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Submitted by hunterkepley

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Jam Host(+1)


I had no problem playing your linux build on Fedora 26, worked perfectly!   You gain much respect from me for using Go in a game jam, and an open source game engine Go.  Even though you had some challengs with the build you stuck with it and have a great little game now!  btw I LOVE the Pengin drawing!


Thanks, means a lot! I'm glad I got it done in time, was tough learning a new framework and getting it to work with a game in a short amount of time haha

Jam Judge

I wish there was a windows build so I can play it.


I've provided the source on github-- should work! I provided a link to the Pixel github page on my README and you can follow how to get it working from there, I can try to get a windows build out in a bit though, I don't have access to a Windows box at the moment though, but in the meantime you can try to get it going yourself

Jam Judge

I am not a developer and have a very hard time trying to figure out how to compile source code myself to be honest....

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I took a quick look at how to do this, and it seems like you can cross compile to Windows under Linux. Everything was going smoothly (although I've never used Go before) by just following these instructions: In the end I ran into a problem with pixel. Seems like even that is doable though, but sadly I don't currently have enough hard drive space on my Linux system (docker pulls a 700 MB+ of stuff) to try it out.

Edit: Switched to a Windows computer and got 'er done: It was quite painless despite using Windows (although gcc or some other part of the build process had trouble with my username containing non-ASCII characters (Käyttäjä = User)) and being a first time Go "user". Go get & go build are lovely tools!


Awesomely done! Do you mind if I add the build to my page? And yes indeed they are wonderful tools.


Ah, forgot to mention that you should feel free to use it as you wish! I hope it's of use and will bring you more players.


I appreciate it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Made a 64-bit Windows build for the game in case you're still interested. Surely you need to play this one too to actually earn the right to call your videos "Jupi Plays Indie Games: ALL THE GAMES" :P.

Edit. Here's a link:


Sadly I have no one to play this with, so I couldn't really experience the intense fights for territory you probably had envisioned. It's simple to pick up but I can see that being able to stun the opponent using a freshly painted trail could lead to some interesting mindgames.

Developer (1 edit)

Known issue: With the downloadable version, you have to either export `art/bg.jpg` to a .png, or rebuild the game, I did not include the newest build, but it has the newest source.  Should be fixed.


panic: open art/bg.png: no such file or directory

It looks like the background was saved as art/bg.jpg, I opened up art/bg.jpg in GIMP and exported as art/bg.png and it worked.

Fun game after I was able to run it X3

Developer (3 edits)

Turns out I forgot to rebuild it before packaging and uploading, uploading the rebuilt version to the project page for now

Developer (2 edits)

2 player 1 keyboard game! WASD for Red penguin, arrow keys for blue, arrrow keys and Enter to navigate menu.

Only real flaw is no audio, just didn't have the time this weekend as a solo project with stuff to do, but enjoy! I will be updating it on my github, so feel free to check back