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feel free! I'd love to see that game made, ping me in the server (@theChief#0001) when you've got a version for me to try 😁

some specific ideas I had:

- investigate a mystery, but have to use AI translation (read: the google translate API to figure out clues 
- dungeon crawler, but have to figure out what route your dumb AI companion is trying to guide you on
- farming sim, but have to tell your AI the most optimal farming patterns- run around and shoot things, but you get bonuses when your ai companion is nearby
- dating sim, but have AI giving you helpful hints by massively invading their privacy by looking through phone records and facebook posts
- racing sim, but you're the AI companion and you have to clear debris from the track while your "player" drives the car

cheers! They aren't bugged, they just don't do anything 😅 forgot to disable all the other options...

I try to do things with as little text explanation as possible, because nobody actually reads text 😉 what do you think needs to be clearer? 

More juice is definitely needed, yeah. I just didn't have anywhere near as much time to work on it as I wanted!

Tells for the moving enemies is a good idea, thanks for that - I'll put it in when I've got a few minutes spare.

Thanks for the feedback 😁

thanks for the feedback! Yeah I totally focused the wrong things and didn't have time to add a "game over" screen, so nothing actually happens when you die 😅

Loot is just 100% random when you kill an enemy at the minute, I think there's a roughly 1% chance it drops. I'm going to change that to be just on special powerful enemies, and I'm going to make it give you a choice between something defensive and something offensive! That should make it a little more tied into the game.

Extra juice on the dash is definitely needed, yeah!

There's no stun effect, I think you've found a major bug with the fancy aim assist feature 👀 I'll look into it!

As for the circle it's one of the powerups and just... Doesn't do anything. It was supposed to be a powerup that causes an explosion that damages nearby enemies when your shields go down, but apparently my teammate thought spawning the circle was enough? I've had a look and it really does just plop a mesh with a circle sprite down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sound effects didn't happen because they weren't made in time for the jam! The dash should only happen when you're aiming at it and are within a small distance, so I think you've found another bug lol.

That's all really great feedback, thank you 😁

hey! Thanks for the feedback 😁 this wasn't actually the post-jam version, but the feedback is still entirely valid. I wanted to make it really difficult but didn't quite have the time! That's a great idea about a boundary, I'll get on that shortly. 

I've actually removed the rhythm aspect in favour of something that's just more fun in every way 😂

Turret bug should be fixed now too!

I have a few other things to do first, but it'll get there :)

I'll have a play around with it, thanks for the input 😁 I guess it's just not something I'd even thought about, I'm not all that much of a rhythm game player. It would be an interesting design problem to solve for sure!

Cheers 😁 I'll be polishing it up for the Post Jam Jam in a couple of weeks, hopefully I can get it into a much better state then.

Yeah, the speed boost stat is... Flawed 🙄 it was actually much worse, I had to quickly put in a clamp function right at the end, but it had to be applied to the multipliers for all stats! So everything is just clamped at 3x max multiplier. I'll change it to be per stat and actually do some balancing to make it a little more reasonable.

A balance pass is absolutely required yeah, time pressure just meant I couldn't get there for this jam. A real shame, I actually wanted to make a game in which you die a lot 😒

I'm glad you like the aesthetic style, I'll definitely be fixing it up I think - I love the concept 😂

Thanks a lot! I appreciate the kind words. I completely agree about balance and game feel, it's a shame because game feel is usually my whole thing 😭 I just didn't have the time, unfortunately!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah I didn't have time for a quit button unfortunately, sorry about that 🙄

Thanks for the feedback 😊

Interesting note about firing on beat - I don't know that I agree about complex patterns. I think it would be far too much to think about with everything else going on 🤔

Not sure what you mean about it not being centred around dice, every enemy spawns from a d4 roll 😂

the UI at the top was supposed to show what items you've got, but I didn't have enough time to even hide it 😵‍💫 I was working right up to the deadline!

Thanks again for playing 😁

I have no idea what you're talking about, I definitely wasn't intending to make geometry wars x just shapes and beats

Thank you so much! 

I would completely agree with all of your comments to be honest. I actually intended to make a tough-as-nails roguelike with really witty death messages, but lack of time meant I had no time for testing or balance!

The camera controls work really well for like, 10 seconds. I tried to be fancy with it and it bit me in the ass, unfortunately xD

I also agree about particles, lights and effects! It was fully my intention to go completely overboard with it :(

Difficulty following the triangle is definitely a common theme I think 😂 the dice are the enemies that are spawning! 1 for stationary turrets, 2 for little ones that charge at you and don't do anything (because I didn't have time), 3 for an enemy that spawns the little ones, and 4 for the worm miniboss

incredibly valid feedback! I'll have to work out some way of making things clearer 😂

thanks! Yeah there isn't really a lose condition. My intention was to make it really difficult and have amusing death messages but alas - no time!

Thanks for your feedback 😁

Nice! I managed a score of 277 on 51 seconds, it gets pretty intense 😂

I'm glad you liked the gameplay - I'm honestly surprised so many people did like the intro, I threw it together in about an hour so I could shoehorn the theme in 👀

no audio in there, I ran out of time commenting my source and adding things like a 😂 I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the kind words!

