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Fun game. My high score was 384 meters!

This is a pretty cool game. My only problem is that the audio wasn't synchronized with my movements, thus making it really hard to play while 'blind'. This might have to do with the fact that I was playing the game at 35FPS.

The presentation is amazing! However, the game wouldn't register the jump button half the time, leading to some frustrating moments where the character didn't jump as supposed to. I see 2 things that may cause this issue:

1) You are checking for input on FixedUpdate(). That's really bad, you should be always checking for inputs every single frame. Use Update() instead. Here:


  bool Jump = Input.GetButtonDown("space");

  if (Jump == true) {

    bool HasJumped = true;



FixedUpdate() {

  if (HasJumped == true) {

    // Insert physics calculations here.

    HasJumped = false;



2) You check for an OnCollisionEnter/Stay/Exit instead of an OnTriggerEnter/Stay/Exit. The problem with this is that OnCollisionEnter isn't reliable for checking states. On your prefab or gameObject for the brain place a trigger collider on top that takes up some space and is set as a Trigger. Now use OnTriggerEnter/Stay/Exit to use it.

OnTriggerEnter (Collider other) {

  if (other.gameObject.tag == "Brain") {

     bool TouchingBrain = true;  



Good God!

As a fan of Rocket League I really liked it! The only thing that I would like to see is the ball gaining speed as it falls down, thus falling faster the longer its falling. Just like in RL (Rocket League - Real Life).

Great job on finishing the game and getting it submitted! You should focus a bit on optimization in my opinion, because the game takes up a lot of resources for a gamejam game.

It's the Dark Souls of Gamejams, 5/5 -IGN

Thanks for playing and thanks for the suggestion! A quick fade-in fade-out would work nicely.

There was supposed to be a basic AI for a guard-type of enemy, but got removed due to high scope (it was going to take time).

About planting evidence: I actually haven't thought of that! That's really interesting and it would work nicely as a mission/level objective.

Thanks for the feedback!

The game is too hard. I recommend either making the enemy hitboxes smaller or have a lower requirement to progress through the stage. For example, have the player get 3/4 collectibles in order to progress instead of 4/4 and reward the player with a high-score if they do get 4/4.

Great mechanics. I feel like a "Continue?" button that restarts the floor and not the whole game when you die would be better. 

Outstanding work! Can I ask how you made it? / How did you manage your time building it?

Will do!

Really fun game, well optimized. Only the lighting needs a bit improvementand maybe make it rapid fire as you hold down the LMB.

Indeed. Audio is on my 'to do list' (on the game's description).

Thanks for playing!

Crashday with bumper cars! haha

No problem. Just a quick update: I got it running on another VM at 450FPS (...) and got a lot further. Keep making and finishing games! :)

I'm pleasantly surprised with every GoDot game I play from the jam. Very compact, portable and with great performance even on 1c/2t VM.

The syntax looks very similar to Python, so I'll get used to it really fast. :D Thanks!

This is on GoDot engine? Really impressive! After finishing my game on UE4, I'm definitely going to try GoDot. Any tips before starting GoDot? I'll be using it on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS.

You seem to have physics calculations on Update() which is framerate dependent (not good), use FixedUpdate() instead. My virtualized i3-4170 couldn't keep up (30-40FPS) resulting on various bugs and glitches. The camera is also a bit wanky, try making it a child of the Player or you can use Vector3.SmoothDamp inside Update() to make it nice and smooth.

Powered by AMD K6 !!!

The atmosphere is awesome and I had a great time. It was tense!

You are absolutely right. I had an hour left before the deadline and I knew I wouldn't be able to make an ending, or at least the ending I wanted. The ending was supposed to be a Victory screen saying "Thanks for Playing!" (like you said), showing how many deaths the player did and how much time did it take them to complete. I should have made a very minimal version of the ending (like you said). However, seeing that almost everyone figured out where the finish line was and what the finish condition was, it leads me to believe that I did something right about the whole setup. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it means a lot!

Yeah, I was actually planning to include a fully functional Detection Meter that gets filled up and emptied depending on if the camera sees the player or not. The meter I got in technically works, it just fills up really slow and gets emptied really fast, thus creating this weird side effect of being able to just walk through the camera beams without consequences.  Also, the UI doesn't give feedback to the player on how filled/emptied the meter actually is, which is not good.

That problem aside, I really enjoyed finishing/publishing the game and it actually sparked a lot of great new ideas surrounding that stealth/hide mechanic that I wouldn't even thought off. And of course, seeing someone(you) actually play my game on stream was super helpful. I just can't thank you enough.


I like the music in this one.

I'm glad you liked it. I didn't plan it out that way, but I'm happy that it came out like it is now. I might continue it or expand on it in the future.