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Thanks for checking out the game silversatyr and all of this awesome feedback! I kept thinking of how can I implement more musical items, that it totally left me of using dice effectors.

The idea of having your rituals impact other players sounds super sweet !! 

If this game takes more life after the jam I'll be sure to elevate the game play with some of this recommendations in mind :)

I added in a few GIFs to the Game's Page. I think help a little bit explain what is going on :0 Could you let me know if these help clarify  <3 ?

Thanks for checking it out DyoXynE! I'm going to be adding in a little GIF tutorial section to explain the flow a bit better. 

I was going for the Mario Party + Music feel :) ! I realized that mini-games was going to be difficult, and wanted to focus on the idea of making small little tunes throughout the game. Almost like a rogue-lite music maker board game <.<

Thanks for answering my question :) !

Are we able to update the text / screenshots / video on our page after the submission?

I ask because I realize now that my instructions weren't as clear as I thought, and wanted to potentially upload GIFs of each mechanic to make it easier to understand.

I feel like doing community posts is how I'm supposed to do a game jam :3 

Looking forward to playing the game! C: Gonna block out time this weekend to rate/play as many as I can :0

Oh no :C Sorry it was a bit confusing. I think I over complicated how to play / progress. 

It is basically a dice roll to progress in the game, and you collect music notes (Runes) when you land on spots. Then you arrange a tune at every checkpoint (Ritual). Whoever is the first to finish get's their song (Ritual) performed at the start of every game.

I like this idea! I was thinking about doing something along the lines near the end, but I wasn't sure if it would balance well. In my next iteration I think I'll use a time mechanic. Maybe doing a calendar with days spent with stats at the end of each day C:

Glad you liked the music, I made it :) !

Really loved the aesthetics and flow of the game. It was very obvious what the objective was and how to move forward.

I got stuck on the metal boss. I couldn't tell how many more shots he had. I died 3 or 4 times before giving up.

Also - I was getting no sound. Not sure if the game had no sound or if my headphones are being whack.

No need to apologies! I just wanted to provide a bit of a critique. Every project that we work on makes up better and grows our skills :) !You'll find in the next 6 months you'll be able to see all the leaps and bounds you've come since today. This really applies to anyone who has the passion and commitment to keep going! So keep going my friend ^^!

The first level :c

Haha. Damn. I was so annoyed that the bosses were messing me up so much with their attacks! I felt so compelled to finish the game, which I did xD

I wish the character had 1 other element other than shoot. That is probably my only feedback that I wish there was. I just wanted to be able to maybe side step, or have a shield or something. There was the ability to damage the boss and then the skill of dodging, but I felt there was 1 other aspect that the player could've used for that skill aspect.

Enjoyed the music, and the characters, and the overall feel of the game. Loved the mini-intro to each stage. I think without it, I would've felt meh about the project. It felt very cohesive and had good flow.

Great entry!

I got 4 of the blue thingies and completed the game. Took a few minutes, but was a rather good experience. I actually dove right into the game with only the understanding that I copy left click and use WASD. Most of the time when I don't realize the full controls, I'll go back and check. This is really to see how innovative it is for gameplay, which I felt was fairly straight forward. Then when going back and realizing I could just use the right-click to remove and bring back a piece, I was more interested in continuing. The pacing of the game felt challenging, yet fair. I felt good about getting the little blue things, and completing the game felt pretty great. The music was nice and cute, felt like it fit well.

Holy shit-a-moly! This was such a amazing entry. I love the art and the progression of the game. The stylistic approach, with the humor, with the customization, with the badges, with the music, with the subtle animations. I really can't even pin-point any disappointments. This feels like a project that was worked on for months! The amount of polish you guys were able to get in there was really stellar.

Parts of this felt like a really fun modular card game. Something that was re-imagined as a video game. Sometimes I feel like these mix-match mechanics for modular experiences stem from really solid card games. I'm not sure if it is the limitations of paper, but when those limitations feel like they are re-imaged or injected into a video game well ; it's just stellar.

Thanks for the great experience!

This was pretty dang fun! I did a type game for a game jam a little back and feel like it's a dying art. I think the implementation for this jam was spot on! It took me awhile to want to stop. I think at a certain point I realized it wasn't going to become harder, or I was ready to "die" in game haha. 

I liked the Udacity course thing, it was pretty hilarious and amazing. It felt like part of what I was doing was killing bugs and then "exercising" with an online platform. To me, that really elevated my experience. It felt a lot like a boss.

The drawn characters were cute. I just wish they had a little shake or something to them. Whether they wiggled on screen, or when they died they shook. Just some kind of visual animation with them onDeath.

I liked the background was blurred script. Even though it seems so simple, it fit perfect. It didn't feel like it was a cheap/lazy thing. It felt purposeful, and helped the characters pop.

I feel like the health bar was extremely generous. To the point that it took "too long" for me to lose. I actually left the page open while using my other monitor and checked back 3 times before I had actually lost.

End Stats:

  • Errors Made: 83
  • Entered Letters: 663
  • Words Cleared: 57
  • Accuracy: 87.48115
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I got to Day 28 around 250$. I liked the concept of the game. The Window for the computer and the applications inside was nice application. At points early on I was a little confused to what I was doing. After a few days I realized I needed to click the 500$ cost for the game. I was kind of looking for a "execute" button. I at times got a little loss as to when my in-game character was working on a game and when I was queuing things up. I liked that you also added in multiple difficulties. I think this is missed in most game jams and appreciate having the option to choose a level of difficulty :) 

I like that you added in a sound effect for clicking on things and decided not to go with a generic click sound. I wish there was some ambiance in the background though. Whether it was a basic loop you grabbed, or used some background sounds (Day time and night time sounds to play with the concept of time a bit more).

