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Good job! Really liked the BG colors switching up :D

I just wanna say, great job to both of you! This Is visually very pleasing and nice with all the effects and animations, (aside from a few A poses from Gideon lol). I do have a few nitpicks and that is that the map was a bit too large which slowed down gameplay and felt boring at times, specially the beginning. Some clearer instructions on how to properly fight Gideon would also have been useful but all in all great job guys!

Thanks for making a video on my game! There was actually 4 other levels you could access by approaching the gate. also, i should have specified that you had to hold right click to throw as many people seemed to have an issue with clarity on that. anyways, thanks a lot for playing!

yea, i should have mentioned in the tutorial that you need to hold down the click button for 2 seconds to throw the villagers (the more you hold it the further it will be thrown) As for the abyss, i didn't think many people would turn around at the very beginning and walk off the world lol but i guess i should've added a wall or something. Anyways, thanks for playing!

Wow! Great job man. very original, pretty fun and the theme, although not too evil? maybe adding a few little villagers or something to show more destruction? Anyways thats just my opinion, but over-all great job man!

Thank you! as for the lag, i never experienced it as my computer was able to handle the game fine, but i guess i should've kept that in mind. thank you for playing!