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Hey Anemoi! Thank you for all of the feedback. I struggled with the balancing at the end. I'm hoping to fix that up, as well as the explanation of what is going on. I'm glad that the concept came across, I wasn't sure if lack of visuals would make it difficult to gauge. I wanted to have sprite sets for each role, but hadn't got to that.

Thanks Barney! The last thing I worked on was the explanation/tutorial :c I initially intended to implement an IRC feature to work out the messages but ended up spending too much time tweaking each monitor's stats. Thanks for playing :) 

Thanks for checking out the game Smael, I definitely need to work the timing out! I'll be sure to have the next update pace much better. 

Thanks for doing a video! I went through it, I appreciate the feedback. It is also really cool seeing someone play my game :D!

Great Submission! Was very cohesive with the style. The music, art, and mechanics made it feel very put together. At first I actually thought I was supposed to jump on them, but then I hit jump a second time and "Wham! Money!".

My high score was 11940, and I played for about 3 minutes

I'm glad you enjoyed your play through ! I appreciate the feedback about the bugs. We are going go work on this more when the judging is complete since we really liked making a platformer :)!

I read the other reviewed and the game context before actually playing. I think because I did this, I had the most fun experience. Some of the game jam games come off slightly confusing at first glance. The only missing element is how to play, and why you are playing. 

The concept that you are in a cult, or doing something for a cult is a little missed. It feels a lot like a sim of a guy learning stuff almost. I think if the background had a "world ending" plan or something. I think it would have added a bit more to the end-story and the overall theme. It was also slightly confusing that you made money each night. I think making money for each site you "build" would have felt a little more 1:1, but I get the whole ramping up of the skills.

With those things said. I really did have fun playing this and reaching the end. My end stats were as below. The art and the execution of the game were pretty killer for a game jam. You should be super proud of what you produced. This is something that I see and go "Daym, I wish I would've done something this cool". Killer submission!

C Flw: 703
M Flw: 579
D Flw: 1710
Opp: 1625

Tlt SP: 15833

The game ended after like 15 seconds :c I was getting ready to be in the vibe. 
I liked the aesthetic for the game. Maybe the stops could have enemies, so it's like them talking to. :<

Good Entry!

Oh boy, there was a lot of camera clipping walking through the stage. It was giving me a terrible headache ;--; . The vibe of the game felt very villainous, and the color/pacing portrayed that vibe.

Good entry!

The lag was pretty rough in browser, but I appreciated the accessibility of it. I'm not sure if my speakers weren't working, but I didn't hear any sound. I think this would have really embodied the feeling of destroying stuff. The SFX of destruction games really pulls it together for me.

I liked the colors/ simplistic vibe 

Good entry!

Thanks for the feedback nns2009!

I was thinking that there is a missing "tell" before you attack. It feels a little random how they execute, but are based on distance. Since there isn't a precursor to it, it feels like you end up flying blind. I'm hoping to improve this by giving the player an indicator to give them more control on these abilities :)

The look down I think could help improve the player from dying ;---; or at least doing a spawn point/check point to make up for dying in a pit.

The story is painfully long, I agree. I think we are going to trim it down to something short and brief. Maybe doing a longer iteration on a credit's scene.

Thanks for the feedback felixsoum! When working on it I actually amped up the lighting higher than the levels that it was originally drawn in. I was thinking of bringing up the levels all together because it feels a little harsh on the eyes. I appreciate all the input :)!

Got to level 6, cute little game :< It started to feel unfair as the levels progressed. I almost wise I had the ability to use vision twice once I got to level 5 :,c

The graphics pulled me in, and the upgrade system hooked me in for some fun :)! Great jam!

Thanks for such a detailed response chrs! At first, the multiple attacks was a temporary thing, but it kind of grew on me. I liked the idea that even though you don't have a lot of controls, they can feel fun pressing at different times (distances).

Me and my partner want to work on this project more and finish it up, so this feedback is much appreciated :)! I totally can see what you mean about the insta-death on spikes :X. I may make a respawn or checkpoint to make up for the spikes. I think maybe starting at the beginning is a bit harsh for the player.

Thanks TOTG :)! Some people said the bugs made them super anxious, especially the red one haha.

Haha yeah. I actually wanted to add a sprite editor and a madlibs and a few other mechanics, and then I was like OH SHIT i have to finish it xD I'm definitely going to work on my scope more next game jam. Thanks for the feedback :)!

Thanks Heinrich <3 C:!

Thanks for the feedback randomphantom C:! I ended up spending a lot of time making little things about it that weren't a big deal haha. Like making a media player in game. I probably could've used that time to make the inner game more exciting  :X

I'm glad that it was manageable! I have a tendency of making games too hard to finish. 

The bugs were really fun to animate C: If you notice when they stretch horizontally their tongues go out haha. 

I think the last scene I drew in pixel art as a still took me an entire week and I hated it so much I didn't use it lololol xD

Thanks Xenos C:

I think maybe doing a "Clippy" type of implementation in the future could be a fun intro for the player. I'm glad you were able to get into it :) 
When making the controls I thought maybe limiting the number of buttons you could press to move would emulate the limited factor of things retro :3 

I appreciate your kind words and feedback ^_^

Thanks ! I had a lot of fun animating them and doing their sound effects :)

Really liked the art and that you guys drew out the pixel cut scenes. I've tried doing the cut scenes before and that takes forrrever.

I wanted to win the game but the constant camera turning and post camera effects made me super nausea ;__; I liked the art style though

The bug is still happening :c I tried to leave the stage with green, but it wouldn't allow me. It took me a little longer to figure out how to get blue from the stage. 

An alternative is putting a star on his head and at the end of the level to signify he has to be the one that exits. 

Enjoyable game C:

If you put a CD in first, and then the art asset the game will actually render the CD in game as an enemy. At first it was a bug, but when I fixed it - I realized it was more hilarious with a CD as an enemy xD

I may do a second iteration of it to add more features because it felt like a cute small thing :) I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you! I really appreciate it :) <3