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lol Ah I see. it's still a great concept though! good job :) 

Thanks a lot! :D

Cool game! gotta admit, I'm a little too stupid to play it though XD 

Lol!! Yup it's me! :) haha thank you so much!! I seriously appreciate it :D 

Yeah I quickly figured you could do that too when I was making it. I wondered if I should have just put a barrier that the player couldn't breach.

Yeah I was trying to figure out how to make it a bit easier, my code was pretty messy so it was hard to do much about it, and I was running out of time.

Thank you so much!! Yeah I figured for my first GameJam, I'd go with a oldy but goody :)

Thanks! Yeah I really wanted incremental difficulty to be part of it but just didn't have the time lol!! I do plan on expanding this game. 

This game was pretty addictive!! Great game! :D

Fun puzzle game! :D

This game DEFINITELY has a lot more depth than my game ;) 

I love the line of sight mechanic that you can only see depending on where you are looking!