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Good job! Really liked the BG colors switching up :D

I just wanna say, great job to both of you! This Is visually very pleasing and nice with all the effects and animations, (aside from a few A poses from Gideon lol). I do have a few nitpicks and that is that the map was a bit too large which slowed down gameplay and felt boring at times, specially the beginning. Some clearer instructions on how to properly fight Gideon would also have been useful but all in all great job guys!

Thanks for making a video on my game! There was actually 4 other levels you could access by approaching the gate. also, i should have specified that you had to hold right click to throw as many people seemed to have an issue with clarity on that. anyways, thanks a lot for playing!

yea, i should have mentioned in the tutorial that you need to hold down the click button for 2 seconds to throw the villagers (the more you hold it the further it will be thrown) As for the abyss, i didn't think many people would turn around at the very beginning and walk off the world lol but i guess i should've added a wall or something. Anyways, thanks for playing!

Wow! Great job man. very original, pretty fun and the theme, although not too evil? maybe adding a few little villagers or something to show more destruction? Anyways thats just my opinion, but over-all great job man!

Thank you! as for the lag, i never experienced it as my computer was able to handle the game fine, but i guess i should've kept that in mind. thank you for playing!

Hey radHABiT, i emailed you to try and discuss the future of the discord and what not. if you could give me your skype or a better way to contact you that would be appreciated. or you can email me Cheers!

Congrats man! And for everyone that didn't win, dont worry, its the experience that matters. Im sure all of us learned something from this jam that will  help us be better for the next jam! :D Good job everybody!

I believe that it really helped that he had 4 more ratings than 2nd place. meaning more score over-all (i think? maybe im just bad at math)

Quick and fun game. wish there was more substance, but i gotta say its alright. some more work could've helped but thats just my opinion. 

I believe that that is due to the fact that you can only shoot enemies that are below you but idk for sure as im not the dev

Im glad you enjoyed it! :D

Yes unfortunately i encountered a lot of bugs after uploading it. I think it had something to do with the tutorial as it "pauses" and "resumes" the game and was added right before uploading. If i had more time i would have definitely fixed all these issues.

Well done!

IMPORTANT: There is a bug after the first conversation that disables the player movement when you go straight to interact with the robot or when exiting the tutorial. to fix it press ESC. Sorry about that guys. wish i would've found it before publishing :(

Great game! Mash-up was very nice, and I didn't find any bugs so polish is *smacks lips* on point. However i do have some issues with the visuals as the font could use some more flavour to it. (why didn't you use the font on the front page for everything?) A couple variations on the floor would be nice rather than just one repeating over and over again, and as fa as audio goes, well, there was none that i could tell :(. Over-all though it is a quite addictive and fun game and i really enjoyed playing it! Great job!

Very nice game man!

Very nice mash-up idea, however it lacks in every other department as the visuals arent great as they lack the effects of the original games (There is no ghosts, the bricks dont change colors making it really hard to tell how many more hits they require), there is no audio and for polish i found some bugs  such as the last block doesn't break. when you lose the ball it just spawns one shooting out of the player. pac-man moves pretty fast so its kinda hard to control it (but that might've been intended to make it harder) and the lack of score / winning / losing kinda drains the fun out of it.  But like i mentioned above it's a great idea and if you work on it a bit more then it will surely become something great!

Great Game! Over-all really fun but a bit too difficult. Some more explained background story would've been nice too, but over-all, A great game. :D

Thanks for playing! Yea so the main theme of the game is "The Room" but the mash-up is actually in the 3D and Visual novel aspect of the game as visual novels are usually not 3D. The title "I am not a Robot, I am not!" is a reference to the famous line "I did not hit her, I did not!" and just thought it was a nice title for the back story. Anyways, again, thank you very much for playing!

Is it fixed now?

Play 'The House'. A visual novel game based on the movie, "The Room". You play as 'Johnny', A Robot auditioning for Tommy Wiseau Inc.'s latest movie: "I am not a Robot, I am Not!". Interact with other robots and choose from lines that Tommy would definitely say or lines that He definitely would not say. You will get tempted to say the wrong thing. It has terrible lines, terrible game play, but most importantly, terrible acting. Enjoy!

Wow! Great game!