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Loved this! Diddnt expect the lovecraftian / cosmic horror vibe it gave off towards the end but I went in totally blind. Great little experience.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Yeah the mechanics are not well explained in game right now. The title screen and how to play screen I made right before I uploaded, I should have taken some more time on them to explain the fact that your double jumps are attacks.

Thats not a bad score! To get higher try not touching the ground and killing as many enemies as you can to get your score multiplier higher. (Another thing not explained in game..)

cool foundation for a game here. I never found any power ups or anything, or was able to beat the boss. not sure if there is anything after that?

As said some enemies are on top of you when entering the room, and the same thing happened with the boss.

I think with some more enemy types and some particles on the bullets and stuff when you hit someone, it would add a lot to the game.

I like the neon art style tbh.

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I like the art in the game, but I will admit I had a hard time parsing what was was walkable and what was in the background. There was a few times that I would try to jump on something and fall through and other times platforms that looked like BG I would be able to walk on.

 I like that when you get different weapons the attack animation changes.

The movement is a little floaty but once I got the hang of it I was able to start making the jumps.

I feel the combat really could use some 'oomph' and game feel. Its kind of bland right now.

Hah real original art and theme for the game though! 

Lol you really nailed the old school LED handheld game feel. Good job!

Once I found out I could jump at the top to avoid bullets too from the soldiers I thought the game got a little too easy. Maybe it would be cool if the difficulty ramped up?

Then again I only got too about 12 points before I felt it was getting repetitive. I would like to see the game with maybe some more levels that have different patterns of obstables to avoid maybe?

I think the game is really charming though

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I diddn't really have problem with laggy framerates. Ran fine on my PC.

I was never able to understand the 3rd power. Gold? I was able to use the ice and fire just fine.

I really like how you can't just stick to one spell the whole time, the only way I found to clear people out is to use the ice and then fire them when they are frozen.

Cute little pixel art too!

I love the pixel art and the upgrade mechanic.  Every attack upgrade it felt stronger and snappier and that was great!  The sound effects of the villagers really sold me on me being evil in the game. Great little touch there!

Good job everyone!

Using the itch app the game wouldn't open, I downloaded the zip though manually and was able to play it like that.

Great job on everything, its a solid game and I really love the music and art style! I would play a longer version that got a little harder, but all the mechanics are there to make more! For one person this is awesome I feel for such short time.

Any level with the controllable people I never used any items. I was always able to kill him with nothing else. I'm not sure if that was really intended. 

Don't mind that first comment.. I diddn't think the game was boring at all! I love roguelikes!!

First of all.. Wow making a roguelike in such a small time frame! Great job!

First run, I had no idea that I had an inventory other than what was on my hotbar. I never equipted anything and I diddn't make it very far. First poison rat killed me.

Second run I found the inventory and managed to level up a few times and I made it about 20 floors. At that time I stopped clearning the whole floor and then started just running to the exit too.

This is really well done though!  A fun little roguelike!

Game also crashed for me after the first encounter. Not sure if that was the end. I really liked where is was going!

Cool idea! it seemed a little laggy for me also, and I couldn't really figure out how to use the basic click attack. (There was a bar filling up when I would hold it, but it seemed like it did more if I just spam clicked on buildings.)

Hehe I wanna see people running around in panic now as im destroying the city!

Hey gotta say I really like the idea behind the game. The hard controls are kind of a game in themselves though heh..

I'm not sure if my mouse sensitivity is higher than yours but any real movement I made with the mouse would cause him to shoot left or right in a barrel roll but then when flapping I had to make a pretty tall movement to get him to get up there.

I really LOVE how when you get hurt the music will detune for a split second! 

The camera in the menu and at the end of the level is cool too! I like how it swivels around and shows you the scene.

Scoring system was a nice touch too!

I like that you spent time on these little details :) stuff like that really adds a lot IMO.

Really nice game! I had some problems with the web version. Everything feels great in game though and I like how it plays a lot! Really good job here!

I really like this game! The idea is awesome and its a fun time killer! The music is great! Super original, and everything has a nice feel to it almost as I am playing a board game by myself.

I was playing the html5 version in browser and everytime i played longer than a few minutes the screen would go black and I would only be able to hear the music. I just downloaded the game so I will try that and see if I have any issues.

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I really like the pixel art in the game, good job on the sprites and I like the cutscene image.

I like playing as dracula and getting to be evil! Having multiple attacks was a cool idea too! I really like the move where you teleport to the enemy and you pull your cloak up and kill him.

The whole story made me chuckle a bit too!

One thing that I thought was pretty hard was there was no way to tell if a jump down would lead to death by spikes or if there was more castle with enemies down there. Maybe the spikes should only hurt you a heart or so and give you a chance to jump out, or maybe put you back on the ground where you were before but lose some life.

I like the art of the game and the idea that you came up with. (Beating up little kids.. pretty evil!)

I wasn't sure how to avoid the teacher, I kept getting caught but I think I won at the end!

Something that I thought was a little strange was when you click one of the things to interact with like the swings or drawing with the chalk. I felt like I was stuck in the animation when sometimes I wanted to walk away and go punch a kid.

Good job on it though its original!

Wow thank you so much for playing and recording yourself! It honestly made this whole jam worth it, and you made my night!

Thanks for playing it! It means a lot! I will check out your game when I have a chance! I was only able to play for a minute so far!

 hey man great game! I really enjoyed the little story that this game had, and also thought that the gem mechanic was a good touch. well done for such a short jam! also i love to see people using construct ha.  i stared out using the legacy versions of that (click and play, games factory, fusion, ect.) i wish you luck on your future projects!