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I really like the pixel art in the game, good job on the sprites and I like the cutscene image.

I like playing as dracula and getting to be evil! Having multiple attacks was a cool idea too! I really like the move where you teleport to the enemy and you pull your cloak up and kill him.

The whole story made me chuckle a bit too!

One thing that I thought was pretty hard was there was no way to tell if a jump down would lead to death by spikes or if there was more castle with enemies down there. Maybe the spikes should only hurt you a heart or so and give you a chance to jump out, or maybe put you back on the ground where you were before but lose some life.

Thanks for such a detailed response chrs! At first, the multiple attacks was a temporary thing, but it kind of grew on me. I liked the idea that even though you don't have a lot of controls, they can feel fun pressing at different times (distances).

Me and my partner want to work on this project more and finish it up, so this feedback is much appreciated :)! I totally can see what you mean about the insta-death on spikes :X. I may make a respawn or checkpoint to make up for the spikes. I think maybe starting at the beginning is a bit harsh for the player.