Don't worry about criticism, I can take it lol - yeah I'm aware of those issues. There's a minor bug with the kill volume being a little bit too small, in such a way that affects almost everyone that falls into the pit -.- and there's a major bug with the character controller that means sometimes you clip through the terrain - turns out writing good, robust character controllers that work on curved terrain is really difficult!

I didn't use PlayerPrefs, I just write to a file - I don't like PlayerPrefs, they write to the registry and that feels like a bad idea 😂 the end result is the same, yeah - the intro is too long so I made sure you only have to watch it once.

My biggest complaint is the lack of enemy variety tbh, there are so many good ways to fix the "run and spam" easy kill option xD thanks for the feedback!

Interesting little game, has a bit of a Takeshi's Castle vibe. 

Visually it looks like a pretty bog standard Unreal Engine game to be honest, there's a huge amount of motion blur which could really do with being turned off! As people before me have mentioned, the text at the beginning hurts to read ;) don't add bloom to text.

It did suffer from a lack of audio, and the game immediately quitting when you get to the end is pretty jarring! But it's a jam game, I can forgive those for lack of time ;) 

Mechanically it's fine. There are no major bugs (any more, looks like a couple have been patched out!), but the rotating platforms moving the camera feels wrong, the balls don't really impact very much, often the side-to-side platforms just go right through you (you might want to use continuous collision detection for that, but I mentioned that in the Discord server during the jam), and there's WAY too much momentum on the end platform 😅 it flings you off in a really frustrating way. I manage to clear the game on my second try (see video below), but I did try a couple more times in case there was any content I was missing - and oh boy is that frustrating.

Overall though, you should be proud - it's a nice little homage to fall guys 😁

Thank you, I'm glad it made you laugh! 

I don't see why they wouldn't get hit when they are out of frame 🤔 which weapon did you try with? The basic one doesn't have any splash damage, so it could well just have been that you weren't quite hitting it!

Honestly the best technique is to drive straight at the enemies and spam fire 😂 the post jam update should hopefully fix that somewhat 😵‍💫

ahahaha yep that's a great idea, I love that 😁

thanks for the feedback! Yes, standing close to enemies and spamming is a problem, I think there are a few ways to fix it:

  • Enemies that are stationary and positioned out of reach, e.g. the big bouncy ball one near the start
  • Enemies fire more rapidly if you're within a certain range
  • Enemies that run up to you and explode
  • More varied enemy movement, e.g. enemies that retreat much more quicky, enemies that jump stone, or enemies that dash at you and cause contact damage

there is no jump  - you don't have to jump to complete the game. I maybe left the jetpack in even though it never really worked as intended, but you don't need it to progress. Shoot the green block.

It seems like the boomstick weapon doesn't activate it, honestly that was thrown in so last minute that I'm surprised it worked the second time you tried it 😂

ah! Someone actually found a bug, damn it. That's not intentional, but I know why it happens lol. I'll fix that shortly :)

Lovely little game, also appreciate the projectile motion stuff - nice to see another game that uses maths to work out where things are going 😉

The visual style is lovely, though I'm not a massive fan of inconsistent pixel sizes - the overall art direction more than makes up for that! 

Mechanically it works quite well, it's pretty fun - though if you're planning on making improvements there are a few quality of life improvements that would make it go that extra mile:

Actually that's it, that's all I'd change! Well done, it's a great little game that works really well. 

Damn it I hoped nobody would notice that, was it just after the sliding platform with the button?

Yeah I know, I just spent time on things other than content 😞

absolutely! Planning a V2 for Metroidvania Month ☺️

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you pack up everything you have a licence to distribute. If you don't have a licence to distribute it, take it out before you upload the source and tell people where they can download it and how to add it to the project! The point of the source rule is to have people download and run your project so they can see what you've done. Check the license types for your music, if you can include it, include it! 

"no bugs" is what I like to hear 😉 it's not necessarily true, but I'm glad you didn't find them 😂

The bouncy shot is definitely overpowered, I'll likely rebalance it for the next update!

check the licenses for the assets you've used to see if you're allowed to distribute them. If you're not, delete them from the game and tell people where to find them/where to put them!

Ah your "source" is one zip file that contains assets, packages and project settings! That's what you mark as source, and the executable is your game :)

I don't think it is policed or reviewed, it's more of an honour system. Definitely not likely to be noticed, but you're definitely opening yourself up to legal consequences if it ever does get noticed

Hello! Sorry about that, it was hosted at an external link and appears to have been removed completely 😵‍💫 I can't actually find the project anywhere, so I'm going to have to take this page down!

The same way you upload your game! Zip it up, and upload it at the same time, it should be pretty clear - you'll see a screen like this, just press "upload files"! (Ignore the free circle, this was originally intended for someone else but it's the only screenshot of the upload page I've got on my phone 😂) 

yep that's right, they are two different pages - there should be a button on the right that says something like "submission to jam" - that's the one most people who find your game through the jam will see ☺️

Sorry - I assumed you were one of the people who get protective over their ideas and code, and that irritates me 😉 

This is how your submission's jam page looks - as you can see, the source is still public: