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What's a light bulb gotta do to deliver an idea from one mind to another?
Submitted by andyman404 (@andyman404) — 1 minute, 5 seconds before the deadline
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Sound Effects#53.8673.867

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What INSPIRED this game?
What's a light bulb gotta do to deliver an idea from one mind to another?

Made in <48 hours during the overlap between #JimJam and #GetaGameJam. The themes for the two jams are "Inspiration" and "Signal Lost" respectively.

I interpreted this as an "idea light bulb" trying to transmit inspiration from person A to person B, with a social network maze of people in between. Storms of distraction and negativity can sap inspiration and break the trail of inspiration, so you must build a robust and redundant network of inspiration.

​The inspired minds need to be in a chain from the start point. If the black clouds break a link the chain, then the minds that are not connected via a trail of inspired minds to the start point anymore will lose their inspiration. So you need to build robust redundant trails so that even if one link breaks, then redundant links will still carry the trail inspiration.

I gotta admit, this was one of the most incomplete, unpolished, buggy game jam game I've made in a while. But I had a full night's sleep each night, and even spent a few hours out for social activities.​

Known issues:
The countdown timer is not displayed anymore for the rest of the game if you pass the time limit.
Some procedurally generated levels are just unfair.
The title screen and final victory screen are missing.

List any additional team members here.
Just me.

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
Music: "Thinking Music" by Kevin Macleod, (CC 3.0)
Sound: "Hell ambiance 1" from Soniss GDC 2017 Game Audio Bundle.
Unity's Cinemachine and Post Processing Stack 2.0.

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Hey, you used this game for the Geta game jam as well


Yup - made it in the overlapping period between the two jams, incorporating both themes: Inspiration and Signal Lost.


The presentation is amazing! However, the game wouldn't register the jump button half the time, leading to some frustrating moments where the character didn't jump as supposed to. I see 2 things that may cause this issue:

1) You are checking for input on FixedUpdate(). That's really bad, you should be always checking for inputs every single frame. Use Update() instead. Here:


  bool Jump = Input.GetButtonDown("space");

  if (Jump == true) {

    bool HasJumped = true;



FixedUpdate() {

  if (HasJumped == true) {

    // Insert physics calculations here.

    HasJumped = false;



2) You check for an OnCollisionEnter/Stay/Exit instead of an OnTriggerEnter/Stay/Exit. The problem with this is that OnCollisionEnter isn't reliable for checking states. On your prefab or gameObject for the brain place a trigger collider on top that takes up some space and is set as a Trigger. Now use OnTriggerEnter/Stay/Exit to use it.

OnTriggerEnter (Collider other) {

  if (other.gameObject.tag == "Brain") {

     bool TouchingBrain = true;  




Thanks for the tips!


It looks really good and is fun to jump between the brains. The one frustrating thing I found was when the dark clouds were right on you at the start


Fantastic aesthetic and a really interesting concept!  I had a hard time jumping quite where I was intending, but the downward raycast is really helpful (not unlike the one in my game, actually).  It reminds me of Psychonauts, which is high praise indeed.  Great work, as usual!


This is so cute ;) It is so inspiring!!! Great Game


One thought on a way to improve this would be to implement a 'Q-Bert' style of moving between the heads. I found the need for accuracy in jumping to be somewhat distracting from the main goal of connecting the minds. I also ran into the problem of a black cloud 'camping' the start point, but you've already mentioned that you know about it. In this case, the cloud just at the start point going back and forth to the second (and only possible) connection and the start point. Clearly that idea didn't want to be spread or something :P.  I don't know if you can get some longer music, but that song got repetitive quickly...

You've got an interesting concept overall and I could see this being popular. Just needs some work.


This game is seriously good in a lot of ways. The only that ruined it for me in the end was that I got to a level where the storm clouds just kept hovering around the very beginning of my chain, which made it impossible to complete, even when I tried rushing for the blue mind. But with some careful design, this game could have some great levels. I especially appreciate how you were able to make maximum use of minimal assets. You're able to reuse the mind models by making them the building blocks of the level. Very efficient!


This game looks great and plays great. It's an interesting mechanic to build a network of inspiration to withstand a storms of desperation and despair. And more than that it goes with the theme really well. The character also looks so adorable!


Challenging and beautiful, i love the inspired minds sound <3 Great, great job here.