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Too much fun :) But in all seriousness, solid game. I can see myself playing it more after the jam. Solid 5 stars.

Very, very fun game. Clearly dev team spent a lot of time polishing and play-testing. Please continue with this game beyond game jam - I'd like to see it released. Definitely will play more after jam is over. 

Udderly hilarious and fun game ;D

Good thing that all parked cars  have insurance, not sure about lamp posts :D Very fun game. Too bad fuel is very limited for this awesome doughnut parking simulator ;)

Fantastic game. Very easy to understand, perfectly balanced difficulty. Nice game!

Very original and fun game. Love, how hectic it became relatively soon. Art is fantastic. Thank you for making this beautiful game!

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Very clever puzzle design, visuals and audio. I liking the feel of the game, bringing some nostalgic vibe. I'm wandering, what game engine did you use? (Sorry, post comment button multi-clicked ;))

Very very cool. I scream for VR version of this game. Absolutelly briliant!

Very fun game, feels like real life ;) Dialigs are hilarious.

Fun, very balanced gameplay. Very well polished.

Pretty cool game. Very hard but addictive.

Veny nice game. Camera little bit fiddly. Other than that - just a great puzzle.

really nice

Just wow!!! And the name says it all. Definatelly want to play more... MORE!! 5 Stars!!!

Very iInteresting game. Those small 'dudes' are really tricky to hit from a distance. But still a great fun.

Very unique game, cool aestetics. Love it.

Very fun game, very nice controlls. And audio - very cool!

Such a reat fun. You know what missing? Leaderboards. Very impressive entry.

Well, I did my best and my HQ is in ruined. Great fun. Controller is top notch!

Well, I did my best and my HQ is in ruined. Great fun. Controller is top notch!

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Very fun game, especially jumping mechanics. Well done.

I have learned valuable season - inflating tyres in space don't help you against what's in front of you. Fun game, love the aestetics.

Interesting. Very emotional ending for me personaly.

Nice. And there is no penalty for pressing the wrong key... :D Very cool  game.

Oh, sorry for that. There is green arrow pointing at the location for the drop-off zone and pads will glow and show particles beam. Drop-off hapens automatically when you are landed on a pad. You know when you are close do the drop-off zone by the AI announcer. Thanks for playing, please have another go. In the feature, if I decide to continue with this project, I shurelly add more visible indications.

Very fun game. Upgrading baloon is interecting mechanicaly, maybe, if you want to continue work on this game, add more upgrade types, like turning speed, extra time / time freeze and so on.

Great concept. Little bit confused where to get dougnuts at first, other than that very good and fun game.

I didn't know that I can do dougnuts with a fighter jet ;) Reloading mechanics is really cool!

Very nice, gameplay is very solid.

:( I guess my PC is too powerful for proper testing...

Music is AWESOME! Too bad I'm bad at platformers ;)

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Very, very dark. And sad. But I like it.

A great experimental game, to say the least :D Leader board is a nice touch. 

Awesome game. Ended up with happy looking 'creature', probably it is corresponding to overall score, oh how bad I'm at 'driving' entire galaxy, but it feels awesome. Thank you for creating.

Awesome game. Smooth progression and controls - love it. Find the way how to use turrets to jump on the wall, it is fun way to avoiding the bad buys, but I'm sure this is not part of the design idea.

P.S. Final boss is a pain - can't finish the game still ;)

Well, you are right. Also, since players collecting sweets (mint chocolates) to progress, it makes sense, to me, anyway. Plus, name was selected doing development stream ;)

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Maybe TBA stands for The Best gAme ;)

The graphics and lighting mechanics are cool but it took me a long time to figure out that the game had loaded already and then I just clicked and everything lit up :D

I don't really get the actual point of the game as there isn't much gameplay but it's quite a bit of fun to throw the light balls everywhere :D

Lol-awesome game ;) Good thing that water didn't kill you... But what happen to the computer room?