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he pretty

Thanks, means a lot! I'm glad I got it done in time, was tough learning a new framework and getting it to work with a game in a short amount of time haha

I appreciate it!

Awesomely done! Do you mind if I add the build to my page? And yes indeed they are wonderful tools.

I've provided the source on github-- should work! I provided a link to the Pixel github page on my README and you can follow how to get it working from there, I can try to get a windows build out in a bit though, I don't have access to a Windows box at the moment though, but in the meantime you can try to get it going yourself

Oh cool, had no idea unreal was that nicely integrated with Linux, I guess PUBG has no excuse then haha. I might go ask my friend if I can go try it on his Vive, good luck!

I mean I'm not sure if it's possible with unreal/vr but the rule does state it must be playable at a minimum on linux or browser :P -- I didn't vote though since I can't play so don't worry

Game isn't playable in linux or browser [as stated in rules]

For anyone in Fedora, you have to `chmod +x buccaneer_x11` then run it.

Cool game, I assume it fits the theme because cannon balls leave a mark.

A couple problems, I had this error spamming in my terminal the entire time:


ERROR: update: Invalid mix rate for voice (0) check for invalid pitch_scale param.
   At: servers/spatial_sound_2d/spatial_sound_2d_server_sw.cpp:949.


Also the shop check and x weren't clickable, but maybe that was user error.

Overall great!

Tell me if you do, excited to try it

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Known issue: With the downloadable version, you have to either export `art/bg.jpg` to a .png, or rebuild the game, I did not include the newest build, but it has the newest source.  Should be fixed.

"The author of this game has uploaded an invalid file and

the game is currently unavailable"

Nice game, really original idea and really conquered the theme. Good luck!

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Turns out I forgot to rebuild it before packaging and uploading, uploading the rebuilt version to the project page for now

The game wasn't working for me, I tried using mouse and every key on the keyboard, only thing responsive was the fullscreen button, I won't rate it though for now [incase I'm missing something] :P

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2 player 1 keyboard game! WASD for Red penguin, arrow keys for blue, arrrow keys and Enter to navigate menu.

Only real flaw is no audio, just didn't have the time this weekend as a solo project with stuff to do, but enjoy! I will be updating it on my github, so feel free to check back