for it. This was a game jam game, so I didn't went too deep into windows version and optimizations.

Did you try running the current version? 

Hey man, thank you so much. That is why feedback is so important.  It was working on my local computer, so I never saw that problem. That explain some traffic information I was having on the servers.

There is a new version released, let me know if it fixes the problem for you now.

Hey hey,

did you try restarting the game? 

Check if the windows firewall might be blocking it.

I will check what might be causing it for you.

Thank you for the feedback

Hi, thank you so much. I will keep working on it.


Hey hey, you have to click multiplayer and after that, quick match.  If you get stuck on Connecting, you will have to restart the game, it is a bug I will fix in the future.

If you don't connect to your friends room, get back to the Multiplayer window, and press quickmatch again. 

If you and your friend press quickmatch at the same time, both creates a separated room.

To the end of the game jam delivery time I just had time to create quickmatch system. Your friends just have to do the same. 4-5 people can join the game ( I actually don't remember, I set up that on the players limit a month ago, at the beginning of the project)

Thank you so much. 

This is a great feedback. I am glad that you liked it. :)

If people really enjoy it I will definitely get back to it and make a full game. I had lots of ideas and game modes, skills to add, mission objectives, and balance the game better.

But your message was very motivating. Thank you.

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HQ Multiplayer Horror Jam

This is a 1v4 multiplayer horror game where on side is the creature, where the main objective is to eliminate the other players, and the other side is the survivors, where must work together to escape.

There are items and codes where player must find around the house.

This game was created for the HQ Residential House Game Jam


Main idea was to create a game where the survivors were the invaders and the ghost had to scare them out of the house. This was inspired by a Sega Genesis game called The Haunting.

I was going to mix The Haunting with mission objectives like Among Us and house exploration like Phasmophobia.

But due to the limited time, and learning multiplayer, I had to change to a super simplification of the idea.

Hi, thanks for downloading.

You will need any compressor that uses .rar files. WinRar is a good program for that.

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Image from the future version. WIP

Hey hey guys, I am bringing to the test I created in 2015. I plan on releasing a demo/prologue in the next months.

The game has been fully replanned and new gameplay mechanics are being created. It has been slow in the past few years, it is hard to find time when we make a solo indie development, but I am giving my best to make a nice quality game, replanning and redesign the character, totally new gameplay mechanics and atmosphere, better animations, and on.

Now it will have more interactions and areas to explore.  For me, creating a nice atmosphere and suspense is going to be the most important things to boost the horror and I am really determined on doing it well.

Still lots of steps to go. 

I am posting updates more frequently on my Instagram, I am making some tests on social media:

WIP - character redesign.

Thanks man, glad you liked it. Unfortunately we could only use free stuff, and Photon servers is free up to 20 people. When he was playing that was the peak online. Thanks for the feedback. I am working on base features, adding better build system. I will add a small update after the game jam and maybe I increase the server limit to 100. I am still learning multiplayer. Have a LOT to learn. There are around 3 thousand messages per second with 20 people hahaha.. this was a great stress test. Glad to have had the opportunity to check it out. Thank you so much :) 

Thanks for bringing that up, I am just learning multiplayer so any feedback is really important and I am glad that you brought not only production issues.

1- Yeah, that is very true, I have no experience with multiplayer game and community building for it. It is something I want to learn and go find out how to build it up. I am planning on using social pages for upcoming events and multiplayer and interact more with the community. Also work with people to add interesting features and ideas together.

2-I have no excuse for that. I tough about it, but other part of my brain didn't processed it. So that is the result. haha

Thanks for the feedback, I have some small features goals for the next weeks. Hope people like it. If they do I will keep going.

It is multiplayer, there are tons of bugs still. Considering the time spent on it and my networking knowledge. Some times no weapons spawns (JUST saw that happening)

I will keep on going and adding more features. Lots of updates has to be done still. Thanks for your feedback :)

Thanks, I will focus on it. I really enjoyed working on this prototype. There are lots to do now. But if people like it I will focus on it. I will keep improving this prototype and add more features.

Thank, glad to see people enjoying the prototype. I will work on it if people enjoy it. I will organize and make  delivery goals. 

Thanks man, glad you liked it :) I will keep improving it and focusing on adding key elements.  And many more tools for you to create the best towers ever. haha