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Experienced jammer looking for a partner or a team!

A topic by andrewhowz created Dec 26, 2017 Views: 227 Replies: 1
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Hi all! portfolio page with my 3d art and games:

Interested in things like text-only games and other esoteric stuff at the moment.

Currently a comp sci grad student. I usually work in 3D with Unity and Blender. Happy to try other things though. Can code in Java, Python, Javascript, and a few others. Accomplished writer in fiction/poetry/narrative design. Live in GMT time-zone.

Looking to see what's out there. My Discord is andrewhowz#4484 ~ feel free to PM.


Some really nice stuff in your portfolio.  If you haven't already then maybe check out the Crowdforge site here:
It seems pretty good for connecting people and setting up teams etc.