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Well, you are right. Also, since players collecting sweets (mint chocolates) to progress, it makes sense, to me, anyway. Plus, name was selected doing development stream ;)

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Maybe TBA stands for The Best gAme ;)

The graphics and lighting mechanics are cool but it took me a long time to figure out that the game had loaded already and then I just clicked and everything lit up :D

I don't really get the actual point of the game as there isn't much gameplay but it's quite a bit of fun to throw the light balls everywhere :D

Lol-awesome game ;) Good thing that water didn't kill you... But what happen to the computer room?

Well... it is cool game, but i don't know how to get that human off the couch. The controls feel good, and i really like the particle blob thundery things.

Very nice and unique mechanics. Progression is intuitive enough, puzzles are well thought through. I'm loving it!

Well, ether I'm getting older ;) or this game is super hard. But this is fun! Music, visuals and everything - 5 stars :D

This is AWESOME! How do you even came up with the idea like this? It feels very polished considering time limit. Nice job.

Eating guns are fun! Very interesting mechanic for the Doom-like gameplay! 90s for the win ;)

Nice game. Somehow it looks better than No Man's Sky ;)

But there is a bugs, that you might need to fix, for example plugs from solar panes sometimes appear underground so, can't grab it. Also I have stuck in UI somewhere while charging my suit.

Other then that it's a great start, I'm very pleased and definitely will check later if you decide to work on this project.

Nice game. Love the "neon" style! Very fun mechanics and a very neat scene setup :)

Nice game! Like the graphics a lot ;)

Finished the game! Took a while though to figure out the main mechanics but it was cool :D

Very nice fighting game! Really liked the sword movement and the mechanics! And also the game progression is awesome!

Very innovative idea. Sadly, even my modern gaming laptop running this game on a low settings not very smooth :(

Add a bit of polish and profile to see if performance can be improved.

Either my Mac is too old or I'm bad at jumping - probably me. Nice mechanics. 

Thank you. I already potted the game to mobile - it works even better ;) I think I will be adding more levels after the jam ends.

Awww, so emotional!!! When I played this game with my children we all nearly cried. Such a deep story. Thank you for making...

Nice game. Really interesting mechanic. At first I was afraid of the small round things, I thought it was "black holes" :)

Interesting mechanic and concept. Will be waiting for an update.

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Nice game. Really interesting mechanic. At first I was afraid of the small round things, I thought it was "black holes" :)

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Awww, so emotional!!! When I played this game with my children we all nearly cried. Such a deep story. Thank you for making...

Feels realy polished, but it is hard (or just me playing badly :D ) Cool mechanics!

Hey hey! How are you doing. ;) I'm "famous" for releasing jam game with bugs :D I'll fix it by the end of jam. Hopefully.

Thank you for playing. That was last minute "fix" that introduced this "stick to wall" bug. I'll fix it as soon as possible.

This is so cool - I like it. Feels really polishing and addictive, in a good way!

Yes. It in works, but I have some issues with EastSave saving instantiated prefabs. They changed something in version 3 and I can't wrap my head around that. ;)

First of all thanks for playing. Yes, I run out of time for proper AI, I will add it later. You get water when you sell your crops (at lorry-market)

Lack of tutorials in the game is my fault, obviously. I'll be working on post-jam verison (some instructions already included).

Can you explain little bit mere what do you mean by prefs, please? I really need to know what you have in mind.

 Thanks for playing.

New wind zones just awesome. Very good update, keep it up. May be add altimiter and speedometer, that would look cool.

perfect. I will give it a try.

yep. That's what I am doing. ;) Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed.

Yea, I know this bug, it's already fixed, but I can't upload new build, because, you know, you can't upload new builds because jam is not over yet. Thanks for playing, hope you liked it.

Very promising. Will you be working on it more?

This is actually fun game, once you start to "feel the rhythm". That will be very good as mobile app. Good job!

That "negativity" are cruel - like IRL :D Awesome game! You inspired me to create platformer game.

Thank you for suggesting this, it will be available after jam rating ends.

Here is some bugs, that already fixed in post jam build, which will be uploaded.

  • Player can jump after being destroyed
  • Ball can sometimes stuck above ground (hard level only)
  • Goals sometimes are not registered if you touching ball inside goal

If you find more, feel free to post them here, and I'll do my best to fix them ASAP. Thank you

This is actually really fun puzzle in very creative way. Make it for mobile, please.

So cute. Interesting mechanics, fun to play.