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Hey gotta say I really like the idea behind the game. The hard controls are kind of a game in themselves though heh..

I'm not sure if my mouse sensitivity is higher than yours but any real movement I made with the mouse would cause him to shoot left or right in a barrel roll but then when flapping I had to make a pretty tall movement to get him to get up there.

I really LOVE how when you get hurt the music will detune for a split second! 

The camera in the menu and at the end of the level is cool too! I like how it swivels around and shows you the scene.

Scoring system was a nice touch too!

I like that you spent time on these little details :) stuff like that really adds a lot IMO.

Thanks for the feedback, looks like I should do some mouse sensitivity options. The flapping is intentionally more weighty then rolling left/right though. Real glad that you appreciated the details :D