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Thanks TOTG :)! Some people said the bugs made them super anxious, especially the red one haha.

Haha yeah. I actually wanted to add a sprite editor and a madlibs and a few other mechanics, and then I was like OH SHIT i have to finish it xD I'm definitely going to work on my scope more next game jam. Thanks for the feedback :)!

Thanks Heinrich <3 C:!

Thanks for the feedback randomphantom C:! I ended up spending a lot of time making little things about it that weren't a big deal haha. Like making a media player in game. I probably could've used that time to make the inner game more exciting  :X

I'm glad that it was manageable! I have a tendency of making games too hard to finish. 

The bugs were really fun to animate C: If you notice when they stretch horizontally their tongues go out haha. 

I think the last scene I drew in pixel art as a still took me an entire week and I hated it so much I didn't use it lololol xD

Thanks Xenos C:

I think maybe doing a "Clippy" type of implementation in the future could be a fun intro for the player. I'm glad you were able to get into it :) 
When making the controls I thought maybe limiting the number of buttons you could press to move would emulate the limited factor of things retro :3 

I appreciate your kind words and feedback ^_^

Thanks ! I had a lot of fun animating them and doing their sound effects :)

Really liked the art and that you guys drew out the pixel cut scenes. I've tried doing the cut scenes before and that takes forrrever.

I wanted to win the game but the constant camera turning and post camera effects made me super nausea ;__; I liked the art style though

The bug is still happening :c I tried to leave the stage with green, but it wouldn't allow me. It took me a little longer to figure out how to get blue from the stage. 

An alternative is putting a star on his head and at the end of the level to signify he has to be the one that exits. 

Enjoyable game C:

If you put a CD in first, and then the art asset the game will actually render the CD in game as an enemy. At first it was a bug, but when I fixed it - I realized it was more hilarious with a CD as an enemy xD

I may do a second iteration of it to add more features because it felt like a cute small thing :) I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you! I really appreciate it :) <3