Overall, hit the theme nicely. ^_^

I liked the concept of this! It feels very, choose your own adventure style.

I feel like having visual or audio ques could really strengthen this game. The flow of it felt pretty good. I did feel sometimes that the cards happen a bit fast. Creating that anxiety with timed games, where I'm not even quite sure what my decision even was. Then I see it executing in front of me. Learning with each "error" on my side, from me fat-fingering one of the cards. 

Overall, nice project :)

Really liked the art and music. The game's pacing felt good. I attempted twice, but got a error at around 90% on the first level and didn't progress further. 

My heart was ripped out of me when I was about to win and the blocks fell over before the timer haha. Fun, cute game :) 

Thank you for the feedback Doruk! It definitely feels a bit sad. I'm hoping to rework it a bit to create a second part of the game where you perform a bit of madlibs to create the story/narrative of the game c:

I'm also going to see about doing a chat room integration. This way it's more like the community cheering you on rather than just one individual :)

I think it as a single player game feels a little like you're an outsider making requests without much insight on what is happening. Which I'm kind of realizing as I write this >.<

Thank you for the feedback Sprazzal! I had added in giving some sanity back after someone hit the 0 threshold for sanity to balance it out, but I think it makes it removes a bit of the danger that was there. I may make the value much smaller or something to give some sort of pain factor for not helping one of the team members.

Thanks for the feedback AmazingBKaiser, I'll be sure to add in the enter option for the console on the next build C: !

Hey Anemoi! Thank you for all of the feedback. I struggled with the balancing at the end. I'm hoping to fix that up, as well as the explanation of what is going on. I'm glad that the concept came across, I wasn't sure if lack of visuals would make it difficult to gauge. I wanted to have sprite sets for each role, but hadn't got to that.

Thanks Barney! The last thing I worked on was the explanation/tutorial :c I initially intended to implement an IRC feature to work out the messages but ended up spending too much time tweaking each monitor's stats. Thanks for playing :) 

Thanks for checking out the game Smael, I definitely need to work the timing out! I'll be sure to have the next update pace much better. 

Thanks for doing a video! I went through it, I appreciate the feedback. It is also really cool seeing someone play my game :D!

Great Submission! Was very cohesive with the style. The music, art, and mechanics made it feel very put together. At first I actually thought I was supposed to jump on them, but then I hit jump a second time and "Wham! Money!".

My high score was 11940, and I played for about 3 minutes

I'm glad you enjoyed your play through ! I appreciate the feedback about the bugs. We are going go work on this more when the judging is complete since we really liked making a platformer :)!

The game ended after like 15 seconds :c I was getting ready to be in the vibe. 
I liked the aesthetic for the game. Maybe the stops could have enemies, so it's like them talking to. :<

Good Entry!

Oh boy, there was a lot of camera clipping walking through the stage. It was giving me a terrible headache ;--; . The vibe of the game felt very villainous, and the color/pacing portrayed that vibe.

Good entry!

The lag was pretty rough in browser, but I appreciated the accessibility of it. I'm not sure if my speakers weren't working, but I didn't hear any sound. I think this would have really embodied the feeling of destroying stuff. The SFX of destruction games really pulls it together for me.

I liked the colors/ simplistic vibe 

Good entry!

Thanks for the feedback nns2009!

I was thinking that there is a missing "tell" before you attack. It feels a little random how they execute, but are based on distance. Since there isn't a precursor to it, it feels like you end up flying blind. I'm hoping to improve this by giving the player an indicator to give them more control on these abilities :)

The look down I think could help improve the player from dying ;---; or at least doing a spawn point/check point to make up for dying in a pit.

The story is painfully long, I agree. I think we are going to trim it down to something short and brief. Maybe doing a longer iteration on a credit's scene.

Thanks for the feedback felixsoum! When working on it I actually amped up the lighting higher than the levels that it was originally drawn in. I was thinking of bringing up the levels all together because it feels a little harsh on the eyes. I appreciate all the input :)!

Got to level 6, cute little game :< It started to feel unfair as the levels progressed. I almost wise I had the ability to use vision twice once I got to level 5 :,c

The graphics pulled me in, and the upgrade system hooked me in for some fun :)! Great jam!

Thanks for such a detailed response chrs! At first, the multiple attacks was a temporary thing, but it kind of grew on me. I liked the idea that even though you don't have a lot of controls, they can feel fun pressing at different times (distances).

Me and my partner want to work on this project more and finish it up, so this feedback is much appreciated :)! I totally can see what you mean about the insta-death on spikes :X. I may make a respawn or checkpoint to make up for the spikes. I think maybe starting at the beginning is a bit harsh for the player.

Thanks TOTG :)! Some people said the bugs made them super anxious, especially the red one haha.

Haha yeah. I actually wanted to add a sprite editor and a madlibs and a few other mechanics, and then I was like OH SHIT i have to finish it xD I'm definitely going to work on my scope more next game jam. Thanks for the feedback :)!

Thanks Heinrich <3 C:!