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How To Fly Like A DragonView game page

Fantasy Dragon Flight Simulator
Submitted by randomphantom — 1 hour, 5 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#83.0633.063
Theme Relevance#123.4383.438

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice graphics, challenging game. I included it in my GameDevNetwork: Gooseberry Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Great game! The only thing that I didn't get is:



Gotta flap those wings (move mouse up and down gently)


The wing mechanics are super cool. Never really encountered such realistic flying physics for an animal in a video game. Fire effects were awesome as well. The tutorial level might gatekeep the rest of the game.


The wing mechanics still need refinement and the barrel rolls (aileron rolls?) aren't too realistic I guess :D The fire effect was just unity standard assets.  The tutorial level does need some rework to make it easier to understand and clear. Thanks for playing!

Before reading the description on the game page the movement of the dragon seemed absolutely random. After reading the description I was able to complete the tutorial level from the second try though with only one heart left.

It is very hard to have precise controls over the dragon. It either goes up fast, stays at the same height or goes down fast. With left/right movement you have a bit more control but it is still either very fast or very slow movement.


Yeah the "fake wing physics" are probably not very clear - if the wings are held pointing up or down there is no lift to counteract gravity, while if wings are held outstretched in a neutral position the lift offsets the gravity the most, so maintaining wings at a close to neutral position is key to maintain a glide. When in a glide, you don't have to flap wings all the way down, just moving it slightly downwards generate thrust.


I really liked the concept and see a lot of potential in what you've done. There is no denying that the game is fairly original in it's mechanics! However, I think the mastery of the controls had less to do with the concept and more to do with some mouse differences across the board. Maybe locking the cursor and focusing the game? I have two monitors so even when playing in full screen I was able to click out and ended up having latency from larger mouse moves.

 Honestly, it is a really cool idea and art style!


Great suggestion (forgot to lock the cursor) and thanks for checking it out!


Hey gotta say I really like the idea behind the game. The hard controls are kind of a game in themselves though heh..

I'm not sure if my mouse sensitivity is higher than yours but any real movement I made with the mouse would cause him to shoot left or right in a barrel roll but then when flapping I had to make a pretty tall movement to get him to get up there.

I really LOVE how when you get hurt the music will detune for a split second! 

The camera in the menu and at the end of the level is cool too! I like how it swivels around and shows you the scene.

Scoring system was a nice touch too!

I like that you spent time on these little details :) stuff like that really adds a lot IMO.


Thanks for the feedback, looks like I should do some mouse sensitivity options. The flapping is intentionally more weighty then rolling left/right though. Real glad that you appreciated the details :D


Wow! Great job man. very original, pretty fun and the theme, although not too evil? maybe adding a few little villagers or something to show more destruction? Anyways thats just my opinion, but over-all great job man!


Thanks for checking it out! I guess the controls were pretty devilish for some, hope it went well for you :D


Being a dragon is. Real hard. Like flappy bird hard.

It looks cool! I found it to be super hard though. Unfortunately I can't seem to pass even the tutorial after enough tries to tire out my hand. I've come so close though! Any chance you can make a post-jam easy mode build where you just press spacebar to ascend instead?


Hope you didn't try the WebGL version, that had erratic mouse movement where even I had trouble completing the tutorial with as well. 

If it was the download version, the tutorial level was kind of a mistake, sorry for giving your hand too much stress! The game is highly sensitive to mouse movements so very slight moves are all it takes. Controls are kinda intentional, but I guess I could explore a non-mouse option?? In the meantime I've added more description around the controls on the game page. Thanks for checking out the game!